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History the Dividing Line Broadcast Network

The Dividing Line Broadcast Network (or DLBN for short) was founded in April 2000 by Shawn Bishop and Dale Mugford (a fellow Genesis fan) as a Genesis tribute station. They began broadcasting Genesis / Phil Collins music two evenings per week using streaming audio, a medium that was in it's infancy as computer systems and Internet connection speeds had just reached the point where they were able to support this relatively new technology.

After a month and a half Dale could no longer continue broadcasting, and Shawn found himself alone. But that didn’t last very long. After several months he was joined by another music fan who wanted to share his passion with anyone who’d listen. As the months passed, more and more people joined the ever growing DLBN team.

With the addition of each new broadcaster came diversification. No longer just about Genesis, the station expanded to encompass a variety of music genres, but the focus was always on Progressive Rock. Each broadcaster had their own style and specialized in the music of certain artists that they regularly featured on their shows.

As The Dividing Line approached its third anniversary in 2003, it had expanded to the point where there were programs every day of the week, hosted by a team of dedicated DJs, enjoyed by an ever-growing number of listeners. Through the collective efforts of our DJs, the station has established relationships with many notable artists and music industry people. This has resulted in some wonderful exclusive content being made available to the listeners in the form of interviews and new music previews.

It soon became clear that the station's popularity required far more bandwidth than Shawn's home ISP could provide. A server was built and parked in a local co-location facility in Vancouver, B.C. with a backbone connection suitable for the station's bandwidth needs. The server was later moved to Montreal. Ever since that time DLBN has enjoyed a steady and sizable increase in popularity with each passing year. We've had to upgrade our equipment and our technology many times over the years, and we've had to purchase an ever increasing amount of bandwidth to meet the demand. This is why it is so very much appreciated when listeners send in a donation.

Unquestionably, The Dividing Line's people are its biggest assets. The station’s popularity was built on the efforts of the broadcasters and the support of its listeners. For some time now, there has been stability in the line-up of DJ’s and there is a solid core of listeners. Collectively we have been able to produce lots of special programming in the form of exclusive interviews, live performances and other events. The amount of this kind of content also seems to be steadily growing (see the special events in our archives page).