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The Amazing Wilf was born in the sixties, which probably explains quite a lot.

Having been brought up a folkie (these days they bring in social services in cases like that) he discovered heavy and progressive rock in his early teens, and resolutely ploughed that furrow during the punk years, playing guitar in bands such as Bison, APB, Mihalis, and the acoustic rock group, Dusk. On arriving at Nottingham University in 1982 Wilf fell in with the 'prog' crowd, and after dropping out of his studies went on the road as a guitar, sound and lighting tech for Twice Bitten, and later Haze, stalwarts of the British prog scene through the eighties. Fed up with being permanently broke, and left with the legacy of a bad back (phew, rock'n'roll!), he gave it up in 1986 to go into the world of gainful employment and respectability.

Wilf lives in London, England, with his wife and son - who also occasionally co-presents the show - and makes a living as a company director. He also owns and manages an independent record label, Bad Elephant Music, which (unsurprisingly) focuses largely on music with progressive tendencies.

Hosted by David "Wilf" Elliott

Broadcast Live every Sunday
from 4:00AM to 7:00AM Pacific Time

The Amazing Wilf, cynic, mystic and occasional fool, takes you on a wonderful journey through the heady world of British and European progressive music. From the days of the sixties and seventies, when this stuff actually sold, through the New Wave Of British Progressive Rock in the mid-1980s, and bang up-to-date with the new blood. This music has never been more diverse or interesting, but in the competitive world of downloads and global marketing it's difficult for today's progressive acts to get the exposure they deserve and need to thrive. Wilf, therefore, concentrates on getting music by the small bands 'out there', while having a damn good time and a few laughs on the way.

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The European Perspective - IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

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  • Hello everyone!

    As many of you are already aware, The Dividing Line Broadcast Network, home to The European Perspective since its inception in 2008, will cease operations from the end of April 2018. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Shawn Bishop and the other wonderful broadcasters on DLBN for all the encouragement and support they've given me over the last ten years, and wish them all well in their endeavours - musical and otherwise - going forward.

    However, this doesn't mean the end of The European Perspective! Thanks to the good folk at Progzilla Radio I've still got hosting for the podcast, and we'll still be available through iTunes, all the other usual podcast sites, and at The European Perspective website! You may need to change your iTunes or RSS feed details if you've been using the DLBN one, as that will stop refreshing at the end of this month. Here's some handy links:



    ...or just search for the show name, and look for an icon that's a load of album covers in a montage!

    You can also find us on social media - check out the Facebook page, and the linked discussion forum, and on Twitter at @EurospectThe

    If you've got any questions, then feel free to email me -

    Keep on progginl! 

The European Perspective 250.9

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  • This week's show is a continuation of the 250th show celebrations, featuring a Top Ten of albums since 2000 from Daniel Zambas, keyboard player and guitarist with Manchester-based band We Are Kin. As you'd expect from a gentleman of eclectic tastes like Dan, it's a pretty interesting bunch!

    Add Progradar's Picks, a clutch of new releases, and yet more music from the archives and you've got one monster of a podcast!

    King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Part II) (07:23) from Larks' Tongues in Aspic, 1973

    The C:Live Collective - The Fifth Estate - Part One (The Dictator Speaks) (11:51) from The Age Of Insanity, 2018

    Gleb Kolyadin - Insight (04:12) from Gleb Kolyadin, 2018

    IO Earth - Madness (08:34) from Solitude, 2018

    A Silent Sound - Setting Foot On The Hills (08:18) from Compass, 2017

    Sonar With David Torn - Waves And Particles (07:54) from Vortex, 2018

    Lazuli - Mes amis, mes frères (05:47) from Saison 8, 2018

    Weend'o - Angel Dust (08:20) from Time of Awakening, 2018

    Jem Godfrey & Simon Godfrey - Answer 7 (Simon) (04:18) from Six Questions, Twelve Answers, 2018

    Lydian Collective - Overnight (06:57) from Adventure, 2018

    Snarky Puppy and Metropole Orkest - The Curtain (15:09) from Sylva, 2015

    The Albion Band - Thieves Song (04:31) from The Vice Of The People, 2012

    Show of Hands - The Napoli (03:11) from Arrogance Ignorance and Greed, 2009

    Frost* - No Me No You (06:05) from Milliontown, 2006

    Paul Weller - Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) (03:41) from Wild Wood, 1993

    Rosie Vela - Interlude (04:07) from Zazu, 1986

    Steely Dan - Deacon Blues (07:37) from Aja, 1991

    The European Perspective Top 250 – Daniel Zambas

    Echolyn - All This Time We're Given (07:59) from I Heard You Listening, 2015

    Bent Knee - Nakami (05:20) from Say So, 2016

    Bent Knee - In God We Trust (05:21) from Shiny Eyed Babies, 2014

    Emmett Elvin - Harmonium Phosphate (03:34) from Bloody Marvels, 2014

    Mike Keneally - Cat Bran Sammich Pt.1/You Named Me/Cat Bran Sammich Pt.2 (08:09) from Scambot 1, 2009

    N.y.X. - The Paper (Titles & Subtitles) (05:25) from The News, 2016

    Radiohead - Life in a Glasshouse (04:35) from Amnesiac, 2001

    Shineback - Blog Medley (18:51) from Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed, 2013

    The Fierce And The Dead - Part 6 (The 8th Circuit) (03:57) from Magnet, 2015

    Trojan Horse - Paper Bells (05:40) from World Turned Upside Down, 2014

    Barenaked Ladies - Enid (04:08) from Gordon, 1992

    David Sylvian - Silver Moon (06:19) from Gone to Earth, 2004

    Genesis - The Cinema Show (10:41) from Selling England by the Pound, 1973

    Progradar’s Picks

    Shadowlight - Unending (11:53) from Stars Above The City, 2018

    Riversea - Blasphemy (05:34) from The Tide, 2018

    Dream The Electric Sleep - The River Current (06:47) from The Giants' Newground, 2018

    Spock's Beard - To Breathe Another Day (05:38) from Noise Floor, 2018

    Big Big Train - Pick Up If You're There (13:40) from The Difference Machine, 2007

    Richard Thompson - Sibella (04:15) from Mock Tudor, 1999

    Be-Bop Deluxe - Blazing Apostles (04:30) from Sunburst Finish, 1976

    North Atlantic Oscillation - Dust (07:28) from The Third Day, 2014

    Nic Jones - Canadee-I-O (06:00) from Penguin Eggs, 1980

    Bluetones - Talking To Clarry (06:53) from Expecting To Fly, 1996

    Roy Harper - The Same Old Rock (12:25) from Stormcock, 1971

    Spock's Beard - Made Alive Again/Wind At My Back (08:28) from Snow, 2002

The European Perspective 2017 review part 4

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Download The European Perspective 2017 review part 4  08-04-2018 (265.48 MB)

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  • At last, the final instalment of our review of 2017 – only four months into the following year!

    Wobbler - From Silence to Somewhere (21:00) from From Silence to Somewhere, 2017
    Amplifier - Horse (06:41) from Trippin' With Dr. Faustus, 2017
    Iconic Eye - Black Country Lady (05:46) from Into the Light, 2017
    Lunatic Soul - Anymore (04:36) from Fractured, 2017
    Godsticks - Open Your Eyes (05:04) from Faced With Rage, 2017
    Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Last Man on the Moon (06:02) from Broken but Still Standing, 2017
    Thumpermonkey - This Is Not A Fire (05:04) from Electricity, 2017
    Sons Of Apollo - Alive (05:06) from Psychotic Symphony, 2017
    Trojan Horse - Fukushima Surfer Boys (03:42) from Fukushima Surfer Boys, 2017
    Glass Hammer - Cool Air (09:44) from Untold Tales, 2017
    Special Providence - A Magnetic Moment (05:15) from Will, 2017
    Believe - II (09:09) from Seven Widows, 2017
    Agusa - Sorgenfri (05:00) from Agusa, 2017

    Progradar’s Picks
    Mother of Millions - Silence (08:14) from Sigma, 2017
    Human Pyramids - Canned Thunder (03:34) from Home, 2017
    Marco De Angelis - Last Train (05:49) from Next Station, 2017
    Drifting Sun - Mystery of Lies (05:46) from Twilight, 2017
    Findlay Napier - Cod Liver Oil And Orange Juice (03:56) from Glasgow, 2017

    Premiata Forneria Marconi - Oniro (06:07) from Emotional Tattoos, 2017
    Major Parkinson - Night Hitcher (05:47) from Blackbox, 2017
    I Am The Manic Whale - The Lifeboatmen (11:22) from Gathering The Waters, 2017
    Charlie Cawood - Garden of the Mind (06:44) from The Divine Abstract, 2017
    Lee Abraham - Find Another Way (07:07) from Colours, 2017
    Tiger Moth Tales - Take The Memory (07:10) from The Depths Of Winter, 2017
    Knekklectric - Prokrastinera igjen (06:09) from For Mange Melodia, 2017
    Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere - Graced With Secrets (08:01) from 03, 2017
    Simon Godfrey - More Power Than Bombs (04:03) from Black Bag Archive Vol.3, 2017
    Arabs In Aspic - Mörket 3 (20:20) from Syndenes Magi, 2017

The European Perspective 2017 review part 3

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Download The European Perspective 2017 review part 3  01-04-2018 (292.11 MB)

Duration: 255:14 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • Happy Easter everyone!

    This time around we continue our stately meander through the excellent crop of proggy releases from 2017, with absolutely no mention of Easter whatsoever - though I did munch a few chocolate buttons at one point.

    My Tricksy Spirit - Always With You (08:18) from My Tricksy Spirit, 2017
    Kaipa - Like a Serpentine (12:52) from Children of the Sounds, 2017
    Christiaan Bruin's Inventions - The Turing Test (04:16) from Meta, 2017
    Gentle Knife - Fade Away (07:23) from Clock Unwound, 2017
    Sky Architect - Dune (06:26) from Nomad, 2017
    Amarok - Distorted Soul (05:33) from Hunt, 2017
    Comedy Of Errors - Ever Be The Prize (09:00) from House of the Mind, 2017
    Bent Knee - These Hands (05:37) from Land Animal, 2017
    Robert Ramsay - Tramps In Their Purest Form (06:56) from Confound And Disturb, 2017
    Big Big Train - The Leaden Stour (07:19) from The Second Brightest Star, 2017
    PBII - Mother (04:43) from ROCKET! The Dreams Of Wubbo Ockels, 2017
    KingBathmat - Feathers (08:53) from Dark Days, 2017
    Jet Black Sea - Cathedral (07:17) from Absorption Lines, 2017
    Discipline - Love Songs (03:42) from Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea, 2017
    Kotebel - Cosmology Suite - Mechanical Universe (07:54) from Cosmology, 2017
    Karibow - System Of A Dream (07:27) from From Here To The Impossible, 2017

    Progradar’s Picks
    Linus Kåse - Smile (02:47) from I, 2017
    Steven Wilson - Permanating (03:35) from To The Bone, 2017
    Threshold - Lost In Translation (10:20) from Legends Of The Shires, 2017
    Nordic Giants - Dystopia (05:31) from Amplify Human Vibration, 2017
    Blue Rose Code - Over The Fields (For John) (04:11) from The Water Of Leith, 2017

    Public Service Broadcasting - Progress (03:26) from Every Valley, 2017
    RTFACT - Gotika (05:03) from Life Is Good, 2017
    Kim Seviour - Recovery Is Learning (04:40) from Recovery Is Learning, 2017
    Shineback - Safe As Houses (05:24) from Minotaur, 2017
    Richard Wileman - Ghost (03:34) from Ghost, 2017
    Pingvinorkestern - Walk Slowly (05:52) from Look - No Hands!, 2017
    The Dhol Foundation - Mother Tongue (03:50) from Basant, 2017
    House by the Lake - Glacial Pace (04:01) from Out Of The Woods, 2017
    CIRCU5 - Blame It On Me (04:44) from CIRCU5, 2017
    Lifesigns - Different (09:19) from Cardington, 2017
    Johannes Luley - Sister Six (05:33) from QITARA, 2017
    Cirkus - Johnny Got His Gun (06:42) from Wild Dogs, 2017
    Whitewater - Fallen (05:29) from Universal Medium, 2017
    Lucie Treacher - Kite (03:34) from Wunderkabinett, 2017
    The Tangent - A Few Steps Down the Wrong Road (17:31) from The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery, 2017