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The Amazing Wilf was born in the sixties, which probably explains quite a lot.

Having been brought up a folkie (these days they bring in social services in cases like that) he discovered heavy and progressive rock in his early teens, and resolutely ploughed that furrow during the punk years, playing guitar in bands such as Bison, APB, Mihalis, and the acoustic rock group, Dusk. On arriving at Nottingham University in 1982 Wilf fell in with the 'prog' crowd, and after dropping out of his studies went on the road as a guitar, sound and lighting tech for Twice Bitten, and later Haze, stalwarts of the British prog scene through the eighties. Fed up with being permanently broke, and left with the legacy of a bad back (phew, rock'n'roll!), he gave it up in 1986 to go into the world of gainful employment and respectability.

Wilf lives in London, England, with his wife and son - who also occasionally co-presents the show - and makes a living as a company director. He also owns and manages an independent record label, Bad Elephant Music, which (unsurprisingly) focuses largely on music with progressive tendencies.

Hosted by David "Wilf" Elliott

Broadcast Live every Sunday
from 4:00AM to 7:00AM Pacific Time

The Amazing Wilf, cynic, mystic and occasional fool, takes you on a wonderful journey through the heady world of British and European progressive music. From the days of the sixties and seventies, when this stuff actually sold, through the New Wave Of British Progressive Rock in the mid-1980s, and bang up-to-date with the new blood. This music has never been more diverse or interesting, but in the competitive world of downloads and global marketing it's difficult for today's progressive acts to get the exposure they deserve and need to thrive. Wilf, therefore, concentrates on getting music by the small bands 'out there', while having a damn good time and a few laughs on the way.

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The European Perspective #250.4

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  • Back after a fun weekend at the Summer's End festival. This week's top ten albums is from one of the show's longest-standing friends and supporters, James Hendry, with a great selection encompassing the poppier and more left-field sides of progressive music.

    Martin is back too, of course, with his latest Progradar's Picks, and I'm continuing with my catch up of 2017 releases, together with some old favourites.

    Barenaked Ladies - Maybe Katie (02:59) from Everything To Everyone, 2003
    KingBathmat - Feathers (08:53) from Dark Days, 2017
    Amarok - Distorted Soul (05:33) from Hunt, 2017
    PBII - Gravity (04:47) from ROCKET! The Dreams Of Wubbo Ockels, 2017
    Wobbler - From Silence to Somewhere (21:00) from From Silence to Somewhere, 2017
    Barclay James Harvest - May Day (08:03) from Octoberon, 1976
    National Health - The Collapso (06:19) from Of Queues And Cures, 1978
    Gentle Giant - Aspirations (05:22) from The Power and the Glory, 1974

    The European Perspective Top 250 – James Hendry
    Mew - My Complications (06:04) from +/-, 2015
    Snarky Puppy - White Cap (08:28) from Tell Your Friends, 2010
    Captain - Hazelville (05:02) from This Is Hazelville, 2006
    Jaga Jazzist - Big City Music (14:07) from Starfire, 2015
    Doves - Sea Song (06:13) from Lost Souls, 2000
    Guillemots - Sao Paulo (11:44) from Through the Windowpane, 2006
    Keane - A Bad Dream (05:07) from Under The Iron Sea, 2006
    Muse - Space Dementia (06:21) from Origin of Symmetry, 2001
    Engineers - Bless the Painter (03:14) from Always Returning, 2014
    The Divine Comedy - The Plough (05:16) from Victory For the Comic Muse, 2006

    Progradar’s Picks
    Linus Kåse - Egomania (04:35) from I, 2017
    Lunatic Soul - A Thousand Shards of Heaven (12:17) from Fractured, 2017
    Comedy Of Errors - House of the Mind (14:49) from House of the Mind, 2017

    Shineback - Theseus (05:30) from Minotaur, 2017
    Mike Kershaw - Dice (04:42) from What Lies Beneath, 2016
    Mothertongue - Blooper's Theme (04:02) from Unsongs, 2016
    Unitopia - Justify (12:53) from More than a Dream: The Dream Complete, 2017
    Special Providence - Neptunian Pyramid Chill (04:40) from Will, 2017
    Arabs In Aspic - Morket 2 (09:34) from Syndenes Magi, 2017
    The Tangent - Where Are They Now? (20:39) from Going Off On Two, 2011

The European Perspective #250.3

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  • It’s the turn of Matteo Nicolin, guitarist, singer and composer with the excellent progressive rock band Syncage, to choose his top ten albums since 2000 for The European Perspective’s 250. Some outstanding choices here, including the remarkable Marta Sui Tubi, an unexpected and totally delightful new discovery for me.

    We also have a preview of next weekend’s Summer’s End festival, and more Progradar’s Picks from the redoubtable Mr. Hutchinson.

    Barock Project – Promises (05:02) from Detachment, 2017
    Lifesigns – Different (09:19) from Cardington, 2017
    Big Big Train – The Second Brightest Star (07:18) from The Second Brightest Star, 2017
    Nad Sylvan – The Quartermaster (05:39) from The Bride Said No, 2017
    This Winter Machine – The Man Who Never Was (16:05) from The Man Who Never Was, 2017
    iamthemorning – Too Many Years (05:10) from Lighthouse, 2016
    Weend’O – Experience (06:37) from You Need To Know Yourself, 2012
    Karibow – A Crescent Man (06:12) from From Here To The Impossible, 2017
    Maschine – Make Believe (07:11) from Naturalis, 2016

    The European Perspective Top 250 – Matteo Nicolin
    Haken – Cockroach King (08:15) from The Mountain, 2013
    Dhafer Youssef – Odd Elegy (04:53) from Abu Navas Rhapsody, 2011
    Esperanza Spalding – Good Lava (03:38) from Emily’s D+Evolution, 2016
    Tigran Hamasyan – Collapse (05:04) from Shadow Theater, 2013
    Franco Battiato – Aurora (03:44) from Apriti sesamo, 2012
    Kneebody – Uprising (07:02) from Anti-Hero, 2017
    Marta Sui Tubi – Non los sanno (03:14) from Sushi & Coca, 2008
    Leprous – Thorn (05:48) from Bilateral, 2012
    Tigran Hamasyan – Out of The Grid (10:25) from Mockroot, 2015
    Radiohead – Optimistic (05:16) from Kid A, 2000

    Lucie Treacher – Cross Fire (03:10) from Wunderkabinett, 2017
    Bent Knee – Holy Ghost (05:34) from Land Animal, 2017
    Beatrix Players – Obey Me (05:31) from Magnified, 2016

    Progradar’s Picks
    Glass Hammer – Identity Principle (12:38) from Untold Tales, 2017
    Johannes Luley – Upness (06:28) from QITARA, 2017
    CIRCU5 – The Amazing Monstrous Grady (05:38) from CIRCU5, 2017

    Franck Carducci – Torn Apart (10:17) from Torn Apart, 2015
    Frost* – Signs (06:37) from Falling Satellites, 2016
    Half Past Four – Mirror Eyes (06:44) from Land Of The Blind, 2016
    The Dowling Poole – Vox Pops (03:12) from One Hyde Park, 2016
    Mike Keneally – Wing Beat Fantastic (03:26) from Wing Beat Fantastic, 2012
    Semisonic – I Wish (07:56) from All About Chemistry, 2001
    Elephants of Scotland – Sun-Dipped Orphans and the Wizard’s Teapot (06:07) from The Perfect Map, 2016
    Kyros – Persistence of Vision (05:49) from Vox Humana, 2016
    Karmakanic – Higher Ground (10:12) from DOT, 2016
    The Bob Lazar Story – LOL, defiantly (03:51) from Baritonia, 2017
    Sphelm – Coexist (04:53) from These Roots Know No Boundaries, 2016
    Big Hogg – Star Of The Show (04:23) from Gargoyles, 2017
    The Tangent – A Few Steps Down the Wrong Road (17:31) from The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery, 2017

The European Perspective #250.2

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Download The European Perspective #250.2  23-09-2017 (330.06 MB)

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  • The second part of our 250th episode celebrations, featuring another listener Top 10, this time from Leo Trimming, one of the show’s longest-standing fans!

    KNOWER – Overtime (04:28) from Life, 2016
    Kaipa – Like a Serpentine (12:52) from Children of the Sounds, 2017
    Premiata Forneria Marconi – Morning Freedom (06:07) from Emotional Tattoos, 2017
    Gandalf’s Fist – Another Night on the Far Side of the Universe/The Nine Billion Names of God (09:50) from A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer (Special Edition), 2017
    Snarky Puppy (featuring KNOWER and Jeff Coffin) – I Remember (06:34) from Family Dinner, Vol. 2, 2016
    Golden Caves – My Demons Hunt (04:57) from Collision, 2017
    Jet Black Sea – The Sixth Wheel (06:52) from Absorption Lines, 2017

    The European Perspective Top 250 – Leo Trimming
    Sean Filkins – The English Eccentric (08:47) from War and Peace & Other Short Stories, 2011
    Anathema – Angels Walk Among Us/Presence (08:16) from We’re Here Because We’re Here, 2010
    Riverside – Beyond the Eyelids (07:57) from Rapid Eye Movement, 2007
    The Gift – Tuesday’s Child (09:45) from Why The Sea Is Salt, 2016
    Tiger Moth Tales – Don’t Let Go, Feels Alright (13:32) from Cocoon, 2014
    IQ – Guiding Light (09:58) from The Seventh House, 2000
    The Pineapple Thief – What Have We Sown? (27:32) from What We Have Sown, 2007
    Cosmograf – Bakelite Switch (07:36) from When Age Has Done Its Duty, 2011
    Gazpacho – The Walk Parts ! and II (13:43) from Tick Tock, 2009
    Transatlantic – Stranger In Your Soul (30:00) from Bridge Across Forever, 2001

    Progradar’s Picks
    Big Big Train – The Second Brightest Star (07:18) from The Second Brightest Star, 2017
    Gentle Giant – Why Not? (05:32) from Three Piece Suite, 2017
    Threshold – Lost In Translation (10:20) from Legends Of The Shires, 2017

    Trojan Horse – How You Gonna Get By? (06:13) from Fukushima Surfer Boys, 2017
    Whitewater – Fallen (05:29) from Universal Medium, 2017
    Syncage – Still Unaware (06:20) from Unlike Here, 2017
    Kant Freud Kafka – Vida y Muerte (08:31) from Onirico, 2017
    Richard Wileman – Ghost (03:34) from Ghost, 2017
    Mad Fellaz – Me Gusta (06:54) from II, 2016
    The Fierce And The Dead – Chief (06:04) from Spooky Action, 2013

The European Perspective #250.1

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Download The European Perspective #250.1  17-09-2017 (307.38 MB)

Duration: 268:35 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • ...and we're back! The two hundred and fiftieth European Perspective - who would have thought I'd still be doing this after all this time? Certainly not me...

    Thanks to everyone who has made enquiries about the show, and its return to the podsphere. It wouldn't be half as much fun without you.

    To mark this landmark I've asked a number of regular listeners and musicians in the progressive rock arena to list their ten favourite albums released since the year 2000. There's a total of 250, and over the next shows I'll be unveiling them piecemeal. The first selection is from Mike Morton, composer and lead singer with The Gift, a regular favourite on the show. Mike's selections are fascinating, and really not what you'd think from a gent who by his own admission is a huge lover of Seventies' progressive rock.

    Also, of course, Martin Hutchinson is back with another set of Progradar's Picks!
    The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You (03:32) from Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia, 2000
    Steven Wilson - Nowhere Now (04:04) from To The Bone, 2017
    Discipline - The Body Yearns (09:25) from Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea, 2017
    Sky Architect - Dune (06:26) from Nomad, 2017
    My Tricksy Spirit - Always With You (08:18) from My Tricksy Spirit, 2017
    Schnauser - The Monday Club (07:44) from Irritant, 2017
    Valdez - Colorado/Smile For The Camera (17:22) from This, 2017

    The European Perspective Top 250 - Mike Morton
    Frost* - Hyperventilate (07:32) from Milliontown, 2006
    Spock's Beard - The Great Nothing (27:02:00) from V, 2000
    Mothertongue - A Poem that the Sky Wrote (03:37) from Unsongs, 2016
    The Dear Hunter - Waves (04:12) from Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise, 2015
    Bigelf - The Evils of Rock and Roll (06:37) from Cheat the Gallows, 2008
    Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (12:02) from Deadwing, 2005
    Steven Wilson - Home Invasion/Regret #9 (11:25) from Hand. Cannot. Erase., 2015
    It Bites - The Tall Ships (06:17) from The Tall Ships, 2008
    The Neal Morse Band - Broken Sky/Long Day (Reprise) (09:59) from The Similitude Of A Dream, 2016
    Big Big Train - Curator Of Butterflies (08:45) from English Electric: Full Power, 2013

    Steely Dan - Aja (08:01) from Aja, 1977
    Rosie Vela - Interlude (04:07) from Zazu, 1986
    Radiohead - Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) (04:23) from OKNOTOK, 2017

    Progradar's Picks
    Blue Rose Code - Over The Fields (For John) (04:11) from The Water Of Leith, 2017
    The Wynntown Marshals - Odessa (03:58) from After All These Years, 2017
    Nordic Giants - Dystopia (05:31) from Amplify Human Vibration, 2017

    Pain Of Salvation - Ending Theme (04:59) from Remedy Lane: Revisited, 2016
    Linus Kåse - Winter Season (05:11) from I, 2017
    The Tangent - The Sad Story Of Lead and Astatine (16:00) from The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery, 2017
    Pink Floyd - Echoes (23:35) from Meddle, 1971