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Sound Chaser - Hosted by David Layton

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Spanning the globe to give you the constant variety of Prog. The thrill of mellotrons. And the agony of the 80s. The musical drama of epic compositions. This is Soundchaser. The Professor will host three hours of music selected from the history of progressive rock, the 1960s to the present. The main feature of every broadcast will be at least an hour of symphonic progressive, the boldest, most robust flavors prog has to offer. The program will feature many varietal selections as well, from fusion, progressive ambient, psychedelic, eclectic progressive, RIO, folk, and crossover progressive. The program is for the discerning and daring connoisseur of progressive rock. Relax. Open the aural palette. Delights to follow.

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Sound Chaser 97

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  • The Professor experiments a bit on the latest edition of Sound Chaser. The first hour of the show will feature an extended In Memoriam section commemorating prog-related musicians now gone: Jimmy Nalls, Hansi Cross, John Abercrombie, Walter Becker, Holger Czukay, and Virgil Howe. After that, I have an interview with the band Forever Twelve. We talk about their latest album, Home, and about prog in general. Things return to normal with The Symphonic Zone featuring new music from Kaprekar's Constant, and the final hour mix of varietal prog. All that, plus news of tours and releases on Sound Chaser.


    1. Nektar - Now, from The Prodigal Son


    2. Sea Level (Jimmy Nalls) - Fifty-Four, from On the Edge

    3. Cross (Hansi Cross) - On the Other Side, from Gaze

    4. John Abercrombie - Memoir, from Characters

    5. Steely Dan (Walter Becker) - Your Gold Teeth II, from Katy Lied

    6. Can (Holger Czukay) - Spoon, from Ege Bamyasi

    7. Steve Howe (Virgil Howe) - Highly Strung, from Spectrum


    8. Interview with Forever Twelve Pt. 1

    9. Forever Twelve - Daisy Chain, from Home

    10. Interview with Forever Twelve Pt. 2

    11. Forever Twelve - Karmageddon, from Home

    12. Interview with Forever Twelve Pt. 3

    13. Forever Twelve - Fate Is in Our Hands, from Home


    14. 3 - Desde la Vida, from To the Power of 3

    15. Kate Bush - Hammer Horror, from Lionheart

    16. Kaprekar's Constant - Hors d'Oeuvre, from Fate Outsmarts Desire

    17. Kaprekar's Constant - Blue Bird, from Fate Outsmarts Desire

    18. Marillion - Garden Party, from Script for a Jester's Tear

    19. Yes - And You And I [Toronto], from Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two

    20. The Flower Kings - Love Is the Only Answer, from The Sum of No Evil


    21. Clannad - Live and Learn, from Sirius

    22. Sally Oldfield - The Blessing, from Three Rings

    23. Barclay James Harvest - Echoes and Shadows, from Turn of the Tide

    24. IZZ - My River Flows, from My River Flows

    25. Alain Markusfeld - Marakech Blues, from Le Desert Noir

    26. NeBeLNeST - Solilock, from NeBeLNeST

    27. Rush - Where's My Thing?, from Roll the Bones

    28. Richard Pinhas - Rhizosphere Sequent, from Rhizosphere

    29. Asia - Free, from Aura

    30. echolyn - Make Me Sway, from The End Is Beautiful

Sound Chaser 96

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  • The Professor presents an entire show of progressive rock with orchestras. From the string ensemble to the symphony orchestra, many of prog's best moments have come from the blending of band with orchestra. The linkage of the two goes all the way back to the earliest days of prog. It's not as common now, because orchestras are expensive and because contemporary keyboards can provide exceptionally good imitations of orchestras. This show has many examples of band/orchestra mix. The classical impulse also inspired some artists to create entirely orchestral versions of prog pieces. We have some of those. The impulse also inspired some prog musicians to compose their own pieces of classical music outside the rock idiom. We have some of those. All that, plus news of tours and releases on this special edition of Sound Chaser.


    1. Jethro Tull - Bungle in the Jungle, from War Child

    2. Grobschnitt - Symphony, from Symphony Live 2012

    3. Tony Banks - City of Gold, from Six Pieces for Orchestra

    4. Electric Light Orchestra - Above the Clouds, from A New World Record

    5. New Trolls - 3o Tempo: Moderato (Fare You Well Dove), from Concerto Grosso No. 2

    6. Osanna - Canzona, from Milano Calibro 9

    7. Klaus Schulze - Ludwig II von Bayern, from X

    8. London Philharmonic Orchestra - Money, from Us and Them: Symphonic Pink Floyd

    9. Jean-Michel Jarre - Fishing Junks at Sunset, from The Concerts in China

    10. Mike Oldfield - The Orchestral Tubular Bells Pt. 2, from The Orchestral Tubular Bells

    11. Darryl Way - Flirtation, Infatuation, from The Human Condition

    12. Steve Hackett - In the Beached Margent of the Sea, from A Midsummer Night's Dream

    13. Steve Hackett - Between the Cold Moon & the Earth, from A Midsummer Night's Dream

    14. Camel - The Great Marsh, from A Live Record

    15. Camel - Rhayader, from A Live Record

    16. Camel - Rhayader Goes to Town, from A Live Record

    17. Camel - Sanctuary, from A Live Record

    18. Camel - Fritha, from A Live Record

    19. Camel - The Snow Goose, from A Live Record

    20. Camel - Friendship, from A Live Record

    21. Camel - Migration, from A Live Record

    22. Camel - Rhayader Alone, from A Live Record

    23. Mannheim Steamroller - Escape from the Atmosphere, from Fresh Aire V

    24. Vangelis - Introduction, from Mythodea

    25. Vangelis - Movement 1, from Mythodea

    26. Vangelis - Movement 2, from Mythodea

    27. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Wings of Karma, from Apocalypse

    28. Yes - The Gates of Delirium, from Symphonic Live

Sound Chaser 95

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Download Sound Chaser 95  19-08-2017 (228.12 MB)

Duration: 199:16 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • The Professor presents a show with quite a bit of new music. One of the puzzles of this time in the history of progressive rock is that while it still gets little attention from mainstream music sources and is less financially rewarding than ever, progressive rock is produced in greater amounts than ever. We have examples of the phenomenon on this show from Forever Twelve, Mogador, Big Big Train, The Samurai of Prog, and Monarch Trail. Additionally, we have the mix of prog and related music from all periods of prog history. All that plus news of tours and releases on Sound Chaser #95.


    1. Minimum Vital - Danse pour la Nouvelle Alliance, from Esprit D'amor

    2. Forever Twelve - Fate Is in Our Hands, from Home

    3. Miriodor - Les Passants, from Recontres

    4. The Tony Levin Band - The Fifth Man, from Double Espresso

    5. The Mothers of Invention - WPLJ, from Burnt Weeny Sandwich

    6. Duello Madre - Madre, from Duello Madre

    7. Amon Duul II - Syntelman's March of the Roaring Twenties, from Tanz der Lemminge


    8. Big Big Train - London Plane Sequence, from The Second Brightest Star

    9. The Samurai of Prog - On We Sail, from On We Sail

    10. The Enid - Riguardon - The Dancing Lizard, from Arise and Shine

    11. Monarch Trail - Charlie's Kitchen, from Sand

    12. Mona Lisa - Avan Qu'il Ne Soit Trop Tard, from Avant Qu'il Ne Soit Trop Tard

    13. Mona Lisa - La Peste, from Avant Qu'il Ne Soit Trop Tard

    14. Karmakanic - Send a Message from the Heart, from Live in the USA


    15. Mogador - Still Alone, from Chaptersend

    16. Joni Mitchell - The Reoccurring Dream, from Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm

    17. Bass Communion - Cenotaph, from Cenotaph

    18. Tangerine Dream - Scrap Yard, from Thief

    19. Jean-Luc Ponty - Bottle Bop, from Tchokola

    20. Klaus Schulze - Opheylissem, from Audentity

    21. Shadowfax - Oriental Eyes, from Shadowfax

    22. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Excavation No. 32, from Beat of the Mesozoic

    23. Jethro Tull - Protect and Survive, from A

    24. Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene Pts. I-III, from Oxygene

Sound Chaser 94

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Duration: 214:36 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • The Professor is back with more progressive rock and related music. Mystery shrouds the strange appeal of progressive rock. It's said that a relatively obscure mystery cult performed strange, ritual dances in 11/8 time, huddled obsessively close to musical instruments drawn from their own unfathomable imaginations - guitars powered by electricity, devices with odd names like Moog, ARP, and that most mysterious of all, Mellotron. Archaeologists and historians are uncertain about how these sounds escaped from the cult and worked their way into the general population. But, the dark message of the secret cult remains, troubling the maasses with its terrible power. Come sample some of the terrible power of prog.


    1. Lana Lane - Under the Olive Tree, from Think Tank Media Sampler, Vol. 2 [compilation]

    2. The Spacious Mind - Upon Which Areas May the Circles Be Drawn?, from Do Your Thing But Don't Touch Ours

    3. The Spacious Mind - Jam, from Do Your Thing But Don't Touch Ours

    4. The Spacious Mind - The One That Really Won the War, from Do Your Thing But Don't Touch Ours

    5. The Spacious Mind - Interplanetarian Lovemachine Pt. III, from Do Your Thing But Don't Touch Ours

    6. The Spacious Mind - Euphoria Euphoria, from Do Your Thing But Don't Touch Ours


    7. Damian Wilson - When I Leave This Land, from Lions and Fables [compilation]

    8. Zen Rock and Roll - From Melting Made, from End of the Age

    9. Yes - Perpetual Change, from Yessongs

    10. Rick Wakeman & Tony Fernandez - Aquarius, from Zodiaque

    11. Rocket Scientists - Minstrel Saviour, from Earthbound

    12. Par Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus Pt. 1, from Live in America

    13. Wallenstein - Sympathy for Bela Bartok, from Stories, Songs, & Symphonies

    14. Raphael Rudd - Kids Like Me, from The Awakening

    15. Locanda delle Fate - La Giostra, from The Missing Fireflies


    16. Magma - Malaria, from Kobaia

    17. Amazing Blondel - One Bad Dream, from Bad Dreams

    18. Ruby Regent - Woman of the Liquid Ballet, from Reptile

    19. Gong - Blues for Findlay-Instrumental, from Continental Circus

    20. Brand X - Unorthodox Behaviour, from Unorthodox Behaviour

    21. Bondage Fruit - Holy Roller, from Selected [retrospective]

    22. Porcupine Tree - Flicker, from The Incident

    23. Amon Duul II - Castaneda da Dream [radio edit], from Nada Moonshine#

    24. Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond, from Pulse

    25. Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine, from Pulse

    26. Paul Haslinger - Saint & Robot, from Future Primitive