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Sound Chaser - Hosted by David Layton

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Spanning the globe to give you the constant variety of Prog. The thrill of mellotrons. And the agony of the 80s. The musical drama of epic compositions. This is Soundchaser. The Professor will host three hours of music selected from the history of progressive rock, the 1960s to the present. The main feature of every broadcast will be at least an hour of symphonic progressive, the boldest, most robust flavors prog has to offer. The program will feature many varietal selections as well, from fusion, progressive ambient, psychedelic, eclectic progressive, RIO, folk, and crossover progressive. The program is for the discerning and daring connoisseur of progressive rock. Relax. Open the aural palette. Delights to follow.

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Sound Chaser 108

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  • The Professor presents a special edition of Sound Chaser. This time, we focus on the origins of progressive rock: music from 1966-1969. Many of the principal acts of early progressive rock started in the 1960s. Many more acts were experimenting with the elements that would combine to make prog. On this show there is some psychedelia, some folk rock, some British folk revival, some proto-prog, and some just all-around nice tunes. We give you news of tours and releases. And we even have a Symphonic Zone. It's time to tack a trip back.


    1. Traffic - You Can All Join In, from Traffic

    2. Jefferson Airplane - How Suite It Is, from After Bathing at Baxter's

    3. Aphrodite's Child - Quando L'amore Diventa Poesia, from The Complete Collection [retrospective]

    4. Buffalo Springfield - Kind Woman, from Last Time Around

    5. The Young Tradition - The Rolling of the Stones, from Galleries

    6. Amon Duul II - Kanaan, from Surrounded by the Bars [retrospective]

    7. Two Brothers and Another - I Know a Man, pts. 1-5, from Happy Craziness

    8. Canterbury Fair - Song on a May Morning, from Canterbury Fair

    9. The Mothers of Invention - Any Way the Wind Blows, from Freak Out!

    10. H.P. Lovecraft - Blue Jack of Diamonds, from H.P. Lovecraft II


    11. Vanilla Fudge - Season of the Witch, from Renaissance

    12. Brainbox - Scarborough Fair, from Brainbox

    13. Wigwam - Henry's..., pts. 1-9, from Hard n' Horny

    14. Caravan - Where But for Caravan Would I, from Caravan

    15. Renaissance - Wanderer, from Renaissance

    16. Procol Harum - In Held 'Twas in I, from Shine on Brightly


    17. Reign Ghost - Eyes Knows, So Does Ears and Carolina, from Reign Ghost

    18. The Pentangle - Once I Had a Sweetheart, from Basket of Light

    19. Jethro Tull - It's Breaking Me Up, from This Was

    20. The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night), from Stockholm '67

    21. Soft Machine - Hope for Happiness (live), from Turns On Vol. 1

    22. The Moody Blues - Peak Hour, from Caught Live + 5

    23. Blonde on Blonde - Jeanette Isabella, from Contrasts

    24. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Little Miss Strange, from Electric Ladyland

    25. Pink Floyd - The Narrow Way, from Ummagumma

    26. The Doors - The End, from The Doors

Sound Chaser 107

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Duration: 218:51 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • The Professor presents the Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast #107. It's bright, it's bold, it's daring. It could possibly even be minty fresh. There's a lineup of great artists, with plenty of live music, some obscurities, and some excursions into areas right next door to prog. It's time to enjoy the music.


    1. Peter Gabriel - Red Rain, from SW Live EP


    2. Argent - Trapeze, from Circus


    3. Mastermind - Too Much to Ask For, from Until Eternity

    4. After Crying - Nokturn, from Megalazottak es Megszomoritottak

    5. Al Stewart - Almost Lucy, from Time Passages

    6. Can - Like Inobe God, from Out of Reach

    7. Peter Hammill - Lost and Found, from Over

    8. Richard Pinhas - Last Coda from the Western Wail, from Rhizosphere / Live at Bobino: Paris, France 1982


    9. Fish - Incubus, from Uncle Fish & the Crypt Creepers

    10. Halloween - Never Die!, from Part One

    11. Arena - Crying for Help IV, from Songs from the Lions Cage

    12. Poor Genetic Material - Watercolours, from Spring Tidings

    13. Minimum Vital - Dans le Doute, from Envol Triangles

    14. Sensitiva Immagine - Ai Confini del Mondo, from E Tutto Comincio Cosi...

    15. Deyss - Chained Human, from Vision in the Dark

    16. Glass Hammer - Time Marches On, from Perelandra

    17. Kaipa - Remains of the Day, from Mindrevolutions


    18. Pat Metheny - Three Flights Up, from Question & Answer

    19. Ancient Future - The Dusk Song of the Fisherman, from Asian Fusion

    20. Spock's Beard - Freak Boy, from Snow

    21. Spock's Beard - All Is Vanity, from Snow

    22. Spock's Beard - I'm Dying, from Snow

    23. Spock's Beard - Freak Boy Part 2, from Snow

    24. Spock's Beard - Devil's Got My Throat Revisited, from Snow

    25. Spock's Beard - Snow's Night Out, from Snow

    26. Spock's Beard - Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto on the Keyboards, from Snow

    27. Spock's Beard - I Will Go, from Snow

    28. Spock's Beard - Made Alive Again / Wind at My Back, from Snow

    29. Caravan - Cold Fright, from Cool Water

    30. Sarah McLachlan - Steaming, from Touch

    31. The Group - Berenice's Hair, from The Group

    32. Angra - Painkiller, from Freedom Call

    33. Roxy Music - Do the Strand, from Viva!

    34. Hawkwind - Narration 1, from Live Chronicles

    35. Hawkwind - The Sea King, from Live Chronicles

    36. Hawkwind - Angels of Death, from Live Chronicles

    37. Landberk - Dreamdance, from Indian Summer

Sound Chaser 106

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Download Sound Chaser 106  20-01-2018 (233.02 MB)

Duration: 203:32 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • The Professor presents Sound Chaser, a podcast of progressive rock and related music from the 1960s to the present. The full variety of prog streams through the program, bathing the ears, calming the nerves, and leaving the listener refreshed and renewed. On this program, we feature an In Memoriam segment for Moody Blues founding member Ray Thomas, a spotlight on cd bonus tracks, the Symphonic Zone, plus news of tours and releases.


    1. Darryl Way - Juliet, from Under the Soft


    2. The Moody Blues - Legend of a Mind (live), from Time Traveller [retrospective]


    3. Marillion - Heart of Lothian, from The Singles '82-'88

    4. Agitation Free - Soundpool, from Last

    5. Jean-Luc Ponty - Elephants in Love, from Fables

    6. Delia Derbyshire - Blue Veils and Golden Sands, from Earthshock [compilation]

    7. Wakeman with Wakeman - Past and Present, from Wakeman with Wakeman

    8. Steve Hackett - Every Day, from Time Lapse

    9. Porcupine Tree - Piano Lessons, from Stupid Dream

    10. Porcupine Tree - Stupid Dream, from Stupid Dream

    11. Porcupine Tree - Pure Narcotic, from Stupid Dream

    12. Frank Zappa - While You Were Out, from Shut up 'n Play Yer Guitar

    13. Michael Stearns - Plunge, from Plunge


    14. Albion - Motyl, from Polish Art-Rock, Vol. 1 [compilation]

    15. Manticore - Future Is the Time (Hymn), from Time to Fly

    16. Transatlantic - All of the Above, from Live in America

    17. Roine Stolt - Dirt, from Wall Street Voodoo

    18. Realm - Echo Lake, from The Path

    19. Yes - Yours Is No Disgrace [Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum], from Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two


    20. Annie Haslam - Further from Fantasy, from Annie Haslam

    21. Kayak - Can't Afford to Lose, from Merlin

    22. Rain Tree Crow - Every Colour You Are, from Rain Tree Crow


    23. Preghiera di Sasso - La Macchina del Tempo, from Preghiera di Sasso

    24. Kerrs Pink - Feberlaten, from Kerrs Pink

    25. Tiles - Patterns, from Presents of Mind


    26. Magma - Kohntarkosz, from Concert 1976-Opera de Reims

Sound Chaser 105

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Download Sound Chaser 105  05-01-2018 (229.19 MB)

Duration: 200:11 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • A new year at Sound Chaser Headquarters begins with the 4th Anniversary show. The Professor has completed four years of podcasting progressive rock, jazz fusion, electronic ambient, rock in opposition, and all kinds of music related to prog. Year five begins with a show dedicated to the fourth album. Not all that many bands and artists make it to album four. You'll hear some classics, of course, and some things found off the trail. And there's news of tours and releases. Let year five of Sound Chaser begin.


    1. Kayak - Land on the Water, from The Last Encore

    2. Gandalf - 3rd Door/Loss of Identity in the Labyrinth of Delusions, from Magic Theatre

    3. Socrates - The Bride, from Phos

    4. The Flower Kings - Captain Capstan, from Flower Power

    5. The Flower Kings - IKEA by Night, from Flower Power

    6. The Flower Kings - Astral Dog, from Flower Power

    7. Peter Gabriel - Schnapschuss (Ein Familienfoto), from Ein Deutsches Album

    8. The Mothers of Invention - Mom & Dad, from We're Only in It for the Money

    9. Thinking Plague - Les Etudes D'organism, from In Extremis


    10. Kansas - Miracles out of Nowhere, from Leftoverture

    11. Steve Hackett - Slogans, from Defector

    12. Steve Hackett - Leaving, from Defector

    13. Steve Hackett - Two Vamps as Guests, from Defector

    14. Steve Hackett - Jacuzzi, from Defector

    15. Ange - Jour Apres Jour, from Emile Jacotey

    16. Ange - Ode a Emile, from Emile Jacotey

    17. Yes - We Have Heaven, from Fragile

    18. Yes - South Side of the Sky, from Fragile

    19. The Enid - Sanctus, from Six Pieces

    20. Banco - Outside, from Banco

    21. Moon Safari - Yasgur's Farm, from The Gettysburg Address

    22. Finch - With Love as the Motive, from The Making of ... Galleons of Passion

    23. Genesis - Can-Utility and the Coastliners, from Foxtrot


    24. Kitaro - Silk Road Theme, from Silk Road

    25. Kitaro - Bell Tower, from Silk Road

    26. Kitaro - Heavenly Father, from Silk Road

    27. Kitaro - The Great River, from Silk Road

    28. Kitaro - The Great Wall of China, from Silk Road

    29. Quasar Lux Symphoniae - The Punishment of the Submerged, from The Enlightening March of the Argonauts

    30. Trilok Gurtu's Crazy Saints - Offering, from Believe

    31. Boud Deun - Broken Spokes, from The Stolen Bicycle

    32. Djam Karet - Scenes from the Electric Circus, from Reflections from the Firepool

    33. Edhels - The Crab, from Astro-Logical

    34. Fish - Tongues, from Derek Dick & His Amazing Electric Bear

    35. Jon & Vangelis - Page of Life, from Page of Life

    36. Jon & Vangelis - Money, from Page of Life

    37. Barry Cleveland - Stars of Sayulita, from Hologramatron

    38. Kenso - Sacred Dream, from Music for Unknown Five Musicians