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The Bishie is all knowing and all powahful! Bow before his omnipotence!!

Hosted by Woody & Suzi Harris

Broadcast every Sunday
from 11:00AM to 3:00PM Pacific Time

Soundscape was born out of a passion for music and a love of the journey. Twice a month we develop a theme for exploration within the music. These themes could be about a particular kind of music, a single artist or band, or even something more expansive such as a the theme of flying. Really anything is fair game here. To develop this journey we rely on progressive rock, and improvisational/experimental music. We also rely on our listeners to help us bring the experience alive with their own suggestions. The Soundscape podcast has now been running for over 8 years and the inspiration for these journeys grows and evolves beyond anything we could have imagined. Your hosts Suzi and Woody Harris have had many years of experience in music from DJing to running a music store. We look forward to your participation in our adventure.

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Soundscape #282 Another Proggy Flight

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Download Soundscape #282 Another Proggy Flight  21-07-2014 (289.65 MB)

Duration: 253:06 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • The theme of flight has been used in a few of our Soundscape episodes, but it is a very common metaphor for being free, going where one cannot go, or getting away from your troubles. In the same vein, falling has it's own meanings as well; losing touch, being out of control, the ground coming toward you very very fast, etc. Well this show has a little of both of these themes. We top it off with some inflight entertainment in the form of a perfect album side, and a short set of newer music.

    Soundscape will return in a few weeks with more great prog music. Theme suggestions are welcome but try not to get to specific, ambiguity is the best tool for theming a show. Perfect album sides are also welcome; just 6 songs of your choosing sent to

    • Agents of Mercy- Ready to Fly
    • Rush- Headlong Flight
    • Trey Gunn- Spirit of Flight
    • Cairo- South Side of the Sky
    • Motorpsycho- Cloudwalker (A Darker Blue)
    • Telestrion- Lost in the Sky
    • Porcupine Tree- Cloud Zero
    • Anathema- Flying
    • Marillion- The Sky Above the Rain
    • *************************
    • Mark Weaver's Perfect Album Side
    • City Boy- Dinner at the Ritz
    • Genesis- Supper's Ready
    • Magenta- Gluttony
    • Godley and Creme- Sandwiches of You
    • IZZ- Swallow Our Pride
    • Karmakanic- Bite the Grit
    • *************************
    • Cynic- True Hallucination Speak
    • Sarastro Blake- Flaming June w Billy Sherwood
    • Tim Bowness- I Fought Against the South
    • Martin Orford- Endgame
    • Yes- To Ascend
    • Alan Parsons- Fall Free
    • ELO- The Fall
    • Pervy Perkin- Falling From Earth
    • Ocean's 5- Fly Away
    • Chris Squire- Silently Falling
    • Matt Stevens- Glide
    • Tony Levin- Slow Glide
    • Phish- Glide
    • John Montagna- You Are Safe
    • Tinyfish- Fly Like a Bird
    • Corvus Stone- Highway to Emptiness
    • Porcupine Tree- Arriving Somewhere but not Here
    • Transatlantic- Beyond the Sun
    • Periplo- High Hopes 

Soundscape #281 Let the Love In

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Download Soundscape #281 Let the Love In  30-06-2014 (289.48 MB)

Duration: 252:57 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • Soundscape returns for another fun romp across time and space. This time we feature a number of pieces of new music in a theme that is meant to emphasize love. Whether we succeed in this goal or not you can determine for yourslef but I think you will defnitely enjoy this flight of musical fancy. Plus we return to the Perfect Album Side feature with some forgotten gems of yesteryear.

    If you would like to present us a perfect album side, you need only send 6 songs to We will play it for you! Please avoid sending us Willie Nelson unless you can find a song in 11/7 time that lasts over 7 minutes.

    Soundscape will return in approximately 1 month. Summer has been busy for us but we will see you guys as often as we can. We wish you a happy and exciting summer as well.

    • Yes- Give Love Each Day
    • Teeth of the Sea- Pleiades Underground/Inexorable Master
    • Saga- Step Inside
    • Asia- Free
    • Mike Oldfield- Chariots
    • Hills- Rise Again
    • Barclay James Harvest- Love on the Line
    • Kingston Wall- I Feel Love
    • Gary Clark Jr.- Third Stone from the Sun/If You Love me Like You Say
    • Astra- Beyond to Slight the Maze
    • The D Project- Out of Range/Out of Line
    • Flying Colors- Love is What I'm Waiting For
    • Osiris the Rebirth-Transdimension Flight
    • Robert Plant- Like I've Never Been Gone
    • *************************
    • Gareth Cole's Perfect Album Side
    • Porcupine Tree- Lazarus
    • Fairport Convention- Who Knows Where the Time Goes
    • Caravan- The Love in Your Eye
    • The Tangent- The Sun in My Eyes
    • 10CC- Feel the Benefit
    • *************************
    • Phish- Fuego
    • Pray For Brain- Hawk and Mouse
    • Dominic Gaudios- Space & Time
    • Samsara Blues Experiment- Outside Insight Blues
    • Illuvatar- Resolution
    • Gran Torino- Dead Suns
    • Dream the Electric Sleep- How Long We Wait
    • Cosmograf- White Car
    • Umphreys McGee- Puppet String
    • Anubis- Hitchhiking to Byzantium
    • Yes- Believe Again
    • Yes- Real Love 

Soundscape #280 Organically Grooved

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Download Soundscape #280 Organically Grooved  04-06-2014 (277.14 MB)

Duration: 242:10 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • This weeks show grew from a seed to a tree. While there is some rhyme and reason to the choices, most of it was derived from a sort of mindtrip I went on with the music. There is more space rock and drone rock here than the average show, but then I know that many of you enjoy that anyway. Lots of new stuff comes out of the darkness so if you take the ride there are definitely a lot of gems along the way.

    Our next show will be in 1 month. Most of June will be taken up with conventions. But fear not Soundscape will return at the end of June with an all new set. Until then, if you are jonesing for some great music, please check out the powerhouse of other Dividing Line shows.

    Perfect Album Sides will be back in the next show, so if you are still looking for a chance to get your played, just send 6 songs to We would love to hear your suggestions.

    We wish you all a wonderful June and look forward to the next show- Cheers!

    • David Sylvian- Pt1-3 Ancient Evening- Incantation- Awakening
    • Follakzoid- Trees
    • Yes- The More We Live- Let Go
    • Farpoint- Vision Quest
    • Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain- Dances with Wood
    • Moonwagon- Sundown Mountain
    • Pervy Perkin- Falling From Earth
    • Sarah Hezen- Forest
    • Siddhartha- Nervous Breakdown
    • Lazuli w Fish- J'ai Trouv'e Ta Faile
    • Haken- Streams
    • Quantum Fantay- Portable Forest
    • Alan Parsons- L'Arc En Ciel
    • Strattman- A Candle in the Sun
    • Fair To Midland- A Loophole in Limbo
    • Airbag- Safetree
    • Birds and Buildings- Chronicle of the Invisible River of Stone
    • Little Tragedies- Walking Stick
    • Jet Black Sea- Path of Least Existence Pt2
    • IQ- Road of Bones
    • Cosmograf- The Fear Created
    • The Aaron English Band- Norwegian Wood-Kashmir
    • Tempest- Vision Quest
    • Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5- Dancing w the Rhythm of the Sea
    • Big Big Train- The Wide Open Sea
    • Marillion- Ocean Cloud 

Soundscape #278 Seen and Heard

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Download Soundscape #278 Seen and Heard  21-04-2014 (293.04 MB)

Duration: 256:04 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • Don't let the theme fool you. For all of your DJs high falutent ideas and plans, there is not a lot of clarity to the theme. The clarity to find is in the way the music depicts the journey. The idea was that as we develop a sense of self, we go for an internal journey that starts as an inward struggle realized later as we reach out to others, seek help, and develop a better view of ourselves. The music does translate that journey, but my narrative of that does not do it justice. So this means that you the listener need to pay more attention the music than the man behind the curtain.

    We also have a great perfect album side from Mike Ehlers featuring some wonderful instrumental prog. Which reminds me, (insert hypnotic suggestion here) send me 6 songs that you want to hear on Soundscape. We will call it your perfect album side and put it up on the show for all to hear. send it to

    • Fish- Vigil
    • Touchstone- Hear Me
    • Little Atlas- Silence
    • Marillion- Invisible Man
    • OSI- Invisible Men
    • Porcupine Tree- The Sound of No-One Listening
    • Kino- All You See
    • Riverside- Depth of Self Delusion
    • Jethro Tull- Beside Myself
    • Kevin Gilbert- Shadow Self
    • Genesis- One for the Vine
    • *************************
    • Michael Ehler's Perfect Album Side
    • Long Distance Calling- Into the Black Wide Open
    • Rush- YYZ
    • Jethro Tull- Bouree
    • Camel- The Snow Goose
    • Steve Hackett- Spectral Mornings
    • Frank Zappa- Peaches En Regalia
    • *************************
    • Pink Floyd- Hey You> Is There Anybody Out There
    • Vanden Plas- Vision 7ven- The King and the Children of Lost
    • Siddhartha- A Trip to Innerself
    • Perfect Beings- Walkabout
    • Alan Parsons- Fragile
    • Dead Heroes Club- We Breathe Together
    • Saga- Can't You See Me Now?
    • Pink Floyd- Keep Talking
    • Rush- Entre Nous
    • Asia w/John Payne- Court of the Crimson King
    • The Crimson Projeckt- Indiscipline
    • Porcupine Tree- Halo
    • Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water
    • Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine, Sherinian- Shy Boy
    • The Who- We're Not Gonna Take It