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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends....

A series of shows featuring guest DJs from the world of Prog music!

You've listened to their music, but have you ever wondered what music they listen to? In this one of a kind DLBN exclusive series your favourite artists step to the microphone to rule the cyber-waves and explore their influences within the progressive rock genre. Each episode is hosted by a different artist who will bring their own unique style and flavour to the series. Be sure to subscribe to this RSS feed so that you will be updated with new shows as they are posted! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this unprecedented look into the minds of progressive rock's most talented artists.

The Worm Cathedral with Jem Godfrey of Frost*

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Download The Worm Cathedral with Jem Godfrey of Frost*  22-11-2010 (68.67 MB)

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  • The Worm Cathedral hosted by Jem Godfrey of Frost*

    When Jem Godfrey formed the band Frost* in 2006, nobody within the progressive rock fandom could have guessed what they were in for.  Frost*'s debut album Milliontown was an instant hit and set a new standard to modernize a genre which many felt had become trapped in the past.  Since that time Frost* have released one more studio album (Experiments In Mass Appeal) and one live album (The Philadelphia Experiment), the latter including one studio bonus track entitled "The Dividing Line" written in celebration of this station's 10 year anniversary .  Now Jem steps up to the mic and takes on the role of show host!  Join Jem for this, the first instalment of "The Worm Cathedral" in which normality has no place!

    1.   Cornelius - Point of View Point
    2.   Man On Fire - The Block
    3.   John Hopkins - The Wider Sun
    4.   John Hopkins - Vessel
    5.   Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - New Jerusalem (featuring Gavin Harrison on drums)
    6.   Love Field - The King Of The Universe
    7.   Jane Child - Sworn
    8.   Ether - Goodbye 20th Century
    9.   The Divine Comedy - Eric The Gardner
    10. Godly & Creme - Get Well Soon

Dangerously Awake hosted by John Galgano of IZZ

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Download Dangerously Awake hosted by John Galgano of IZZ  21-11-2010 (116.26 MB)

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  • Dangerously Awake hosted by John Galgano of IZZ

    John Galgano has been an integral contributor in the band IZZ since its inception in 1998.  First acting as lead guitar player and then moving to bass, John has been a song writing force to be reckoned with throughout the band's entire existence!  Join John for the revival of his show "Dangerously Awake" which originally aired on DLBN back in 2004.  Now in late 2010 he has come back to the mic to share many of his influences!  Join him in this weird and wonderful adventure of song writing bliss!

    1. The Day the Light Went Out (Genesis) (3:13)
    2. On Ice (Chris Thile) (3:52)
    3. Cardboard Cutouts (Andrea Wittgens) (3:35)
    4. Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side (Chris Squire/Billy Sherwood) (9:05)
    5. I Am the Walrus (The Beatles) (4:30)
    6. Taller Children (Elizabeth and the Catapult) (3:34)
    7. For Nobody (Gentle Giant) (4:05)
    8. Places to Hide (IZZ) (4:30)
    9. Feeding the Fire (Genesis) (5:53)
    10. Blue (Laura Meade) (2:38)
    11. Grow Up and Blow Away (Metric) (4:13)
    12. How Kind of You (Paul McCartney) (4:47)
    13. Track 3 (Saul Simon MacWilliams) (4:01)
    14. Paris is Burning (St. Vincent) (4:20)
    15. Perpetual Change (Yes) (8:55)
    16. The Woman and the Bell (Punch Brothers) (4:06)
    17. Get ‘Em Out By Friday (Genesis) (8:36)

Agah Bahari

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Download Agah Bahari  21-08-2010 (99.76 MB)

Duration: 87:10 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 160 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

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  • Agah Bahari

    One of progressive rock's new talents, Agah Bahari has dazzled many with his prowess on the guitar. His latest album entitled "The Second Sight of Mind" was released in 2008 and has garnered the attention of prog metal fans around the world. Originally from Iran and now living in Vancouver Canada,  join Agah as he takes you on an unforgettable journey through some of his own musical influences!

    Some words from Agah:

    "A couple of months ago or so, I've had a pleasure to meet Frans Keylard and Shawn Bishop at one of Vancouver's many Earl's. Later that night, Shawn asked me if I'm interested to record a guest show for The Dividing Line Broadcast Network. What you're reading, along with the show, are the results of that interest.

    I recorded the show at my apartment with a Shure SM58 mic. As hot as it was, I had to keep my window closed to avoid recording any accidental seagull sounds and/or bum fights. Me and my window, both, did a good job, however, you might still hear shits like seagull sounds and/or bum fights here and there. Other than that, some good tunes and me explaining why those good tunes are being played on my guest show, in a friendly and entertaining manner.

    I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!"

    Agah Bahari - Revolving Universe
    Pink Floyd - Money
    Frank Zappa - Peaches en Regalia
    Agah Bahari - Orgasmic Sense of Insanity
    On the Virg - Native Metal
    Planet X - Dog Boots
    Dream Theater - Take the Time
    Jordan Rudess - Revolving Door
    Meshuggah - Dancers to a Discordant System
    Tool - Third Eye
    Agah Bahari - The Second Sight of a Mind
    Agah Bahari - Heat Death