Shawn & Rene's Excellent Adventure


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(ProgWest 2002 report)

Well, we did it! We drove from Vancouver B.C. all the way to southern California to attend the live performance of Kevin Gilbert's "The Shaming Of The True" by Nick D'Virgilio and friends at ProgWest 2002 on Sunday, November 10th. But the concert was just the icing on the cake. It was a week-long rock 'n roll vacation that we'll never forget!

This is how it all unfolded:

Spring 2002:

August 2002:

October 2002:

November 5th, 2002:

November 6th, 2002:

November 7th, 2002:

November 8th, 2002:

J. Scott Smith greets us as we arrive with a yell of "The Canucks have arrived!" and he brings us inside the legendary Treefort Studo where we are introduced to Stan Cotey, Chris Beveridge, and Michael Abowd.

We sit around a microphone and chat for over two hours, recording direct to CD's.

We have a wonderful conversation / interview with the guys and gain a whole new insight into the Giraffe story.

The session ends with an acoustic performance of "The Light" requested by Shawn.  Scotty on guitar and lead vocal, Stan on guitar and backing vocal, and Chris on backing vocal.











November 9th, 2002:

November 10th, 2002:

and here's a picture of us with regular DLBN listeners:

"Thanks to an individual who shall remain nameless, I got to watch the whole performance from the stage!  Because I only see 10% vision, when I go to concerts I am lucky if I can see blobs moving around on the stage.  To me that's normal.  But, for this show I was actually able to see the people perform. I was standing just behind one of the stage amplifiers, no more than 3 feet from Mike Keneally's keyboard rig!  It was nothing short of amazing to be this close!  Not only was I able to see the whole performance, but I was able to see all the behind the scenes stuff going on around me as well.  I have since gained a whole new respect for just how complicated a show like this is.  From being able to hear every little comment that gets thrown back and fourth between the musicians on stage (and there are a lot of them, jokes and everything!), to watching the tech people slide seamlessly in and out of the production fixing things that have gone wrong that nobody else would have even known about.  The speedy recovery time is flawless and totally unbelievable.  Some of the musicians would come off the stage if they weren't performing in that particular song and they'd be asking me how it came off and if it was alright or not.  I offered many words of encouragement and joked around with all of them.  It even got to the point where a few of us started singing along.  Once Shaming ended there was an intermission and I got to observe as the stage was magically (and with a huge amount of work) transformed into the arena for the 2nd half of the show.  Ryo Okumoto appeared bringing in his very own vintage Mellotron which he told me had been given to him earlier that day by the other guys in the Beard.  When the 2nd half of the show began I was standing literally 2 steps from his keyboard rig.  Both Mark Z (who played during the Keneally set) and Ryo would look at me during their solos as if to say "Well?" and I would give the thumbs up, which ended up sending Ryo into convulsions of "Yeaaahh!" with both hands in the air.  The experience was totally unbelievable.  Spock's Beard did wicked renditions of "The Doorway", "Devil's Got My Throat", and "Go The Way You Go" which, seeing it form that angle was a memory I will take with me to the grave and beyond.  After the show ended I just wandered around the stage talking to everyone and mingling.  Chris G was a really great guy who did a fantastic job of learning a HUGE amount of material in a VERY short time.  Mike Keneally was also very kind and extremely genuine.  Always interested in what people thought and how they enjoyed it, Mike was always there.  Unfortunately for me my voice was beginning to go out on me from a cold I had picked up a day earlier.  But it didn't stop me from making many great contacts and friends.  Expect many great DLBN special events soon!  Thanks to the individual who shall remain nameless for making this all possible and giving me an experience I will be able to take with me for life."

November 11th, 2002:

November 12th, 2002:


Shawn and I had one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. It was great to meet all the musicians, Dividing Liners, and to be there for the only live performance of Shaming. We'll never forget it!

-Rene, November 15th, 2002