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Can decades of banal, insipid, and uninspiring music blasted through the airwaves actually affect the very sky above our heads? Yes! The sky is getting seriously out of tune and we're here to put things right. Join the Professor in his campaign to Retune the Sky by cranking up those speakers, flinging open those windows, and setting those molecules to vibrating the right way.*

Each week we'll explore a set of music which shares some common thread, and your assignment is to educate me with your favorite music related to what I play. You're sure to hear some great old and new progressive music, with a bit of intelligent pop, jazz, and jam band sensibility thrown in for good measure. And don't forget to check out the "South Side of the Sky" segment, in which I spotlight progressive artists who hail from, or are otherwise connected to, the Southern United States (or even the Southern Hemisphere).

Y'all come on in and give it a shot!

* management not responsible for irate neighbors; not recommended for folks living near psychotic gun collectors.

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