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Hello listeners,

Thank you for spending some time with us at The Dividing Line.  In the interest of have a better understanding of who our target audience is we would like to find out a little about you, our listener.  Please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire and you will be entered into a draw for some autographed CDs.  We assure you that all information given to us will remain in the strictest confidence and will not be sold or distributed to anyone.



Year of Birth:

City of Residence:

State / Province:


Email Address:

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Do you join our chat?  If Yes, what nickname do we know you by?

Where did you hear about The Dividing Line?

When did you first listen to The Dividing Line?
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How many hours per week do you listen on average?

What do you listen to the most often?
Live Shows
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If you chose "Archives," do you prefer the Stream or Download option?

What type of Internet connection do you use when listening?
T1 or better

Which Dividing Line shows have you listened to?
(Check as many as applicable)

Behind The Lines, with Shawn Bishop (On demand)
Rogues' Gallery, with Frans Keylard (On demand)
Point of No Return, with Steve Cozart (Mondays)
Rush Hour/After Rush Hour, with Brad & Lorena (Tuesdays)
Strange Universe, with Mikebo (Tuesdays)
Under The Radar, with David "Winkler" James (Wednesdays)
Strange Avenues, with Paul Brower (Wednesdays)
The Odyssey, with Stu Cameron (Fridays)
Critics Carnival, with Eric "CarnivalMan" Brooks (Fridays)
Love Letters, with Eric Arthur (Saturdays)
Experiments In Mass Appeal, with A.J. Giordano (Saturdays)
Underdog Prog, with Mary "Grrrl" Campbell (Saturdays)
Prog'opolis, with Vince & Daisy (Saturdays)
The European Perspective, with David "Wilf" Elliott (Podcast)
Soundscape, with Woody Harris (Sundays)
ProgRoots, with Rene Young (Sundays)

Do you have a favorite show(s)? If so, which one(s)?

Have you ever purchased anything from using the links on our site?

Additional comments:

Thank you for completing our survey. Your feedback is important, as it helps us understand what our listeners want.
- The Dividing Line management