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The Dividing Line Broadcast Network
Terms of Use

The Dividing Line's resources are free to be used by anyone provided they abide by the following conditions.

The Dividing Line Broadcast network uses streaming media technology to deliver its programs to listeners. Reproduction, retransmission or rebroadcast of any Dividing Line program content or portion thereof by any means is strictly prohibited. The settings we use for our audio feed result in the best compromise between download speed and sound quality.

The Dividing Line Broadcast Network is not a commercial venture. None of our broadcasters are paid. In fact, they all contribute toward the costs of maintaining the server and the Internet connection. Donations are accepted and highly appreciated. In order to fund some of the expenses The Dividing Line attempts to earn commissions on the sales of products through associations with retailers such as No products or services are sold directly by The Dividing Line, and The Dividing Line is not responsible for any loss, damage, or dissatisfaction resulting from the purchase of any product or service provided by any vendor with whom the station may have an affiliation agreement.

For information on how to make a financial contribution to The Dividing Line, please see the Donations page.

The Dividing Line does not advocate or participate in file sharing. The Dividing Line does not make individual music files available to the public. All pre-recorded content used during live broadcasts resides on the individual broadcaster's computers or on devices or media located within their premises and is therefore beyond the control of The Dividing Line. Broadcasters are solely responsible for all content aired on their shows. The Dividing Line's policy is that no person, broadcaster or listener shall use any of the station's resources to advocate or participate in file sharing. These resources include the broadcast server, it's storage devices, DLNet IRC Chat, The Dividing Line E-mail List, or Dividing Line E-mail accounts. Using any of these resources for the purpose of arranging the exchange of unauthorized duplications is prohibited.

The Dividing Line chat room is intended to be a place where people can have fun and enjoy conversing with others in a safe environment while listening to the audio feed. Inappropriate behavior cannot be tolerated and will be dealt with as deemed appropriate.