Author Topic: ANNOUNCEMENT - 2007: The Prog Odyssey  (Read 3075 times)

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ANNOUNCEMENT - 2007: The Prog Odyssey
« on: September 30, 2007, 06:52:08 pm »
A brief history of time...
*46,000 B.C. - The first human habitation of Australia ioccurs, when the ancestors of the current Indigenous Australians arrive via land bridges short sea-crossings from present-day South-East Asia.
*1606 - The first recorded European sighting of the Australian mainland is made by the Dutch navigator Willem Janxzoon.
*1788 - Captain Arthur Phillip establishes a settlement at Port Jackson.
*1901 - The Commonwealth of Australia is born as a Dominion of the British Empire.
*1988 - Al Gore invents the internet, leading to a worldwide revolution in communcations.
*2000 - The Dividing Line Broadcast Network is launched.
*2007 - Stu Cameron of Sydney, Australia, signs on as the newest member of The Dividing Line family with a show called "The Prog Odyssey".
In Stu Cameron's own words...
"The Odyssey is a weekly 2 hour musical extravaganza, featuring the best progressive music from the last four decades.  Each show features brand new tracks from established and new bands as well as soloists, composers and
producers.  We also dig into the vaults to find classic progressive tracks from artists like Genesis, Yes, King Crimson as well as finding obscure musical chestnuts that (almost) everyone has forgotten.  The Odyssey always manages to turn up a few old and new Fusion tracks as well.  Let's face it, many Prog artists drew and draw their inspiration from the Fusion greats like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Al di Meola, Allan Holdsworth, Jaco Pastorious and Pat Metheny so each week we unleash the musical beast that is Fusion to see where it takes us. 
Most of all, The Odyssey is for people who love progressive music and we don't care much for trying to define the genre too tightly. After all, if it sounds progressive, it probably is."
A resident of Sydney, Australia, Stu broadcasts from his beachside home that he shares with his family, too many pets and too many surfboards.
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