Author Topic: DLBN: Ten Revolutions a Success!  (Read 4073 times)

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DLBN: Ten Revolutions a Success!
« on: April 04, 2010, 09:14:31 pm »
Hello to all,

Well - yesterday's festivities were a success and after 12 hours of broadcasting the Ten Revolutions festival is in the history books!  Huge thanks to Bushwhack, Portal, Mahogany Frog, Singularity and IZZ for taking the time and effort to not only join us on the day of the event, but also for the many hours of rehearsals and tech preparations they undertook to participate.  Heartfelt thanks also go out to all the folks at the Frost* camp for composing, recording, and presenting us with a track named after The Dividing Line to commemorate this event!

It was wonderful to see both new and old faces amongst many of the crowd in chat during the event plus many other artists within the genre who came by to join the celebrations. As with every DLBN program and event, the archives will indeed be posted for those that weren't able to make it.  The archives will appear in segments as we receive them.  Since we want to bring you the best quality possible, we'll be posting recordings made right from the studio in which the show was performed.

With a decade behind us and a bright future ahead, I want to take a small moment (small being a relative term when it comes to my email sizes) to reflect on why this station is still here even after 10 years.

Thanks to all the artists of the progressive rock genre who spend their own time, money, and effort to create the music we all enjoy so much.  This is not an easy genre to thrive in but they continue to do so all the while without ever loosing site of their passion.

Thanks also to the amazing team of broadcasters, both past and present,  for working tirelessly to bring top notch quality programming to our ears each week.  I'd also like to express my appreciation for all the behind the scenes work done by Rene Young and Alistair Henry keeping things going.

Additionally, I'd like to recognize Shawn Kirkpatrick, the unsung hero of the station.  His is a name not many people know, but he's the person responsible for creating the software and maintaining the server that runs The Dividing Line.  Without his working through my tireless requests for new features, not to mention the midnight phone calls to report a hacking or other similar trauma, we'd have never gotten started in the first place!

But most importantly of all, thanks to all of the listeners who take valuable time from their day to join us as we continue on our musical journey of progification!  Without you, the audience, we would simply not be here.  So for your support and loyalty over the years I offer my sincerest gratitude and hope you enjoyed the Ten Revolutions festival!

Here's to another 10 years of broadcasting and beyond!


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Re: DLBN: Ten Revolutions a Success!
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2010, 12:18:59 pm »
What a great event.  Congrats to the Shawns and Rene!
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