What is the ideal duration of a podcast?

< 2 hours
2 hours
2 1/2 hours
3 hours
> 3 hours
Doesn't matter to me

Author Topic: Does (podcast) size matter?  (Read 3827 times)

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Does (podcast) size matter?
« on: November 06, 2010, 04:55:30 am »
If you have a large capacity player, fast internet connection and listen to shows in pieces, it may not make a difference how long the shows run. If you have a slower connection or like to listen to an entire show in one sitting, you may prefer a shorter program. Would a 60 or 90 minute show have enough material to satisfy the listener?

Taking into consideration that file size, download time, duration, listening habits and show content are all aspects that may affect one's likelihood to download a podcast, what do you feel is the ideal running time of a podcast?