Author Topic: Rest in Peace Tommy Vance  (Read 2866 times)

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Rest in Peace Tommy Vance
« on: May 16, 2004, 11:10:36 am »
Ok DLBN'ers......

I wanted to send something to Tom's family and this seemed like the best way.  In this thread, please send whatever message you want to relay to them, and in a few days I will copy and send it to them. Via e mail or snail.....whatever works.  

Dear family,

We were saddened beyond belief at the news of Tom's death.  He was a beloved member of this station, loved and respected by all.  We loved playing Mommy's Little Monster and teasing him in the chatroom.  He was a vibrant funny guy, and though most of us never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, his loss still hits hard.  He was part of our internet family....

This is a thread from our official message board here at the Dividing Line....


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Re:Rest in Peace Tommy Vance
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2004, 10:13:27 am »
Dear Vance family,

Please accept my most sincere condolences on your loss. Like many others around here, I only knew Tom from spending time with him in the chat room or reading his posts on various message boards. Still, his loss hit me very hard. I don't think there is a better example of what a good person he was than that - people that never even met him were shaken by his loss. That says a lot about the tremendous person he was and about the way his life affected others. My thoughts and prayers are with you and with Tom. He was a part of our extended family and will never be far from our hearts.

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