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« on: March 21, 2006, 09:50:43 pm »
The Dividing Line Broadcast Network is happy to announce... strike that--we're tickled SILLY to announce the birth of a brand new show! Coming soon to a Winamp player near you, on an as-yet undetermined day and time, we give you RETUNE THE SKY hosted by Stephen "Retune" Carl, AKA "The Professor", AKA "son", AKA "the coolest prof on campus"!

According to Retune, the show will be organized around certain weekly themes, such as the violin in progressive rock, the jazzy side of prog, etc etc. There are so many avenues of possibility to explore that we're simply bursting at the seams with anticipation! The Mighty Professor will also throw the spotlight on southeastern American prog on a show segment titled "The South Side Of The Sky"
in his quest to educate the masses to the fact that Nashville ain't JUST about country and western anymore!

Stay tuned to this station for further developments--as soon as everything is in place we'll send out an alert so that everyone can tune in to the first
broadcast and give Retune a warm DLBN welcome!

much love,
Vince & Daisy and the rest of the DLBN staff
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