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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #135 on: November 25, 2009, 05:39:54 am »
Soundscape #176 A Prog Fantasy

Although this show had a theme, the theme itself is locked inside my mind and even I do not know what it is all about. I set out to create a nice flowing set that started out to be about thoughts and thought patterns but somewhere in the middle it took on a life of it's own. Through twists and turns we take you on an enjoyable and dreamy journey.

Next weeks episode, dubbed the Great Prog Machine, is all about life inside the machine, gears, gadgets, wheels and levers. So if you have any songs that fit the mood, you can send them to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * The Moody Blues- The Best Way to Travel
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Paul Kantner and Grace Slick- Your Mind Has Left Your Body
    * Ozric Tentacles- Neurochasm
    * Spock's Beard- Thoughts
    * Traffic- Heaven Is In Your Mind
    * Triumph- A World of Fantasy
    * Spock's Beard- Thoughts Pt II
    * Robert Svilpa- Mesmerize
    * Genesis- Entangled
    * Alan Parsons- Return to Tunguska
    * Zee- Voices
    * Styx- Castle Walls
    * Also Eden- Star
    * Pendragon- Schizo (A Tribute to Pink Floyd)
    * Led Zeppelin- Achilles Last Stand
    * Riverside- Egoist Hedonist
    * Diablo Swing Orchestra- Stratosphere Serenade
    * Ayreon- Waking Dreams
    * Astra- The Rising of the Black Sun
    * Steve Hillage- Saucer Surfing
    * Rocket Scientists- Space 1999
    * Engineers- Helped by Science?
    * Engineers- Brighter As We Fall
    * Porcupine Tree- The Sky Moves Sideways
    * Porcupine Tree- Voyage 34
    * Pink Floyd-The Happiest Days of Our Lives
    * Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2
    * Transatlantic- The Return of the Giant Hogweed
    * Muse- Exogenesis Pt1-3
    * Parzivals Eye- Skylights
    * Porcupine Tree- Time Flies
    * IQ- Closer
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #136 on: December 02, 2009, 05:54:36 pm »
Soundscape #177 Machine

While it is not the greatest theme idea we have run, the machine definitely put us in touch with some good music. No worries, some pretty cool themes will be coming up for the Holidays.

Next week we will be revisiting the fall of 1972 for a tast of autumn proggy goodness as we continue our history of prog series. The next 2 themes will be: best use of saxophone in a prog song, and a shakespearean theme. Send suggestions to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Yes- Awaken
    * Presto Ballet- Mind Machine
    * Foreigner- Can't Slow Down
    * Makajodama- Ayurvedic Soap
    * Makajodama- Autumn Suite
    * Francis Dunnery- Back in New York City
    * Circa- All Intertwined
    * Marvin Hamlisch- Bond 77
    * Pain of Salvation- The Big Machine
    * Happy the Man- Steaming Pipes
    * Jethro Tull- Raising Steam
    * Dame Shirley Bassey- Slave to the Rhythm
    * Peter Gabriel- Steam
    * Al DiMeola- Sequencer
    * Kayak- See See the Sun
    * Kayak- Lovely Luna
    * Kayak- Chance for a Lifetime
    * Kayak- Ruthless Queen
    * Kayak- Starlight Dancer
    * Symphony X- Church of the Machine
    * Godfrey Townsend- The Pump
    * Alan Morse- Cold Fusion
    * Gentle Giant- Cogs in Cogs
    * The Flower Kings- The Wonder Wheel
    * Ozric Tentacles- EternalWheel
    * Jordan Rudess- Feed the Wheel
    * King Crimson- Industry
    * Pink Floyd- A New Machine pt 1-Terminal Frost-Machine Pt2

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #137 on: December 07, 2009, 07:30:19 pm »
Soundscape #178 The Wolves of Autumn

Seasons greetings fellow prog fans,

This weeks episode take on another excursion into the fall of 1972 with a continued focus on September. We also take some time to check out new material from Gong from their album 2032. This episode starts a new weekly feature we will call Suzi's corner in which Suzi plays some of her favorites for you. Finally, we pay homage to our fallen musical friend Eric Woolfson with some choice cuts from his time in The Alan Parsons Project as well as solo material. Eric was a truly wonderful spirit, we will miss him greatly.

Next week we take another trip to the prog library as we explore the impact of Shakespeares many works on the progressive soundscape. Lots of ideas are coming in for this theme and we look forward to hearing from you guys to let us know what songs you think are connected to the legendary bard.

What is your favorite use of a saxophone in prog? That is a theme that is ripe for exploration and we will be investigating the answer very soon.

Finally, in Porcupine Tree's "Arriving Somewhere but not Here" the lyric says "Did you imagine the final sound that you hear as your fading out was a song?" A morbid topic to say the least, but if you listeners will send in songs that you would like to hear as you "fade out" we may have a morbid yet imaginative theme on our hands that could just send shivers through us all.

Please send your suggestions, thoughts and requests to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Frost- Christmasventilate
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Porcupine Tree- Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
    * Steve Hackett- Please Don't Touch
    * Steve Hackett- Tubehead
    * The Pineapple Thief- Snowdrops
    * Gong- The Gris Gris Girl
    * Gong- Wave and a Particle
    * Gong- Pinkle Ponkle
    * Gong- Portal
    * Steve Hillage Band- Unzipping the Zype
    * 1972
    * Yes- Close to the Edge
    * Yes- Siberian Khatru
    * T. Rex- The Slider
    * Nektar- A Tab in the Ocean
    * Nektar- Desolation Valley/Waves
    * Nektar- Crying in the Dark
    * Nektar- King of Twilight
    * Family- Bolero Babe
    * Family- Top of the Hill
    * Family- Dark Eyes
    * Family- Burlesque
    * Family- Broken Nose
    * Mott the Hoople- All the Young Dudes
    * Suzi's Corner
    * Muse- Resistance
    * Ghost Circus- Trick of the Light
    * Porcupine Tree- Russia on Ice
    * Imogen Heap- Little Bird
    * Ends
    * Paul Cusick- Christmas Through Your Eyes
    * King Crimson- I Talk to the Wind (2009 Remix)
    * Big Big Train- Winchester Diver
    * Art of Noise- James Bond Theme
    * Eric Woolfson
    * APP- A Dream within a Dream
    * APP- The Raven
    * Eric Woolfson- I Can See Round Corners
    * APP- Sterotomy
    * Eric Woolfson- Somewhere in the Audience
    * APP- Old and Wise (Woolfson vocal)
    * APP- Time

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #138 on: December 15, 2009, 08:41:19 pm »
Soundscape #179 By the Progging of My Thumbs

To prog or not to prog that is the question....

This weeks theme takes us on a brief survey of progressive rock that is influenced by the works of Shakespeare. While this certainly was not definitive, it did turn up a lot of interesting songs. Also check out new tunes from Prog Alien, IZZ, Longshanks and more.

Next weeks theme will be our favorite uses of saxophone in a progressive song. A few ideas have cropped up, but we need your help. Please send your favorite saxophone songs to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * The Band- Stage Fright
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Versus X- The Pulse of Earth
    * Satellite- Am I Losing Touch
    * An Endless Sporadic- The Adventures of Jabubu
    * IZZ- Can't Feel the Earth Pt.1
    * IZZ- Ticking Away
    * IZZ- Cant Feel the Earth Pt.2
    * Longshanks- In Dreams
    * ProgAlien- The Chapel & The Legend of Folegandros
    * Shakespeare-
    * Jethro Tull- Minstrel in the Gallery
    * Genesis- The Cinema Show
    * ELP- Romeo and Juliet
    * Dire Straits- Romeo and Juliet
    * Barclay James Harvest- Lady Macbeth
    * Gentle Giant- The Moon is Down
    * Lana Lane- The Dream that Never Ends
    * Rick Wakeman- Shakespeare Run
    * Steve Hackett- Oberon
    * Steve Hackett- Within this Wood
    * Steve Hackett- The Palace of Theseus
    * Steve Hackett- In the Beached Margent of the...
    * Steve Hackett- Celebration
    * Blackmore's Night- Play Minstrel Play
    * Tangerin Dream- Hamlet
    * William Shatner- Hamlet/It Was a Very Good Year
    * Marillion- Uninvited Guest
    * Rocket Scientists- Banquo's Ghost
    * Rush- Limelight
    * Suzi's Corner
    * Genesis- All in a Mouse's Night (Live)
    * Marillion- Map of the World
    * Yes- Onward
    * Rocket Scientists- Enjoy the Weather
    * Closer
    * Erik Norlander- From Russia with Love
    * ARS Nova- All Magic Eve
    * Animal Collective- What Would I Want? Sky
    * Amy X. Nueberg & the Cello Chixtet- Back in NYC
    * Queen- A Winter's Tale
    * The Moody Blues- The Actor

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #139 on: December 21, 2009, 06:27:37 pm »
Soundscape #180 Saxual Fantasies

Wow!! What an amazingly fun show! I think I have redeveloped my love of the saxophone. I might even (after winter semester completes) pull out the old Tenor and see if I still can play a scale. There was so much participation in the soundscape and dividingline chat lists, as well as from prog archives, that this show became a full 4 hours of saxophone drenched music. You will everything from dirty street and gutter sax, to wildly experimental squeals that shoot up and down your spine. Who knew the sax could be so versatile. Please enjoy this one of a kind show and let us know your thoughts.

Soundscape will be taking at least a week off as we move into the new year. We have 3 themes that are in prep stages at this time. To begin with to cap the year, we want to pillage through the new items from 2009 and present them on a big proggy silver platter. We are also looking forward to continuing our long journey through the music of 1972. But here is the one we are most excited about and this will take your participation. In Porcupine Tree's "Arriving Somewhere but not Here" one of the lyrics is "Did you ever imagine the last thing you'd hear as you're fading out was a song?" So we ask you this question, what song would you like to hear as you are fading out? While this may seem a morbid topic, I think it will spawn a pretty incredible set list. Please let us know your thoughts! If you are brave enough, you can even send an mp3 of your explanation for your choice. Send your suggestions and explanations to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:

    * Bruce Hornsby- Hot House Ball
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Tangent- In Darkest Dreams Suite
    * Van Der Graaf Generator- The Sleepwalkers
    * King Crimson- 21st Century Schizoid Man
    * John Zorn- Contempt
    * Adrian Belew- Beat Box Car
    * Karl Denson's Tiny Universe- Straussmania
    * Gov't Mule- Brokedown on the Brazos (sax version)
    * Bela Fleck and the Flecktones- Communication
    * Ulver- Lost in Moments
    * Clapton, Sanborn, and Kamen- Meet Martin Riggs
    * Sting, Clapton, Sanborn- It's Probably Me
    * Camel- Rhayader Goes To Town
    * Foreigner- Urgent
    * Pink Floyd- Money
    * Godley and Creme- When Things Go Wrong
    * Bela Fleck and the Flecktones- The Twelve Days of Christmas
    * Trevor Jones- Hallucination
    * Joni Mitchell- The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines
    * Roxy Music- Bogus Man
    * Frank Zappa- It Must Be a Camel
    * The Alan Parsons Project- Pipeline
    * Styx- Lonely People
    * Haden, Garbarek, and Gismonti- Magico
    * Talking Heads- Sax and Violins
    * Dire Straits- Your Latest Trick
    * The Allman Brothers Band w/Branford Marsalis- Whipping Post
    * Paul McCartney and Wings- Bluebird
    * David Murray Octet- China Doll
    * Henry Cow- Nirvana for Mice
    * Birds and Buildings- Battalion
    * David Sylvian- Silver Moon
    * Supertramp- The Logical Song
    * Marillion- Berlin
    * Dire Straits- Going Home- Theme from Local Hero
    * Pink Floyd- Us and Them
    * King Crimson- Starless
    * Vogon Poetry Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #140 on: January 26, 2010, 03:47:56 am »
Soundscape #182: Arriving Somewhere

Hello fellow soundscapers! This weeks theme evolved out of an idea from Porcupine Tree "Did you ever imagine the last thing you'd hear as your fading out was a song?". Grammar troubles aside, the question is what song would you like to hear as you die. This is a morbid question but it generated a fantastic list of music and all thanks to the input of many of our listeners. We had a great time with this show and we hope you will too.

Due to the death of a mouse and a feedback loop, please be prepared for a rather loud sound at the end of Transatlantic. Editing was not an option this time.

Next week we will be doing our first label feature theme. We will be exploring the musical outputs of Metal Mind Productions which has of late offered many new progressive outings. You have heard many of these artists on Soundscape before, but this time you will be able to put the sounds and the label together. Also, In just 2 weeks we will finally get back to some history- the journey continues throught the great prog albums of 1972.

If you enjoy listening to our show, spread the word. We love to hear from our listeners, and we love requests. Our show is what it is due to listener input and without the chorus, our time on stage would not be as fruitful. You can contact us at-

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Porcupine Tree- Arriving Somewhere
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Kansas- The Coming of Dawn (Thanotopsis)
    * King Crimson- Starless
    * Kate Bush- And Dream of Sheep
    * Genesis- The Lamia
    * Yes- Awaken
    * Pink Floyd- Two Suns in the Sunset
    * Brian Eno- Fullness of Wind
    * David Sylvian- The Healing Place
    * ELO- Take Me ON and On
    * Sigur Ros- Njosnavelin
    * Todd Rundgren- Never Never Land
    * Alan Parsons Project- Mammagamma
    * Moby- Everloving
    * Grateful Dead- To Lay Me Down
    * Pink Floyd- Echoes
    * The Beatles- Why Don't We Do It In the Road
    * King Crimson- Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part 3
    * Norman Rose- Deteriorata
    * Tangerine Dream- Cloudburst Flight
    * Porcupine Tree- Lazarus
    * Pink Floyd- Several Species...
    * Genesis- Duchess
    * Joni Mitchell- Refuge of the Roads
    * Jerry Garcia Band- My Sisters and Brothers
    * Van Der Graaf Generator- Scorched Earth
    * Transatlantic- Dancing with Eternal Glory/Whirwind Reprise
    * Monty Python- Always Look on the Bright Side
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #141 on: February 01, 2010, 07:56:59 pm »
Soundscape #183 Metal Minds

Hello fellow proggies,

In this week show we feature some of the many progressive releases put out by Metal Mind Productions. Metal Mind has been a strong support to Soundscape across the years and we wanted to give them a big Kudos for all the great music that they have been setting free lately. This is the first of many similar themes. In the future we hope to give credit to other great progressive labels.

Next week we return to October of 1972 as we check out the history of progressive rock. Yes it's another history lesson and we will plummet you back to some well known and not so well known music of the day. We are also gearing up for another fun theme- Word play in progressive rock (alliteration, gibberish, and other forms of nonsense). Once again we call upon the listener collective to help us come up with examples. If you have a favorite wordplay song then please let us hear from you by emailing

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Atomic Rooster- Metal Minds
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Cannata- Eight Miles High
    * Eloy- Age of Insanity
    * The Flaming Lips- The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine
    * NRG- Masques
    * The Syn- Running Out of Time
    * Hourglass- Estranged
    * Hourglass- Delirium
    * Metal Mind Productions
    * Landmarq- Calm Before the Storm
    * Cammora- The Storm
    * Stratovarius- I Walkto My Own Song
    * SBB- Blogoslawione Dni
    * Pendragon- The Voyager
    * Shadowland- Jigsaw
    * Strawberry Fields- Moon
    * Satellite- Beautiful World
    * RPWL- Sleep
    * John Wetton- Rendezvous 6-02
    * Tinyfish- Fly Like a Bird
    * NEO- Crown of Thorns
    * Suzi's Corner
    * Steely Dan- Aja
    * Muse- Guiding Light
    * Muse- Shrinking Universe
    * Porcupine Tree- Gravity Eyelids
    * The Alan Parsons Live Project- Don't Let it Show
    * Closing set
    * Michael Gill- Merlin's Journey
    * Neuschwanstein- Palace of Wonderland
    * From.Uz- Influence of Time
    * Pink Martini- Bitty Boppy Betty
    * Paul McCartney and Wings- Goodnight Tonight
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #142 on: February 08, 2010, 08:31:56 am »
Soundscape #184

Welcome fellow Soundscapers and surfers of the sonic realm. This week we check out 3 great progressive albums of 1972. Each of these has their own line of sight on what progressive is, and each takes a different turn into the then little known territory of progressive rock.

We also have our usual bevy of the new and not so new including tunes from 5Bridges, Beardfish, and Dead Heroes Club. All fantastic pieces of music that got missed in our perusal and spelunking of the aural adventures of 2009.

Next week we will be celebrating our 4th year on the air. It has been a long time but we have enjoyed it thoroughly. Soundscape is what it is due to you listeners. You keep coming back, you suggest good themes, and you give input to the strange array of themes that make Soundscape a one and only production. We thank you for your support and look forward to another year of crazy and wonderful prog rock.

Our theme next week will be "Wordplay in Prog". Wether it uses alliteration, palindromes, onomatopaei, nonsense, gibberish or anagrams, prog often uses wordplay as yet another way to dabble in new paints. Your suggestions for this show are greatly appreciated. If you have a good idea for a prog song that uses wordplay well you can write us at

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Billy Sherwood- Face the Dawn
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Umphrey's McGee- In the Kitchen
    * Spock's Beard- Revelation
    * Michael Clay & Adrian Belew- The Man in the Moon
    * Beardfish- Awaken the Sleeping
    * 5Bridges- Babylonian Curse Reversed
    * 5Bridges- The Spell of Eternity
    * Parzival's Eye- Fragments
    * October 1972
    * The Moody Blues- Lost in a Lost World
    * The Moody Blues- Isn't Life Strange
    * The Moody Blues- The Land of Make- Believe
    * The Moody Blues- I'm Just a Singer in a Rock n Roll Band
    * Pete Townshend- Pure and Easy
    * Arthur Brown- Water
    * Arthur Brown- Love is a Spirit
    * Arthur Brown- City Melody
    * Arthur Brown- The Whirlpool
    * Steely Dan- Do It Again
    * Steely Dan- Turn That Heartbeat Over Again
    * Genesis- Watcher of the Sky
    * Genesis- Get Em Out By Friday
    * Genesis- Can-Utility and the Coastliners
    * Genesis- Supper's Ready
    * Suzi's Corner
    * Paul Cusick- Focal Point
    * Paul Cusick- Everblue
    * Paul Cusick- Fade Away
    * Paul Cusick- Soul Words
    * Paul Cusick- Senza Tempo
    * Closing Set
    * Dead Heroes Club- A Gathering of Crows
    * Al Di Meola- Dinner Music of the Gods
    * No-man- Pigeon Drummer
    * Turin Brakes- Asleep with the Fireflies
    * They Might Be Giants- Put it to the Test
    * ELO- Eldorado/Finale
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #143 on: February 16, 2010, 05:11:32 pm »
Soundscape #185 Epic Fail

This show marks the 4 year birthday of Soundscape Radio. We made through the terrible 2s in which the computer just said "No" all the time, we even started the hooked on prog phonics reading section, but here we are at 4 years and another milestone has been reached. Soundscape killed another hard drive! This is actually not so bad because for once in my life I was prepared. I did not hem and haw and express my anger in an inappropriate fashion- rather proud of myself for that. Instead I simply rebuilt an awaiting machine, and moved to what appears to be a faster, more streamlined system.

In the midst of this rebirth, Suzi's computer got hit by one of the more evil adware infiltrations resulting in what looks to be another set of tech work that I do not want to do. We have been using the ESET software for our virus protection but thus far customer service responses, and even the way the system is put together (requiring user intervention instead of remote fixes) has left us pretty unsatisfied. If you are using a virus and adware control program that you think is superior please let us know.

So we abandoned the wordplay theme to a future Soundscape expedition and instead brought you all some great new and overlooked music. We still expect to return to the air in two weeks with this theme, so if you have examples of wordplay in prog, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us at

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * ELO-Mr. Radio (Quad Mix)
    * Soundscape Intro
    * The Flaming Lips- Turn it On
    * Enchant- Prognosis
    * Pink Floyd- Empty Spaces
    * Pink Floyd- What Shall We Do Now?
    * Billy Sherwood- Setting Sun
    * Billy Sherwood- The Recurring Dream
    * OSI- Radiologue
    * Vonassi- Beginnings
    * Vonassi- Battle of Ego
    * Fish- Plague of Ghosts I-VI
    * Cirrus Bay- Serenity in a Nutshell
    * Cirrus Bay- Walking in Shadows
    * Ozric Tentacles- Sunrise Jam
    * Porcupine Tree- Sound of Muzak
    * Nemo- Le Film de Ma Vic
    * Nemo- L'Armee des Ombres
    * The Box- L'eau, le lait, le vin...
    * The Box- Mont St-Michel
    * Nebula- Intro
    * Nebula- Pulse
    * Nebula- Dream Submarine
    * Don Airey- A Light in the Sky
    * Robin Trower- Bridge of Sighs
    * ELO- Another Heart Breaks
    * Particle- 7 minutes to Radio Darkness Part 1 and 2
    * Vogon poetry outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #144 on: March 16, 2010, 05:09:41 am »
Soundscape #188 A Year with Soundscape

Hey folks,

We had a great time putting together this weeks epsiode of Soundscape. When I realized that there was probably at least one song for every month of the year, the theme was sealed. Nothing too fancy this time, just a great mix of music.

Next week we will pay homage to Frank Herbert's Dune (our first library theme in ages). There are so many prog bands that have made songs inspired by Dune that it should be a pretty fascinating soundscape to traverse. If you have any thoughts about what belongs in this theme please drop a line to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    *  Led Zeppelin- The Rain Song
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Dream Theater- A Change of Seasons
    * Steve Miller- Winter Time
    * Nosound- Winter Will Come
    * Marillion- Winter Trees
    * Vanden Plas- January Sun
    * Pineapple Thief- February 13th
    * Jethro Tull- Dogs in Midwinter
    * The Rolling Stones- Winter
    * Iron Kim Style- Don Quixotic
    * Iron Kim Style- Slouchin at the Savoy
    * Anthony Phillips-March
    * Jethro Tull- March the Mad Scientist
    * Gjallarhorn- Goddess of Spring
    * The Enid- Spring
    * Kayak- May
    * RPWL- Spring of Freedom
    * Eloy- Atlantis Agony at June 5th 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Time
    * Spock's Beard- June
    * Camel- Summer Lightning
    * Tinyfish- June Jar
    * Uriah Heep- July Morning
    * Anton Roolart- Mid Summer's Day
    * Blackfield- Summer
    * Richard Wright- Sweet July
    * The Decemberists- July July
    * Bittertown- The Sound of August
    * Elegant Simplicity- Lost Summer
    * Lunatic Soul- Summerland
    * David Sylvian- September
    * Sean Hagler- Sunday in September
    * Under the Sun- Gardens of Autumn
    * Tony MacAlpine- Autumn Lords
    * Farpoint- Autumn Sky
    * Jeff Lynne- September Song
    * RC2- Autumn
    * U2- October
    * Porcupine Tree- Heartattack in a Layby
    * Kingfisher Sky- November
    * Opeth- Dirge of November
    * Ritual- Late in November
    * Robyn Hitchcock- Autumn isYour Last Chance
    * Lana Lane- Winter Moon
    * It Bites- Black December
    * Counting Crows- Long December
    * Marillion- Seasons End
    * Quidam- The Fifth Season
    * Vogon Poetry Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #145 on: April 05, 2010, 05:58:39 am »
Soundscape #191 Black Sunday

"Pick up my feet and kick off my lethargy
Down to the gate with the old mood upon me
Get out and chase the small immortality
born in the minute of my next returning
Impatient feet tapping and cigarette burning
Homecoming one day too soon"- Jethro Tull

After the amazing 10 Revolutions festival, dragging our poor bodies from prog infested slumber, Suzi and I managed to put together a show of bombast and peace. We felt as if we were chasing the small imortality on this Easter Sunday and so we called it Black Sunday. With an epic intro from our good friends Jethro Tull we launched into a 4 hour flight and drift through new territory and hidden prog corners.

The History episode, once a monthly mainstay, is now a thing of the past. This is due to the fact that when we try to bunch them all together, we lose some of them in the mass of possibility that is presented to us. Instead we will now bring you a historical prog album along with some discussion every other week. This will afford us the opportunity to learn more about what we are playing for you and to hopefully give you a better feel for how great some of these archival wonders really are. Plus it gives us extra time to showcase the new stuff that is overflowing our progbox.

Next week we will be taking you into the strange world of avant-prog. Although many have their own definitions for this bizarre genre, we have our own and we will show you what that is next week. However if you have any avant requests please drop us a line and we will see what we can do to get yours into the mix. you can now write either of us or

In a few weeks time we will be doing a show that will feature favorite lyrics in prog. This means that it is time for you guys to start sending us your favorites now. Although some listen to prog only for the music, we want to call attention to the fantastic lyrical skills and talented tongues of our favorite bands. Your input is required for this to be the show that it can be, so please write us and let us know what you think.

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Jethro Tull- Black Sunday
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Steve Thorne- Into the Ether
    * Ozric Tentacles- Etherclock
    * For Absent Friends- Hello World
    * Crystal Palace- Drowning on Dryland
    * Crystal Palace- Darkest Hour
    * The Watch- All the Lights in Town
    * Jan Akkerman- Fresh Air
    * Pink Floyd- Embryo
    * Surrounded by Ninjas- Cashflow
    * Shamall- Lunatic Fringe Pt 1&2
    * Abarax- Sermons and Lies
    * Abarax- As We Spoke
    * Jan Akkerman- Andante Sostenuto
    * Focus- Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!
    * Focus- Elspeth of Nottingham
    * Mindgames- Travels
    * Mars Hollow- Eureka
    * Suzi's Corner
    * Yes- Magnification
    * Magenta- Lust
    * Jethro Tull w/ LSO- Locomotive Breath
    * David Gilmour- A Pocketful of Stones
    * Closing Set
    * Unitopia- Suffocation
    * Unitopia- Artificial World
    * Unitopia- Gone in the Blink of an Eye
    * Paul McCartney- No More Lonely Nights

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #146 on: May 10, 2010, 04:49:29 pm »
Soundscape #194 Lyrical Escape

After a 2 week hiatus you would expect some substance, some verve, and some energy. Instead we chose to give you the same ol soundscape you have come to expect from the two of us.

The theme this week was: Best Lyric writers in progdom, and we did our best to represent everyone who voted. Nevertheless, this was definitely not a definitive answer. It is the answer of the moment, but, I dare say we did a fair job picking out the people to pay attention to, except for poor Keith Reid who did not get voted for until nearly the end of the show. We also got to hear 2 live tracks from therecent Mostly Autumn release, and Suzi's corner pays homage to the fantastic drum stylings of Gavin Harrison.

At this moment in passing time there is no planned theme for next weeks show. Once that changes and we have a north star to follow, we will let you all know. In the meantime if you have theme suggestions, or requests, send them to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Rush- Dreamtime
    * Mostly Autumn- Flowers for Guns
    * Mostly Autumn- Never the Rainbow
    * Pink Floyd- The Happiest Days of Our Lives
    * Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall Pt2
    * Marillion- Invisible Man
    * Big Big Train- Summer's Lease
    * Kevin Gilbert- Waiting
    * Panic! At the Disco- I Write Sins Not Tragedies
    * Warren Haynes- The Real Thing
    * Genesis- One for the Vine
    * Tinyfish- Motorville
    * The Tangent- A Place in the Queue
    * Kerry Livgren- Beyond the Pale
    * Jethro Tull- Dun Ringill
    * Strawbs- The Hangman and the Papist
    * Strawbs- Witchwood
    * Porcupine Tree- Trains
    * Porcupine Tree- Time Flies
    * Porcupine Tree- Lazarus
    * Peter Gabriel- Mercy Street
    * Genesis- The Chamber of 32 Doors
    * King Crimson- Cirkus
    * King Crimson- In the Wake of Poseidon
    * King Crimson- I Talk to the Wind
    * Rush- The Spirit of Radio
    * Rush- Freewill
    * Rush- Mission
    * Rush- Nobody's Hero
    * Yes- Heart of the Sunrise
    * Yes- The Gates of Delirium
    * Pink Floyd- Pillow of Winds
    * Pink Floyd- The Final Cut
    * Pink Floyd- Not Now John
    * Roger Waters- Towers of Faith
    * Roger Waters- It's a Miracle
    * Marillion- Pseudo Silk Kimono
    * Marillion- Kayleigh
    * Fish- Zoe 25
    * Fish- Dark Star
    * Fish- Fugazi
    * Suzi's Corner- Gavin Harrison
    * Fijeri- Endless
    * Gavin Harrison and 05Ric- Source
    * Porcupine Tree- Nil Recurring
    * Gavin Harrison and Pat Mastelotto- Badaboomboom
    * OSI- Be The Hero
    * Steve Thorne- Wayward
    * Steven Wilson- No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun
    * Closing Song-Ken Nordine- Sing Me a Poem
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #147 on: May 17, 2010, 06:59:36 pm »
Soundscape #195 Train Escape

This weeks theme was somewhat generated by last weeks theme. In the lyrical show we talked about Steven Wilson and his love of trains. I decided that seemed like a pretty romantic theme for this weeks show. The train has been a subject of multiple folk, blues and country songs. When the train arrived on the scene as a mode of public transportation it took the worl by storm and still holds an indelible space within our cultural mythology. This is shown very clearly when you look at the vast number of progressive songs that focus on the train. Prog rock is certainly more modern than those other genres of music and yet the songs keep coming. While the rhythm of the train is rarely in an odd time signature, it certainly feels like a sense of forward movement when portrayed in musical format. This train in particular will make stops to check out some new music, a siding where we check out the historical Il Balletto Di Bronzo, and a layover at Suzi's corner where we dive into the frustration of writers block.

Upcoming theme's: Great Prog Whores of the World, All in the Family, Australian Prog, The Steves of Prog, Trevor Horn, Billy Sherwood.

Send your suggestions to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Banco De Gaia- Last Train to Lhasa
    * Transatlantic- Mystery Train
    * Erik Norlander- The Long Ion Train
    * Jethro Tull- Locomotive Breath
    * Mars Hollow- Midnight
    * Syzygy- Dialectic
    * Anathema- Everything
    * David Bowie- Station to Station
    * Jeff Beck- Stand On It
    * Blue Drift- Nuclear Train
    * The Onion Radio News
    * Doobie Brothers- Long Train Runnin'
    * Maze of Time- Station to Station
    * Il Balletto Di Bronzo- Ys in it's entirety
    * Robert Plant- Win My Train Fair Home
    * Steve Hackett- Last Train to Istanbul
    * Jeff Beck- Where Were You
    * Alan Bennett and Peter Cook- The Great Train Robbery
    * Keith Emerson Band- Marche Train
    * Marillion- This Train is My Life
    * Suzi's Corner- Writers Block
    * Genesis- Frustration
    * Kansas- On the Other Side
    * Liquid Village- Frustration Song
    * Dream Theater- Wither
    * Procol Harum- Typewriter Torment
    * Pink Floyd- Lost For Words
    * The Last Station
    * King's X- The Train
    * Shamall- Riding the Magnetic Levitation Train
    * California Guitar Trio- Train to Lamy
    * Parzival's Eye- Longing's End
    * Rainbow- Stargazer
    * Dio- Rainbow in the Dark
    * Bittertown- The Train to Nowhere
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #148 on: May 24, 2010, 04:59:48 am »
Soundscape #196

There is no getting around it, some artists are the prog equivalent of a nymphomaniac. They will play in any band that will have them, and they will play often. Their only cure is to produce amazing music. This week we will check out just a few of those amazing musicians.

In Suzi's corner, we pay homage to tha amazing TV show "Lost". As we enter the finale, we are all waiting with baited breath to see what answers turn up, and how the great mystery unfolds.

New music abounds as we check out new music from Porcelain, Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno, and Nick Magnus.

There are so many great themes we have in the works for this summer. Here are just a few that we have discussed: Australian Prog, All in the Family, The Billy Sherwood Show, The Steves of Prog, Sexualized Prog, and many many more. We hope you will join us for the journey. If you would like to suggest a theme, or have a request, send them to

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Steve Hackett-Watcher of the Skies
    * Yes- Fortune Seller
    * Billy Sherwood- Wake Up Call
    * The Flower Kings- Selfconsuming Fire
    * Kaipa- Last Free Indian
    * Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno- Eagle Mountain
    * IQ- Crashed and Burned (Live)
    * Porcelain- Someone and Love
    * California Guitar Trio- Discipline
    * Gov't Mule- Throw the God a Bone
    * No-man- Mixtaped
    * Porcupine Tree- Octane Twisted
    * Porcupine Tree- The Seance
    * Porcupine Tree- Circle of Manias
    * Porcupine Tree- I Drive the Hearse
    * David Van Tieghem- Frost Palace
    * Aurora Project- Human Gateway
    * Jack Foster III- The Shy Ones
    * Shinedown- Her Name is Alice
    * The Human Experimente- 21st Century Schizoid Man
    * Fripp, Gunn, Rieflin- Hootenanny at the Pink Pussycat Cafe
    * Adrian Belew- Water Turns to Wine
    * Quodia- Sitting on the Bank
    * Trey Gunn- The Glove
    * John Paul Jones- Snake Eyes
    * Suzi's Corner: Getting Lost
    * Michael Giacchino- Main Title
    * Radiohead- Lucky
    * David Gilmour- On an Island
    * Andromeda- Castaway
    * The Gathering- Rescue Me
    * The Oceanic Six- Invisible Others
    * Michael Giacchino- Locke's Excellent Adventure
    * Genesis- Shepherd
    * Kaipa- Smoke from a Secret Source
    * Rush- Jacob's Ladder
    * Back to our Theme
    * Steve Thorne- Toxicana Apocalypso
    * Roland Orzabal- Kill Love
    * Tuner- A Test of Faith
    * Mr. Mister- Kyrie
    * Nick Magnus- The Colony is King
    * Nick Magnus- Crimewave Monkeys
    * Asia- Light the Way
    * Alan Parsons Live Project- Breakdown/The Raven
    * Marillion- This is the 21st Century
    * The Rolling Stones- Shine a Light
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #149 on: May 31, 2010, 11:31:28 am »
Soundscape #197 All in the Family

When Suzi suggested we do a theme for prog bands with family members, I thought we might find a few but certainly not the landfall that emerged. It would seem that prog often runs in the blood of our faithful musical heroes. And although prog is generally seen as a male dominated genre, very often husband and wife teams turn up, even in the DJ world lol. We want to thank everyone for supporting this theme. Without your suggestions and collective wisdom, this might have been a very boring show. With your help, we think we spawned a rather enjoyable ride and we hope that you will enjoy our results.

Also in this weeks episode you get a chance to hear new music from Pineapple Thief, Declan Burke, Odyssice, and of course the new Spock's Beard.

We will be off the air for 2 weeks due to my running off to connect with classmates and faculty in good ole San Fran. We encourage you all to check out the bevy of great shows here at The Dividing Line, just make sure you return to us when we get back to the interwaves. Our next theme will be a wily one. Spawned in the DLBN chatroom brothel, the theme of sex in prog will surely be the most taboo subject we have tackled yet. We encourage your input in this theme and we look forward to another lively discussion. Send us a letter and let uis know what you believe to be the songs that connect prog music and sexuality.

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Styx- Light Up
    * Lana Lane- Starrider
    * Spock's Beard- The Water
    * The Pineapple Thief- Preparation for Meltdown
    * Odyssice- Memento
    * Declan Burke- Destroy All Monsters
    * Mastermind- When the Walls Fell
    * Guido's Hand- Il Tercosa Di Luce- Rondo
    * Pain of Salvation- A Trace of Blood
    * CPR- That House
    * IZZ- 23 Minutes of Tragedy
    * Ozric Tentacles- Tidal Convergence
    * Gentle Giant- In a Glass House
    * Steve Howe Trio- Close to the Edge
    * Magenta- Blind Faith
    * Rick Wakeman- Anne of Cleves
    * Magellan- Found
    * Steve Hackett- Sleepers
    * History Lesson- Franco Batiato (Pollution)
    * Il Silenzio Del Rumore
    * 31 Decembre 1999- Ore9
    * Areknames
    * Beta
    * Plancton
    * Pollution
    * Back to the Fam
    * Santana- Transmutation/Industrial
    * Adrian Belew Power Trio- Three of a Perfect Pair
    * Sunday All Over the World- Freedom
    * Peter Gabriel- Sky Blue
    * Lee Abraham- The Mirror
    * Julie Slick- Shadow Trip
    * Saga- On the Other Side
    * Spock's Beard- The Emperor's Clothes
    * Spock's Beard- From the Darkness
    * The Flower Kings- The Road Back Home
    * Vogon Poetry Outro