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« on: May 17, 2006, 07:48:57 am »
After one week of pure hell Soundscape returns to the air.  Inside you will find tracks from my 3 favorite new albums Tony Levin, OSI, and Jack Foster.  Also an hour long Jam session for those enjoying my jamband offerings, and Van Der Graaf Generators "Pawn Hearts" in its entirety.  I had a very good time, and a good crew in chat as well.  We only hit 3 speed bumps and they did not slow our prog-ress at all.  So go ahead, download the archive and enjoy.  Next week we will tackle the AI/Robots theme, and hopefully offer up more of some great old prog.  Next week due to the universal Time shift my show time will be switching with Rush Hour.  So you can check next week out from 6-8 pacific.

SHOW #13 Soundscape Returns - May 16, 2006
XTC- River of Orchids (5:53)
David Byrne- Dialog Box (3:31)

***Connect the Dots****
Govt Mule- Little Toy Brain (5:12)
Pink Floyd- Brain Damage *first speed bump of the night* (3:50)
Marillion- The Damage (4:35)

****Tony Levin's Resonator****
Tony Levin- Break it Down (7:02)
Tony Levin- Throw the God a Bone (5:25)
Tony Levin- Beyond my Reach (5:16)

**** OSI's Free****
OSI- Bigger Wave (4:32)
OSI- Better (4:06)
OSI- Simple Life (4:00)

****Jack Foster III's Raptorgnosis****
Jack Foster III- Tremble (4:45)
Jack Foster III- Sense of Static (2:50)
Jack Foster III- Ebb & Flow (7:03)

****Jam Session****
Merle Saunders and his Funky Friends- Dark Star (8:20)
Jerry Garcia- Odd Little Place *speed bump #2* (1:38)
Jerry Garcia- The Wheel (4:04)
ALO- Shapeshifter (6:24)
Phish- You Enjoy Myself *Live 12/31/95* (25:37)
Phish- Sanity *Live 12/31/95--Look for the Atom Heart Mother reference* (6:08)

****Grab Bag****
Klaatu- Little Nuetrino (8:10)
Tiles- Ballad of the Sacred Cows (6:59)
Happy the Man- Lunch at the Pschedelicatessan (4:59)
Ben Bruce- Self Medicate *speed bump* (4:29)
Ulrich Scnauss- Us Suddenly (6:22)
Into Eternity- Dead or Dreaming (4:17)

Transatlantic- My New World *a sort of request* (16:15)

**** Van Der Graaf Generator's Pawn Hearts****
VDGG- Lemmings (11:39)
VDGG- Man-Erg (10:21)
VDGG- Plague of Lighthouse Keepers(23:05)

****Next Week Soundscape will air at 6:00 pm pacific time and our theme will be Artificial Intelligence/ Robots****

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Soundscape Show 14 Roboscape
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2006, 08:17:58 am »
What a fun show last night!  The Robots took over the station and of course being the evil humans that we are we kicked them around and made fun of their failure to achieve consciousness.  No turing tests were done, but we did boot SarahJane (our in chat bot) and she begged for mercy while we gave her the old office space fax machine treatment.  We had a lively group of fun chatters and we danced, oh but we danced.  Ever so methodically we listened to the plights of the machine and rejoiced in being the proud owners of a central nervous system.  Bender had no comment but there was an area rug that really tied the room together.  Please come see me next week at the regular time and you will here a boatload of John Wetton.  And for you archive listeners drop me a line and let me know how you are doing.
SHOW #14 Roboscape - May 23, 2006
Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine *by request*
Rush- Digital Man
Porcupine Tree- Every Home is Wired
Alan Parsons Project- I Robot *by Request*
Carptree- Man Made Machine
2001- Interview with Hal
John Shipe Band- Imitation Man
ELO- Yours Truly 2095
The Buggles- I Love You Miss Robot *by request*
Jethro Tull- Batteries not Included
Phideaux- Have you hugged your Robot today
Simon Townsend- Man Machines
Black Sabbath- Iron Man
John Lee Hooker- I Eat Heavy Metal
Erik Norlander- One of the Machines
Styx- Mr Roboto *by request*
Rush- The Body Electric
ELP- Karn Evil 9 3rd impression
Tony Levin- Throw the God a Bone
Hitchhikers Guide- Deep Thought Speech
Yes- Machine Messiah *by Request*

****Next Week- A Walk with Wetton****

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Soundscape Show 15 A Walk with Wetton
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2006, 04:23:18 am »
Another fantastically fun Journey is archived and ready for your listening pleasure.  Highlights include excerpts from the new Les Claypool cd, New Grandaddy and Def Leppard and of course our long journey with Brother John Wetton.  Our trip with John takes us through a lot of great John Wetton material, I only regret that I could not get a hold of more.  Nevertheless enjoy the show and be kind to Hemispherical Walter.

SHOW #15 A Walk with Wetton - May 30, 2006
David Bowie- Station to Station
Echolyn- Heavy Blue Miles
Umphreys McGee- In the Kitchen
Riverside- DNA ts. Rednum or F. Raf

****ELO set****
ELO- In Old England Towne
Grandaddy- Elevate Myself
Def Leppard- 10538 Overture
Grandaddy- Shangri-la outro

***Les Claypool- Of Whales & Woe****
Les Claypool- Lust Stings
Les Claypool- Vernon the Company Man
Les Claypool- Rumble of the Diesel

****A Walk with Wetton****
Asia- Wildest Dreams
Asia- The Heat goes On
UK- In the Dead of Night
UK- By the Light of Day
UK- Presto Vivace
Family- Bolero Babe
Family- Glove
Wetton, Manzanera et al- Nothing is Easy
Brian Eno- Baby's on Fire
Uriah Heep- Return to Fantasy
Uriah Heep- Beautiful Dream
Steve Hackett- Firth of Fifth
Wetton, Manzanera- Round in Circles
Wetton, Downes- Walking on Air
Steve Hackett- Shadow of the Heirophant
Peter Banks- Knights
Peter Banks- Battles
Peter Banks- Knights reprise
King Crimson- Red
King Crimson- Exiles
Wetton, Sherwood et al- Hey You
John Wetton- Nothings Gonna Stand in my Way
Wetton, Downes- I Stand Alone
Qango- Sole Survivor

****Next Week- Planes, Trains, and Automobiles****

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Soundscape show 17
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2006, 09:14:37 am »
Well here we are again looking over yet another awesome collection of music.  The first hour has some nice new stuff for you including Billy Sherwoods most recent floydian outing "Return to the Dark Side of the Moon" as well as Todd Rundgrens new Cars, and Widespread Panic.  Our second hour we are joined by our friend Rushfan who regales us with some of his favorite tracks, and then finally the last 2 hours we take an indepth look at a master prog god throughout time, Steve Hillage.  If that name is not familiar to you, listen to the show and then go out and pick up Gong- You or Steve Hillage- Green.  This is by no means an exhaustive trip through his works but it will give you some inclination of his place in our prog history.  Please pick up the archive and let me know what you think.

SHOW #17 Put Some Hillage in your Village - June 13, 2006
Paul McCartney- Monkberry Moon Delight
The New Cars- Moving in Stereo
The New Cars- More
Return to Dark Side of the Moon- Speak to Me
Return to Dark Side of the Moon- On the Run
Return to Dark Side of the Moon- Time
Widespread Panic- Goodpeople
Disco Biscuits- Morph Dusseldorf

****Rushfan Hour with special Guest Rushfan****
Rush- The Trees
George Harrison & Friends- Beware of Darkness
Genesis- Entangled
ELP- The Enemy God Dances with the Black Spirits
Tangent- The World that We drive through
The Who- Bargain
Steve Hackett- Ace of Wands
Rush- Between the Wheels

****Put some Hillage in Your Village****
Gong- Thought for Naught
Gong- A P.H.Ps Advice
Gong- Magick MOther Invocation
Gong- Master Builder
Khan- Space Shanty
Khan- Stargazers
Ozric Tentacles- Akasha
Steve Hillage- Alone
Steve Hillage- Knights Templar
Simple Minds- Theme from Great Cities
Simple Minds- Love Song
Steve Hillage- The Salmon Song
Steve Hillage- Garden of Paradise
Gong- Wingful of Eyes
Tony Banks- Diamonds Aren't So Hard
Tony Banks- I'll be waiting
The Orb- Into the 4th dimension
Steve Hillage- The Glorious Om Riff

****Next Week Soundscape goes into the Wild****

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« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2006, 08:16:43 am »
Well at least for 2 hours we went wild, the first hour was mostly DJs choice.  On any given week I seek out music that is new to me and hopefully my listeners.  This week was no exception.  Highlights of the first set are David Cross, ELP Tribute, Martin Orford, and Micky Hart's Mystery Box.  After that we got some Jungle fever, and although tempted I did not play Jungle Boogie, Jungle Love, or Welcome to the Jungle  :)  Anyway there are many choice gems embedded within the static and the archive is up so you can start your ritual sacrifices to me anytime now.  Next week we will Rawk.  Next week will be devoted to the ever growing catalog of prog metal that is out there in the ether.  If you have some good ideas of what should be in the mix, please drop me a line and I will do what I can to get it played.  You can also expect some more new stuff next week, including the Red Masque, Guidos Hand, and Ancient Harmony.  Come on by and sit a spell.

SHOW #18 Soundscape Goes Wild - June 20, 2006
Ken Nordine- I love a Groove
David Cross- Fast
ELP TRibute with Gardner, Downes, et al- The Endless Enigma
Martin Orford- Fusion
Mickey Hart's Mystery Box- Where Love Goes (Sito)
Genesis- Anything She Does
Red House Painters- Long Distance Runaround
Grateful Dead- Just a Little Light (by request)
Neal Morse- Author of Confusion
Stone Temple Pilots- Adhesive

****The Jungle****
Jethro Tull- Bungle in the Jungle
ELO- Jungle
Brent Lewis- Journey to Junglemoon
Fish- Jungle Ride

****The Monkeys Take Over****
The Rolling Stones- Monkey Man
Peter Gabriel- Shock the Monkey
Eddie Izzard- Monkeys & Guns
Genesis- Wot Gorilla
Travis- We are monkeys
Phideaux- Orangutan

Pink Floyd- Pigs (3 different ones) by request

****Pachyderm Hijinks****
King Crimson- Elephant Talk
Blues Traveler- Ivory Tusk
Maceo Parker- Elephant's Foot

****Other Beasties****
Ozric Tentacles- White Rhino Tea
Adrian Belew- The Lone Rhinoceros
Jack Foster III- Tiger Bone Wine
Pallas- Mr Wolfe
Genesis- White MOuntain
Karma Lingo- Wolves in the Fold
Chain- The Augmented Animal
Wally Pleasant- The Day Ted Nugent Killed All the Animals

****Tune in Next week for Prog Metal unleashed****


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« Reply #5 on: June 28, 2006, 06:24:55 am »
Wow, what a ride that was kids!  We started slow with some of my recent finds including goth/prog band The Red Masque, Local Atlanta Band Guido's Hand, Local Atlanta Band Ancient Harmony, and Phil & Friends w/Dickey Betts  from my recent outing on Sunday at HiFi Buys ampitheatre.  The first hour therefore is definitely an eclectic build up to the last 2 hours in which we Rawk Out on Prog Metal.  While blowing our minds to putty with the music at hand we talked about our wasted youth in chat, and exposed a little more of our dark sides...too bad chat is not recorded in the show lol.

Next week things are a little askew.  Rush Hour will start an hour or so earlier and soundscape will find some random spot of time to Pirate the next installment which will then be thrown to the archive by Wednesday sometime.  Our theme will be "The Dividing Line 101" in which we preview the various musics of each of our host shows here at the DLBN.  Plus we will hear new music from Karda Estra, more Red Masque and a few other goodies that have not become revealed to me just yet.  It will be good, oh yes it will be good.

SHOW #18 Soundscape Rawks - June 27, 2006
Cheap Trick- Welcome to the World
The Law- Stone
Ancient Harmony- Skywater
The Red Masque- Passage
Phil & Friends w/Dickey Betts- In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Frank Zappa- Titties 'n Beer
Guido's Hand- Garmonbozia

***Shred City****
Stratovarius- Awaken the Giant
Dream Theatre- Pull me Under
Threshold- Sheltering Sky (by request for Walter)
Helloween- I'm Alive
Under the Sun- Seeing Eye God
Freak Kitchen- Heroin Breakfast (by request for Rushfan)
Between the Buried & Me- Three of a Perfect Pair
Ayreon- Journey on the Waves of Time
Queensryche- The Killing Words
Pain of Salvation- Revival
Dead Soul Tribe- Waiting in Line
Sigh- 12 Souls
Tool- Vicarious
Riverside- Artificial Smile
Fates Warning- So
Gordian Knot- Redemptions Way (For Rushfan)
OSI- Free (For Whistler)


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« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2006, 08:31:24 am »
Well after some chaos in trying to find a broadcast time I finally got the archive together and it is being sent up for your listening pleasures.  I think I may have cursed at my computer, or winamp, or both but I still feel that I have put together a quality show for you.  The highlights: New Music from Karda Estra and The Red Masque, Disco Biscuits, and a Frost Excerpt (really excited about frost and I can not wait to get to listen to the whole thing).  I also ran Dividing line 101 for 3 shows: Rogues Gallery, Rush Hour, and Behind the Lines.  Oh and one more beuty in the mix was Star One's song about Stargate: The Eye of Ra sweet.

Next week I will offer you a smattering of music from this weeks Roguefest (a local progressive festival), as well as a continuation of Dividing line 101, plus more proggy goodness from my sonic journeys so please drop in and have a drink with me.

SHOW #20 Dividing Line 101 pt1 - July 5, 2006
Ima Robot- Creeps me Out
The Disco Biscuits- Caterpillar
Frost- Black Light excerpt
Karda Estra- Am I Dreaming You? Are you Dreaming Me?
Between the Buried & Me- Us and Them
Izz- Deafening Silence

****The Dividing line 101 pt 1****
Genesis- The Dividing Line

****The Rogues Gallery****
Marillion- Slainte Mhath
Porcupine Tree- Russia on Ice
Kino- Swimming in Women

****Rush Hour****
Rush- Spirit of the Radio
Rush- Tom Sawyer
Rush- Tai Shan

****Behind the Lines****
Genesis- Behind the Lines
John Shipe- Surfin the Shockwave
Tool- The Pot
Genesis- Ripples

****Back to Soundscape****
The Red Masque- Beggars & Thieves
The Red Masque- Scarlet Experiment
Star One- The Eye of Ra
Billy Sherwood et al- Where we Belong

****Next week- Fallout from Roguefest & Dividing line 101 pt 2****

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« Reply #7 on: July 26, 2006, 06:35:07 am »
North to Alaska that was this weeks theme.  It only felt approprite to theme my upcoming vacation so that I could sort of take everyone with me.  I hope you will enjoy the ride.  You will find that I am generally crabby throughout the proceedings. I was told this by several listeners.  Please understand that I was simply crabby as a part of the entertainment rather than apart from it.  The forward thinking of a crabbyprog show will take great consideration, and lots of input of those who know progressive music that is in its nature crabby.  All background sound effects and giggles may be attributed to my inroom wife and Rushfan.  Also you will find that Rushfan is playing the celery in the background, please do not use these sounds without contacting him first.  

I will be on Holiday next week, but B&L of Rushhour fame have agreed to put some nice tunes together during the soundscape timeslot.  Thank you folks for helping out.


SHOW #23 North to Alaska - July 25, 2006
Blue Man Group- Your Attention Please
Ghost Circus- Cycles
Carptree- Tilting the Scales
Cobweb Strange- Tea for the Sleepless
Particle- Fiyo on the Bayou
Widespread Panic- You should be Glad
Utah Phillips- Blackie and the Duck
Aja West & Cheeba- Alenes Farm
Blueground Undergrass- Faces

****North to Alaska****
Santana- The Trip
Steve Howe- Maiden Voyage
Under the Sun- This Golden Voyage
ELO- Ocean Breakup/King of the Universe
Umphreys McGee- Ocean Billy
Jon Anderson- Ocean Song
Led Zeppelin- The Ocean
Marillion- Ocean Cloud
Phish- Song I heard the ocean sing
Enchant- Broken Wave
Los Trios Marrilios- Bell in the Sea
Phish- Seven Below
Ian Anderson- Raft of Penguins
Working Man et al- By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Yes- Don't Kill the Whale
ELO- The Whale
Porcupine Tree- Russia on Ice
Marillion- White Russian
Strangefolk- Alaska
Jethro Tull- Far Alaska
David Schartz- Alaskan Nights
Paul McCartney- Footprints
UK- Alaska

****Dividing Line 101 pt 4: Point of No Return
Tumbleweed Junction- Steve is Cool
Kansas- Point of Know Return
Kansas- Magnum Opus
Nathan Mahl- Call to Arms
****Soundscape will Return in 2 weeks****

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« Reply #8 on: July 28, 2006, 07:40:02 am »

Thanks for the PONR shoutout, buddy.  My friends about fell over when they heard "Steve Is Cool"..hehe.

Have a great time in Alaska!


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« Reply #9 on: August 09, 2006, 03:36:24 pm »
Well hello there archive enthusiasts.  The newest archive is now up and ready to go.  The trip to Alaska was amazing and I can not even begin to say what a beautiful place or a great ride the entire trip was.  Nevertheless I return with great stories and I offer some very fine music, even a discovery of an alaskan progressive band (sort of).  So sit back relax, but by all means let me know what you think about my offerings.  Let me know you are out there and what you would like to hear and I will stretch to the occasion when possible.

SHOW #24 Return from the Fjords - Aug 8, 2006
Assembly of Dust- Speculator
Secret Machines- Lightning Blue Eyes
Secret Machines- 1,000 Seconds
Riverside- Reality Dream
Devin Townsend Band- Triumph
Devin Townsend- Irish Maiden
Devin Townsend Band- A Simple Lullaby (by request)
Porcupine Tree- Mellotron Scratch
Porcupine Tree- .3
Phish- Guyute
Volitar- Alien World
Volitar- Skyscraper
Toubab Krewe- Hang Tan
Toubab Krewe- Asheville to Abidjan
Mitch Hedberg- Sandwiches
Journey- La Raza Del Sol
Mitch Hedberg- Movie Pot (For Travis)
Patrick Ryan- Knowledge
A.C.T.- Manipulator (Barbecue)
A.C.T.- A Loaded Situation (Sureveying Room)
Frost- Milliontown (for Walter)
Explorers Club- Time Enough
****Next Week Alaskan stories continue plus lots of new music****

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« Reply #10 on: August 15, 2006, 08:16:13 pm »
Hello there fellow travelers another great show has been thrown together and is being uploaded to the archive just for you.  Lots of new music Speechless, Mew, My Morning Jacket, Bad Punchline and Fluttr Effect.  You will also find lots of laughter and sheer giddiness from your soundscape team.  Please let me know if you have anything to say about any of the music I have chosen for my shows.  It is always nice to know what you are thinking.  Next week we will return to our Dividing line 101 theme.  What about themes in general?  Don't worry, I am just taking a break from themeing in favor of playing a lot of new music.  We will theme again in the future I promise.  If you are interested I have a blog at the myspace adress that gets all heady and weird on a regular basis.  Feel free to let me know if anything resonates with you.  Here is the breakdown:

SHOW #25 Pining for the Fjords - Aug 8, 2006
Traffic- Many a Mile to Freedom
Arena- The Hanging Tree
Kino- People
Frost- Black Light Machine
IQ- Sacred Sound (For Alan)
Speechless- Vaders Boogie
Kids in the Hall- Acid in Grade 8
My Morning Jacket- Lay Low
My Morning Jacket- Dondante (For Walter)
Mew- A Dark Design
Mew- Saviours of Jazz Ballet (Fear me December)
Mew- White Lips Kissed
The Onion- Fathers Dying wish a real hassle
Bad Punchline- World View
Bad Punchline- Sterilized
Fluttr Effect- Meaningless
Fluttr Effect- Awake
Erik Norlander- Music Machine
Erik Norlander- Heavy Metal Symphony
Devin Townsend- Planet Rain (for Travis)
Govt Mule- New World Blues
Talking Heads- This must be the Place

****Next Week the return of Dividingline 101 and lots of new music****

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« Reply #11 on: August 22, 2006, 11:06:26 pm »
I am throwing the archive up right now in a frenzied late night fury so that as you wake up on a fine August morning you can get your dose of Soundscape.  In this weeks episode, Woody Rants, Chaos Theory, Suzi whips, Kurgan's Bane lay down the law, Ghost Circus generates a new theme idea, Liquid Village debut with a couple of nice grooves, and Frost* tells us about death in our first ever Lyrical Barnstorming.  Chris from Ghost Circus, and all of Kurgan's Bane were in chat with us as well.  Next week we will explore the evils of the music business.  If you know of a band that sings a song about how they hate the industry or where it has gone, please send in your thoughts and requests.  We will also have new music in spades, and the usual chat mayhem.  Please join us....You are Invited (said in his best Alex of Clockwork Orange Brogue).

SHOW #26 1/2 year and going strong - Aug 8, 2006
Govt. Mule- Lay Your Burden Down

****Dividing Line 101- Chaos Theory****
Steve Howe- Sensitive Chaos
Queen- Brighton Rock
Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Stranded

Spiritual Beggars- The Lunatic Fringe
Kurgan's Bane- Mirage
Kurgan's Bane- Regret
Kurgan's Bane- Override
Kurgan's Bane- Martyr
White- Mighty Love
Ghost Circus- Trick of the Light
Ghost Circus- Let it Flow
The Onion- 2 New Burger King Sandwiches
Ghost Circus- Mass Suggestion Parts 1 & 2
moe.- Recreation Chemistry

****Lyrical Barnstorming****
Frost*- Snowman

Liquid Village- Loony Bin
Liquid Village- Every Bubble Bursts
Ebaums World- Cancelling AOL
Deep Rising- Would You Ever Listen
Deep Rising- Sheep a Go-Go
Blueground Undergrass- Seven Daffodils
Blueground Undergrass- Clock Goes On
Marillion- Drilling Holes

****Next Week The Evils of the music Bidness****

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« Reply #12 on: August 29, 2006, 11:47:10 pm »
Another Journey into the abyss, invisible airwaves sparkle with life in the wake of the mighty fall of the DLBN last week.  We press on thanks to the hard work of the station gurus!  The archive is going up even now.  Herein you will find New music from Cross, Govt Mule, & Tinyfish, plus almost all of the new Ghost Circus album.  This time around we had both Chris and Ron from Ghost Circus in chat.  They discussed their newly refurbished Cowbell, Send/Return, and Rons need to listen to DLBN naked (you should have been there).  We also had a little over an hour of music from bands that had something to say about the evils of the music business and I went off on a few rants (quel surprise) about things as well.  Chat dropped out and we are kicked from the safe hovel we had found, seeking solace we turned to some live Allman Brothers.  Go get the archive and you too can be sheltered from the storm.  Next week we will take the music of existentialism to task as we forage into a "Being Towards Death" theme.  If you have a favorite song that contemplates death, please drop me a line.

SHOW #27 The Evils of the Music Business - Aug 8, 2006
The Buggles- Adventures in Modern Recording
Cross- Mesmerizing Enterprise
Kurgan's Bane- Surface
The Buggles- Vermillion Sands *for AJ*
Particle- Eye of the Storm

Ghost Circus- The Distance
Ghost Circus- Broken Glass
Ghost Circus- Accelerate
Ghost Circus- Let it Flow *For Ron*
Ghost Circus- Send/Return

****The Evils of the Music BUsiness****
Negativland- Anouncement
RPWL- Welcome to the Machine
Porcupine Tree- Sound of Muzak
Henning Pauly- Radio Sucks
Reel Big Fish- Sellout
Kevin Gilbert- Suit Fugue (Dance of the A&R Men) *for Gideon and Mike*
Keller Williams- One Hit Wonder
George Hrab- Yafamous.aif
Bauhaus- Party of the First Part
Peter Gabriel- Big Time
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- The Last DJ
Rush- Spirit of the Radio
Various Artists- Have a Cigar w/Kimball, Kulick, Porcaro, & Bissonette
Mitch Hedberg- This CD is in Stores
Marillion- 3 Minute Boy

Govt Mule- Mr. High & Mighty
Govt Mule- Like Flies
Allman Brothers Band- Dreams
Tinyfish- Fly like a Bird
Tinyfish- Motorville Demo
Fish- The Company

****Next week: Being Towards Death****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #13 on: September 05, 2006, 07:44:32 pm »
The archive will be up within the next hour or so, please stand by.  This week I talked about my trip to DragonCon (One of the biggest Sci Fi Conventions ever), as well as a deep philosophical rant on death.  We introduced new music from White Willow as well as the Brobdingnagian Bards, and a track from up and comers "Darwin's Radio".  More to come in the Blog for those interested in my exploits.

SHOW #28 Being Towards Death - September 5, 2006
Lost Boyz- Bruchtadh
Lost Boyz- Star of the County Down
moe.- Bullet
moe.- Crabeyes
Liquid Village- Every Bubble Bursts
Fluttr Effect- Detrimentalism
Gov't Mule- Brand New Angel
Darwin's Rdio- Lapse of Sensation
Trey Anastasio- Dark & Down
Fish- Vigil

**** Being Towards Death****
Ralph Stanley- O Death
Foxtrot Zulu- A Pretty Perfect God Damned Day
David Bowie- My Death
Grateful Dead- Death Don't Have no Mercy
Dream Theatre- Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
Kevin Gilbert- A Long Days Life *For RushFan*
Marillion- The Great Escape *For RushFan*
Alan Parsons- Oh Life (There Must be More)
Robert Plant- Funny in my Mind
Enchant- What to Say
Shadow Gallery- Death of a Mother
Moody Blues- 22000 Days
Guido's Hand- Il Tercosa Di Luce- Rondo
David Gilmour- Near the End
Mike & the Mechanics- The Living Years

White Willow- Splinters
White Willow- Ghosts
White Willow- The Lingering
Wobbler- Rubato Industry
Brobdingnagian Bards- Jedi Drinking Song
Brobdingnagian Bards- Buttercup's Lament

****Next Week we continue our tribute to the unsung Dividingline Heroes****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #14 on: September 12, 2006, 08:14:00 pm »
Well the first idea was that I would finish out DL 101...that was before I realized how many shows I had left to 101.  Ahh well it is a class it should last a full semester.  You will be quizzed later.  So instead I have called this show newscape, simply due to the dearth of new tunage I have for you.  I have new music from Atlanta locals- Qualone (as well as 2 give aways), Also Eden, Cross, Trey & Mike & the Duo, and Darwin's Radio.  DL101 salutes the tag team of Vince and Daisy of Progopolis fame, and lots of requests.  You will not be disappointed.  Now next week we have the guest artist theme brought to us by our very own Rushfan, Mike!  If you have a favorite artist who guests on someone elses album (such as Ray Wilson on RPWL's Roses) then feel free to send me your suggestions.  Meanwhile I am planning a trip to the one and only Lebowskifest ( I wonder if I can get a theme out of that).  Oh well, here is your setlist:
SHOW #29 Newscape - September 12, 2006
Ghost Circus- Cycles (New album released today)
Transatlantic- My New World (For Walter)
Chain- Never Leave the Past Behind (For Alan)
Shadow Gallery- Encrypted (For Walter)
OSI- Bigger Wave (For Gideon)
Ghost Circus- Broken Glass (For Ron)

****Dividingline 101- Progopolis****
Steve Morse- Prognosis
Enchant- Progtology
Progopolis- The Spider Incident
King Crimson- One More Red Nightmare
Brian Eno- Some of them are Old
Presidents of the USA- Death Star (Under the influence)

Qualone- Mind Cloud
Qualone- Thetan Stomp
Qualone- The Kind
Wolfmother- Where Eagles Have Been
Also Eden- Between
Also Eden- For Bumble
Cross- And Enter the Game
Cross- Deja Vu
Qualone- Insanity Ride
Qualone- Mushroom Flower
Trey, Mike & the Duo- Mr. Completely
Trey, Mike & the Duo- Goodbye Head
Darwin's Radio- Windows to your Soul
Darwin's Radio- Eccentric Orbits
Darwin's Radio- The Vast Within

****Next Week Guest artist theme, more DL 101 and what have you****

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