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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #15 on: September 20, 2006, 06:35:00 am »
Look at the setlist..just look at it.  We went all over the music map this week.  We had a lot of fun.  We checked out some new stuff, and God forbid we Danced!  Of course the theme was Guest Artists.  Thanks to everyone who played along with me in getting this one together.  There were some big surprises for me and hopefully there will be for you all too.  Also of note, new artists Underground Orchestra, New Peter Frampton, Miracle Train, Scissor Sisters, and ELO remaster outtakes. 
Next week we transport you back to the year 1985.  I was a junior in highschool, where were you?  Please send me your requests and ideas for great bands and music from 1985.  Prog was not dead in the 80s, just poppier!
SHOW #30 Guest Artists - September 19, 2006
Medeski, Martin, & Wood- End of the World Party
Toubab Krewe- Djarabi
The Jayhawks- Dying on the Vine
Kurgan's Bane- Asstro
Deep Rising- Eyes Closed (For Walter)
Qualone- I'll be Gone
Devin Townsend Band- Pixillate (for Walter)
Underground Orchestra- Fountain of Youth
Underground Orchestra- La Rosa

****Guest Artists****
John Lee Hooker- Blues is the Healer (w/Santana & Marsalis)
Peter Frampton- Blooze (w/Warren Haynes)
Pink Floyd- Seamus (an inspired choice from Gabriel)
Blues Traveler- Mountain Cry (w/Greg Allman)
Peter Frampton- Black Hole Sun (w/Mark Mcready)
OSI- Shutdown (w/Steven Wilson)
Porcupine Tree- Halo (w/ Mikael Akerfeldt)
RPWL- Roses (w/Ray Wilson)
Queen- Innuendo (w/Steve Howe)
Peter Gabriel- This is the Picture (w/Laurie Anderson)
Max Webster- Battle Scar (w/Rush)
Bruce Hornsby- The Changes (w/Pat Metheny)
Paul Pena- New Train (w/Jerry Garcia)
Talking Heads- I Zimbra (w/Adrian Belew)
Bryan Ferry- Valentine (w/Mark Knopfler)
Phil Collins- Long Long Way To Go (w/Sting)
Steve Hackett- Narnia (w/Steve Walsh)
Elvis Costello- Pads, Paws, & Claws (w/Paul McCartney)
Porcupine Tree- Fade Away (w/John Wesley)
Tony Banks- Another Murder of a Day (w/Fish)
Howard Jones- No one is to Blame (w/out Phil Collins)

Miracle Train- Leaps & Bounds
Miracle Train- B's D
Marillion- Beautiful (for Ralph)
ELO- Strange Magic
ELO- Everyone's Born to Die
ELO- Surrender
Scissor Sisters- I Don't Feel Like Dancin
Mick Jagger- Use Me (w/Lenny Kravitz)

****Next Week we travel back to 1985****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #16 on: October 04, 2006, 02:53:35 am »
The problem with a topic such as this one is a problem with time.  There was no way to do justice to any one set or idea unless I did a whole show for each.  Nevertheless we covered some ground.  For those who are wondering more about the music therapy things that I try to discuss in an all too short period, I will be offering some information on my Blog this week.  In the meantime this show offers new music from the Rocket Scientists, Manning, and Michael Garfield as well as some nice sets of music reflecting the various emotions music can create within us.  I hope you enjoy what is offered and I always look forward to your feedback.

For something less cerebral, I will be host DJing the time slot for Epic Prog this Friday night (6-9 Pacific, 9-12 Eastern) as Lurker will be off exploring various alterations of consciousness.  I think He said something about Float tanks and Vitamin K, but I am just not sure that he wanted to talk about it.  So Suzi and I will regale you all with a spontaneous out of the box Soundscape experience that you will hopefully all enjoy.  There will be drinking and debauchery so...come hither ye masses.

And Now for Something Completely Different!  Next Weeks theme I am calling Owls Nest.  Basically Owls Nest will be a set of music that has eluded us.  I know you have all had the experience of hearing something and then searching forever for the name, or the artist.  You caught a glimpse on the radio, you were at a bar, you were at a music store etc.  but you could not discover what the song was without some considerable effort over time.  As a music seller, I get the question often..Do you have that song that goes... (customer sings offkey and frighteningly mimics said song).  In my own life, my sonic explorations often fall into the "OMG what is that, I have got to have more" category.  I welcome your input and stories for what is sure to be a very strange ride.

SHOW #32 Healing Powers of Music - October 3, 2006
Phish- Theme from the Bottom
Rocket Scientists- Gypsy (of a Strange and Distant Time)
Rocket Scientists- Dream In Red
Rocket Scientists- Enjoy the Weather
Ghost Circus- Broken Glass
Magic Pie- Dream Vision
Joe Satriani- One Robot's Dream
Joe Satriani- It's So Good (For Chaos)
Manning- William Barras (1803-1835)
Manning- Profeesor Adam Logan (2002-2094)
Michael Garfield- Autocatalysis
Michael Garfield- Time Machine Dream
Michael Garfield- ...And the World Rushes In

****The Healing Powers of Music- Phase 1: Anger/Angst****
The Who- I've Had Enough (For Rushfan)
Dada- Feel Me Don't You
Riverside- Artificial Smile
Blind Melon- Tones of Home

****The Healing Powers of Music- Phase 2: Sadness/Depression****
Guido's Hand- Il Tercosa Di Luce-Andante (For Gabriel)
Porcupine Tree- Feel so Low
Nine Inch Nails- Hurt
Sting- Fragile
Jerry Garcia- Midnight Getaway

****The Healing Powers of Music- Phase 3: Comfort/The Musical Hug****
David Sylvian- Let the Happiness In (For Rushfan)
Rush- The Pass (For Gabriel)
Marillion- Fantastic Place (For Chaos)
Michael Hedges- Breakfast in the Field (For Chris)
Yes- Onward (For Suzi)

****The Healing Powers of Music- Phase 4: Motivation
Foghat- Slow Ride (For Rushfan)
Pink Floyd- Run Like Hell (For Suzi)

****The Healing Powers of Music- Phase 4: Happiness/Joy
Beach Boys- Feel Flows (multiple requests for Almost Famous)
Spock's Beard- My Shoes (revisited)- For Lurker
moe.- Spine of a Dog
Keller Williams- Kidney in a Cooler
Qunicy Jones & Bill Cosby- Hicky Burr
Queen- Don't Stop Me Now

****Next Week: Owls Nest: The Music That Has Evaded You****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #17 on: October 18, 2006, 06:34:48 am »
Well as I figured there are more Weather songs than you can possibly imagine.  Not only did I feel like I was turning down requests left and right but I also did not get all I had put together in the space I had.  So we went from Sunny, to Cloudy, to Thunder and Lightning, and into Torrential downpours.  Still to come is snow, freeze, tornado, hurricane, etc.  All the tragedies will happen next week.  If you placed a request it and it is not here it will probably make it into next weeks show.  It looks like even if I just said rain was the theme I would have been overwhelmed with possibilities, but I like having options so its all good.  Also new music this week from The Reasoning, Lamine Toure (a Sengalese drumming group), Fluttr Effect (complete with giveaway), Steve Hackett, John Young, and Anthropia.  Also you will hear Suzi and I's wedding songs as it is our 7 year anniversary.  It's all being shot into the archive folder right now by a trained monkey cannon operator, so grab it when it cools down.  Meanwhile I will have to go get some bananas.
SHOW #34 Enjoy the Weather Pt 1- October 17, 2006
Steel Train- Wake Your Eyes
The Reasoning- Awakening
Billy Sheehan- Super Grande- Niacin-
Lamine Toure- Baye Fall
XVIg- Chasing Dreams
Fluttr Effect- Hollywood is
Fluttr Effect- ...Porn
Steve Hackett- Ego and Id
Steve Hackett- Man in the Long Black Coat

****Enjoy the Weather Pt 1****
Janah- Wake of the Sun
Lana Lane- Shine on Golden Sun
String Cheese Incident- Black Clouds
Blackfield- Cloudy Now
Yes- Lightening Strikes
Grateful Dead- Looks Like Rain
Hall & Oates- Fall in Philadelphia (for Karen)
ELO- Standin in the Rain
The Who- Love, Reign O'er Me (For Rushfan)
Queensryche- When the Rain Comes
Proto-Kaw- When the Rains Come
Mostly Autumn- Black Rain
Peter Gabriel- Red Rain
Pink Floyd- Southhampton Dock(For John)
Love & Rockets- Rain Bird
Led Zeppelin- The Rain Song (For Rushfan)
Sattelite- I'll Follow the Rain
Savatage- Handful of Rain
Jim Wedier- Rain Daze

****7th Anniversary Songs for Woody & Suzi****
Phish- Waste
Yes- Onward

John Young- Underside
John Young Band- Childhood's End
Anthropia- Through the Sleeping Seaweed
Darwin's Radio- Lapse of Sensation (For Walter)
Rocket Scientists- Enjoy the Weather
Dada- Surround (For Walter)

****Next Week:Enjoy the Weather Pt 2****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #18 on: October 25, 2006, 01:42:37 am »
I know I have been saying this for a while now, but what an amazing thing music can be.  I came in from a terrible day at work as you will here on the archive, but the folks in chat, and the music that was played totally cleared up my mood.  Hopefully it will do the same for you.  This was part 2 of our series "Enjoy the Weather" We traveled, and travailed through thunder, lightning, Icy Rains, Snow, Storms, Hurricane, and finally reached Blue Skies.  What was that saying...neither rain nor sleet nor...can stop the Soundscape (Can't stop the Signal).  Other goodies you will find on board, a tribute to my friend Shawn O'neil for his birthday, more of the fabulous new Rocket Scientists and Erik Norlander live, lots of interesting requests, and a Widespread Panic covers Talking Heads closer, City of Dreams (like a breath of fresh air).

Next week it's Progoween.  For many years now I have been creating Halloween cd's for my friends Halloween parties and next week you will get to hear some of the fruits of those efforts.  Having joined the DLBN, I have discovered quite a few progressive and spooky new tunes that will surely have you tossing and turning in your seats.  Plus all sorts of halloween trivia.  If you have a favorite Haloweeny sort of song, feel free to let me know.  There are bound to be tons of things that I have missed.  Until then keep on progging!  And if you can't get enough and need more great tunes, drop into some of the other great shows here at Dividingline.  We have 2 new shows on Mondays: Queen for a Day with Dave P, and Epic Concepts with Dana.  Or you can just drop in on Under the Radar with Winkler and give him well wishes as he recovers from his date with appendicitis.  See you all next week!

SHOW #35 Enjoy the Weather Pt 2- October 24, 2006
Keller Williams Incident- Lightning
Led Zeppelin- Fool in the Rain
Farpoint- Crying in the Rain
Rolling Stones- Rain Fall Down (for Ralph)
ELO- Rain is Falling
King Crimson- Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes like Clouds)- For DaveP
Porcupine Tree- Prodigal
Kansas- Lightnings Hand
Rush- Chain Lightning
Joe Satriani- Just Like Lightnin' (For Chaos)
Saga- Ice in the Rain
Roland Orzabal- Snowdrop
Gazpacho- Snowman
Frost*- Snowman
Atlantis- Snowrider
Styx- Snowblind
Little Atlas- Glacier
Steve Hillage- Before the Storm
Mark Mancina & Trevor Rabin- Going Green
Vanessa Mae- Storm
Mostly Autumn- Storm over Still Water
King's X- Hurricane
Neil Young- Like a Hurricane
Eddie & Alex Van Halen- Respect the Wind
Kate Bush- Cloudbusting
Alan Parsons Project- Cloudbreak
George Harrison- Here Comes the Sun
ELO- Mr Blue Sky

****Happy Birthday Shawn O'Neil****
ABWH- Brother of Mine
Ala Parsons Project- Days are Numbers

moe.- Faker
moe.- Rebubula (For Rushfan)
My Morning Jacket- Off the Record
Kate Bush- King of the Mountain (For Walter)
Kate Bush- Pi (For Walter)
Erik Norlander- Dreamcurrents
Rocket Scientists- After the Revolution
Widespread Panic- City of Dreams

****Next Week- Progoween****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #19 on: November 08, 2006, 02:16:07 am »
37 Shows down the line and I have quite a bevy of left over material that just has not made it off of my playlist for a while.  Funny that, it was a catching up show but I only played maybe 5 songs from my backlog.  Nevertheless there were some highlights to the show and overall it turned out to be a rather eclectic set.  We have a set of music from Ozit Records who recently released material from String Driven Thing and Tractor.  There is also a jam session from the String Cheese Incident 4/7/05 show, check out the last 3 songs, they will force you from your seat and into the nearest boogie you can find.  Next week will be dinner and a movie.  Dinner will be obvious, that will be songs about food, so if you have any special dietary requests please drop me a note and I will ammend the menu as need be.  The movie part will have to be a surprise as I no more know what this is than a dingo knows the history of the east india company.  Your thoughts are always welcome and my thanks to you for listening.

SHOW #37 Catching Up- November 7, 2006
World Party- Ship of Fools
The Flower Kings- Stardust We Are
Yes- Spirit of Survival
ELO- Lonesome Lullaby
ELO- Xanadu
Aaron English- Like Smoke
Aaron English- Marriage

****String Driven Set****
Chris Adams- On the Brink
Chris Adams- Love and War
String Driven Thing- The Machine that Cried
String Driven Thing- Circus (Live)
Tractor- Argument for One
Tractor- No More Lies
Tractor- Little Girl in Yellow

The Onion Radio News
Roy Harper- ONe of Those Days in England (For Chaos)
John Young Band- Unknown Soldier
Erik Norlander- Fanfare for Absent Friends
Erik Norlander- Nuerosaur
Threshold- The Latent Gene (For Walter)
Genesis- Dodo/Lurker (For Tony)

****Jam Session: String Cheese Incident 4/7/05****
So Lonely
Best Feeling
Way Back Home

Ozric Tentacles- Aumriff, Reading Dec 85 (For Walter)
Ozric Tentacles- Spacebase
David Bowie- DJ
Rocket Scientists- House of Cards
Alan Parsons- Upper Me
Phish- Limb by Limb

****Next week- Dinner and a Movie****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #20 on: December 20, 2006, 07:17:13 am »
This weeks show is a little chaotic.  Perhaps that echoes the fact that I work in retail and I am running around like a madman every work day.  Nevertheless there are some nuggets to filter out of things.  Our Jam session this week gives us a taste of the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam (although I did not actually have any music from any of the jams, I improvised).  We also have the top 10 christmas wishes for a progfan, and some christmas tunes as well.  Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.
Next week, I am unsure if i will be on the air.  Suzi's parents will be here and we want to spend as much time with them as possible.  However, If Jerry (Suzi's Father) wants to go on with me, then the theme will be prog does classical.  As a classical fan I feel sure that this may entice him to hop on the air with me. 
Regardless of these things, I would like to wish you all best wishes for your holidays.  You have all made my last 9 months full of joy.  I am an amatuer DJ again, and next year should usher in some new surprises for us all.  So Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Jombo, Shalom, Happy Solstice, May your days get Brighter and your new year be full of great things, and portents of mystery.
Woody Harris
SHOW #41 Happy Holidays from Soundscape- December 19, 2006
Electric Mayhem Band- 'Zat You, Santa Claus?

****Christmas Cheer****
ELP- I Believe in Father Christmas
Fuel- We Three Kings
Robert Berry- Carol of the Bells
Moody Blues- What Child is This

****Jam Session- Warren Haynes and Friends****
Warren Haynes- Patchwork Quilt
Warren Haynes- Beautifully Broken
Blues Traveler- Closing Down the Park
Dave Matthews Band- Seek Up
Dave Matthews Band- Warehouse
Govt. Mule- Tomorrow Never Knows
Govt. Mule- Madman Across the Water
Govt. Mule- World Gone Wild
Govt. Mule- Life Before Insanity

****Christmas Wish List****
10- Riverside- Reality Dream
9- Frost*- Black Light Machine
8- Porcupine Tree- Radioactive Toy
Porcupine Tree- Trains
7- Frank Zappa- The Torture Never Ends
6- ****Dinner With Steve Hillage****
Steve Hillage- UFO over Paris
Steve Hillage- Leylines to Glassdom
Steve Hillage- Crystal City
5- ****ROSfest****
Rocket Scientists- Ptolemy
Spock's Beard- Thoughts
Darwin's Radio- Windows to Your Soul
4- Marillion- The Only Unforgivable Thing
3- Pink Floyd- Run Like Hell
2- Yes- And You and I
1- Genesis- Twilight Alehouse

****Happy Holidays from Soundscape****
Pepe- Merry Christmas Baby
Tenacious D w/Sum 41- Things I Want
Gonzo & Rizzo- It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

****Next week- Prog Rock plays Classical, Rare Jon Anderson, special guest: The Father in Law (maybe) ****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #21 on: December 27, 2006, 02:29:15 am »
In honor of my Father in Law's presence here during the Holidays I chose to play a show devoted to the classical side of prog.  Jerry has been a listener for quite some time and has developed a taste for some of what we play here at the DLBN.  This evening focused on Progresives rock use of strings, and Classical interpretations of Progressive Rock.  This is by no means a complete catalog, but it does give a nice feel for the ways in which rock uses classical instruments and classical sequences in newfound and progressive ways.  We end the show with a Jam session from The Grateful Dead on 5/15/70 the late show, which is just a snippet of a 7 disc set re-energized by the love of some true fans who brought this show back from the abyss.  If you enjoy this piece let me know and I will get more of it up here.  Also included is a rare Jon Anderson cut from Charlie Bisharat's 1993 album Along the Amazon.  I hope you all Enjoy and Happy New Year to you all.


SHOW #42 Symphonic Prog- December 26, 2006
ELO- Roll Over Beethoven
The Moody Blues- The Day Begins
The Moody Blues- Dawn: Dawn is a Feeling
The Nice- 3rd Movement, Pathetique Symphony
ELP- Excerpts from Pictures at an Exhibition
ELP- Toccata
Emerson, Lake, and Powell- Mars, The Bringer of War
Steve Howe- Double Rondo
Steve Howe- Concerto in D (Second Movement)
Yes- Siberian Khatru
Yes & The London Philharmonic Orchestra- Close to the Edge
Rick Wakeman- Excerpts from The Myths and Legends of King Arthur
Steve Hackett- The Palace of Theseus
Steve Hackett- A Form in Wax
Genesis- Firth of Fifth
Genesis- More Fool Me
Jethro Tull- Bouree
Jethro Tull- King Henry's Madrigal
King Crimson- In the Court of the Crimson King
ELO- Griegs Piano Concerto in A Minor
ELO- Laredo Tornado
Bela Fleck- Rondo from Sonata in A for Piano
California Guitar Trio- Symphony #9
Elton John w/Melbourne Symphony Orchestra- Tonight

****Jam Session: Grateful Dead 5/15/70 B****
Dark Star
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away

Charlie Bisharat w/ Jon Anderson- Along the Amazon
Jim Weider- Troll
Billy Sherwood et al.- Where We Belong
Kansas- Nobody's Home

****Next week- Jam Session with String Cheese Incident, New music, White Album Outtakes, Happy New Year ****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #22 on: January 03, 2007, 02:31:45 am »
Welcome to the first show of 2007 from your friendly neighborhood Soundscape.  Amongst the frivolity you will here a dazzling display of dj dexterity as I play with my new mic and mixing board.  I am sure there is a lot to learn about good sound production and such but I will just have to stumble in the dark until I find the right light switch.  However when the music does play, the treasures arrive in full force.  Some very rare material from acoustic duo Pruett and Davis starts our set, a couple of Brazilian prog bands, New music from the Progrock Records Label, a jam session from String Cheese Incident's Summer Travelogue, and a set of ad hock new years resolutions just to show that I am still festive.  I was not able to get the White Album Outtakes this week unfortunately.  I believe that tape has degraded some over time, besides you can Rely on Rene for that sort of sampling.  Next week we will take you on a journey through Space Rock and Early Psychedelia.  If you have ideas of what should fall into this little set I would love to hear from you.  Until that time, Happy New Year, May you hear great music, meet wonderful folks, and be prosperous in your endeavors througout this year of 2007.

SHOW #43 New Year, New Tunes- January 2, 2007
Queen- Innuendo

****Cassette Blast- Pruett & Davis****
Breaking the Rules
Cape Spear

****New Tunes****
Agape- Seems Like Heaven
Agape- Faster than Lite
Khallice- Wrong Words
Khallice- Vampire
Khallice- Turn the Page
Puppet Show- Seasons
Puppet Show- The Past has just Begun
Rocket Scientists- Dream in Red (For Dazz)
Starcastle- Song of Times
Starcastle- Master Machine
Starcastle- All for the Thunder

****Jam Session****
String Cheese Incident- Skat
String Cheese Incident- Shine on You Crazy Diamond
String Cheese Incident- The Bridge
Trey Anastasio- Goodbye Head

Age of Nemesis- The Land of Light
Age of Nemesis- Forgive me my Foolish Crime
Age of Nemesis- Plummeting into Eternity

ABWH- Brother of Mine
Tenacious D- Friendship Test/Friendship
Mike Keneally & Beer for Dolphins- Friends and Family
Slade- Run Run Away
Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Runner
The Gathering- Travel
Rocket Scientists- Pay Your Dues
Velvet Revolver- Money
Pete Townshend- Give Blood

****Next Week: Space Rock, more new music, more cassette rareities****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #23 on: January 18, 2007, 03:51:16 am »
Well after last weeks masterpiece, I wanted to create the same kind of flow.  However, when you try to recreate magic, sometimes things do not go as planned.  Some of my favorite new pieces of music are in this mix, but due to an experiment to mix them around thay are not as highlighted as I would like.  The new bands are Cannata, Tinyfish, Galahad, and Sylvan.  The show starts with an archival Genesis set from 1972, and also contains some rare work by Sting.  I had promised a top 5 this week, but last year had so much good music to enjoy that I did not want to rate or even offer them side by side, so amidst the mix I added my top 5 tunes/bands of last year.  So next week I will attempt to return to form.  The theme will be Cats and Dogs.  Yes I have done animals before but not the domestic variety and I have a lot of stuff to offer in that vein.  I will also have a special set of music from George Hrab and many other new goodies.  Feel free to contact me with your requests.  I missed quite a few this week but that was due to not having the material that was requested.  For those who are out there waiting, I will keep looking for what I missed.

SHOW #45 Experimental Hijinks- January 17, 2007
Billy Sherwood et al- Time

****Archival Genesis****
Watcher of the Skies
Get em Out by Friday
The Musical Box

Cannata- Spirit of the 4 Winds
Djam Karet- Scenes from the Electric Circus
Nektar- Desolation Valley/Waves
Tinyfish- God Eat God
Galahad- I could be God
Secondsight- Rosetta Rock
Hawkwind- Sonic Attack
Hawkwind- Space Dust
Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek
Vanden Plas- Fireroses Dance
Steve Hillage- Solar Musick Suite
Sting- When the World is Running Down
Sting- Walking on the Moon Medley (with Jerry Garcia and Don Henley)
Spaced Out- Art Attack Pt 1
Sylvan- Hypnotized
Tinyfish- Tinyfish
Cannata- Tears of America
Galahad- This Life Could be My Last
The Flaming Lips- The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
OSI- Bigger Wave
Ozric Tentacles- Armchair Journey
Ken Nordine- Quark
Phish- The Squirming Coil
Phish- David Bowie
David Bowie- Look Back in Anger
Rocket Scientists- Enjoy the Weather
Muse- Take a Bow
Ghost Circus- Cycles

****Next Week: Cats and Dogs****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #24 on: February 07, 2007, 03:41:59 am »
Sure the show aired at an earlier time, but we still pulled together a lot of great and interesting music.  The math theme, as you will see, pulled together very well.  Plus we have great new music from the Blue Man Group of Prog...Von Frickle!  Within the Jam session you will discover new band Underground Orchestra, as well as pieces from the new "Band" tribute cd Endless Highway.  Plus some choice cuts from the newest Grateful Dead Vault Release "Live at the Cow Palace, New Years Eve 1976" (This is one of the spaciest and most exploratory Playing in the Band versions I think I have ever heard- sonic bliss).  We round it all out with another Hrab spot, and some choice cuts of more recent prog.
The show itself will hit the archive this evening, but look for show notes tomorrow evening with all kinds of extras for you to bite into.
Next week we will be showcasing music that explorers the indigenous peoples of the America's.  That would be Toltec, Aztec, Maya, Yaqui, Native Americans, Inuit, Eskimo, and any one else that I missed.  If you know of great prog songs that explore these peoples, drop me a line and let me know.  I have quite a few in mind, but I am sure that all you out there in the vast audio radience can turn me on to the things that I would not catch.  Also look out for new Motet, Blind Ego, and who knows what other surprises will lay in store on the next Soundscape.
SHOW #48 Mathscape- February 5, 2007
T. Rex- The Slider

Mountain Mirrors- The Demon's Eye
Sylvan- Transitory Times
Sylvan- Former Life
Portal- The Paradigm
Dada- 72 Hours
Von Frickle- Cranium Controller
Von Frickle- Attack of the Giant Eyeball
Mike Keneally & Beer for Dolphins- Ankle Bracelet
IQ- Dans Le Parc Du Chateau Noir

****Jam Session****
Underground Orchestra- 13
Underground Orchestra- Fountain of Youth
The Allman Brothers Band- The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Jack Johnson w/ALO- I Shall Be Released
moe.- Down Boy
Grateful Dead- Looks Like Rain
Grateful Dead- Playing in the Band (23:12 of spacy jam bliss)

Jimmy Buffet- Math Sucks
Blue Man Group- Opening Mandelbrot
Chavez- Little Twelvetoes
Obsequious Cheesecake- If 6 Was 9
Genesis- The Dividing Line
Douglas Adams- The Bistromathic Drive
Sasha- Fibonacci Sequence
Fish- Numbers (For Flavio)
Blind Melon- Three is A Magic Number
Laurie Anderson- Let X=X
Add N To (X)- Adding N to X
Tom Lehrer- New Math
OSI- The New Math
Kate Bush- Pi (For Alan)
The Fixx- Saved by Zero
Jonathan Coulton- Mandelbrot
The Lemonheads- My Hero, Zero
Tom Lehrer- That's Mathematics
Saga- Back to the Shadows (For Ralph)

****Hrab Spot****
George Hrab- Moses & Morty
George Hrab- B3 (brainsbodyboth)
The Onion Radio News
George Hrab- Thank You For Calling

Von Frickle- Freak Parade
Von Frickle- March of the Centipede Army
Rain- Light and Magic
Pineapple Thief- The World I Always Dreamed Of

****Next week: Natives of the Americas*****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #25 on: February 28, 2007, 05:55:53 am »
This weeks show theme recieved so much feedback that I could not put everyone's suggestions into the mix.  In fact we will be spilling over a little into next week with the remainder of keyboard escapades that were planned.  The archive is up and ready for your perusal.  This weeks show contains the debut of "Bolt" from South Carolina (yes Virginia there is prog in the south).  Bolt is an instrumental trio that offer a nice mix of progressive, jam and indierock that will fuel just about anyone's need.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  I will put more info in the show noted blog (you can check the notes out tomorrow on my myspace page).  Also offered is just a smattering of the new Phish archival release "Colorado 88".  And of course a 3 hour tour of some of the most powerful and touching keyboard pieces from progs greats.  I hope you all enjoy!
SHOW #51 Keyscape- February 27, 2007
The Freddy Jones Band- In a Daydream

****New Music from South Carolina's "Bolt"****
Bolt- Orbit
Bolt- The Devil's Paintbrush
Bolt- Anaphase
Bolt- Vendetta
Bolt- Kick

****Jam Session: Phish Colorado 88****
Phish- Maiden Voyage excerpt
Phish- Run Like an Antelope
Phish- You Emjoy Myself
Phish- Cities
Phish- Daves Energy Guide
Phish- Cities

Bruce Hornsby- Spider Fingers
Asia- Only Time Will Tell
ELP- Abaddon's Bolero (For Nick, Matt, and John)
Frost*- Hyperventialte (For Steven)
IQ- Seventh House (For Michael)
Rush- Tom Sawyer
The Cars- This Could Be Love (For Dave P)
Yes- The Gates of Delirium (For Walter)
Onion Radio News
The Doors- Riders on the Storm (For Nick)
Marillion- Interior Lulu (For Vince & Daisy)
Erik Norlander- Metamorphosis (For the Bishie)
Edgar Winter Group- Frankenstein (For John)
The Who- Won't Get Fooled Again (For Nick)
Izz- Late Night Salvation (For Greg)
Toto- Rosanna (For Ralph)
The Onion Radio News
Genesis- In the Cage/Cinema Show/Slippermen medley (For Shawn)
Arena- Riding the Tide (For Shawn)
Pink Floyd- Great Gig in the Sky (for Joel)

****Next Week: Keyscape conclusion, and Dental theme****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #26 on: March 14, 2007, 03:03:41 am »
This weeks show takes a look at some rare floyd gems, floyd covers, and floyd like songs that you may have missed before.  Also check out new music from For Absent Friends with their new release Square One, as well as a couple of tracks from Invisigoth's new Alcoholocaust album.  Next week we will return to the floydscape for a short set and then set off on new adventures.  No themes on this next show, just a nice helping of newer releases.  If you have any requests feel free to drop me a line.

SHOW #53 Floydscape- March 13, 2007
Les Claypool's Frog Brigade- Shine on You Crazy Diamond (For Andrew)

For Absent Friends- Hello World
For Absent Friends- Square One
For Absent Friends- Falling Asleep
For Absent Friends- Billy
Mike Keneally & Beer for Dolphins- Live in Japan
A.C.T.- Manipulator (Barbeque)
ELO- Latitude 88 North (bonus from remastered Out of the Blue)
Invisigoth- Stripsearch
Invisigoth- No Quarter

****Floyd & Solo's****
Pink Floyd- Point me at the Sky
Pink Floyd- Country Song
Pink Floyd- Several Species (For Karen)
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin- Give Birth to a Smile (For Gabriel)
Pink Floyd- Marooned
Roger Waters- Amused to Death
Snowy White & the White Flames w/Gilmour- Love, Pain, & Sorrow
Roger Waters- To Kill the Child
Supertramp w/David Gilmour- Brother Where You Bound
Zee w/Richard Wright- Cuts Like a Diamond

****Floyd Covers****
Lana Lane- Breathe Intro
Lana Lane- Johnny Moon
Lana Lane- Breathe in the Air
Lana Lane- On the Run
Lana Lane- Time
Lana Lane- Breathe Reprise
Fish- Fearless
Love & Rockets- Lucifer Sam
RPWL- Opel
Velvet Revolver- Money
Easy Dub All Stars- Us and Them
Out of Phase- Brain Damage
Out of Phase- Eclipse

****Songs in the key of Floyd****
Farpoint- Anything at All
Riverside- The Curtain Falls (For Vince)
Mostly Autumn- Half the Mountain (For Michael)
Crack the Sky- From the Greenhouse
Magenta- Demons (For Michael)
Imogene- Wormwood Raindrops
House of Not- Mainstream (For Michael)
Timothy Pure- Private Hedge (For Michael)
The Floydian Propulsion Project- A New Machine (Empty Space: Welcome to the Machine Remix
The Floydian Propulsion Project- Pigs on the Wing (Pigs in Space Remix)

****Next week- Some continuation of Floyd, and a week off of themes. Requests are Welcome****

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #27 on: March 21, 2007, 07:23:19 am »
Thats right this week we are themeless in Kennesaw once again, but that simply means that there is room for a ton of great music that you are going to throughly enjoy.  This week marks the soundscape debuts of Dial, Kite, Speechless, Imogene, Amorak, The Reasoning, and Touchstone.  All of these guys are amazing new additions to the library here.  I will leave the webpages and pertinent info in this weeks blog which should hit the shelf by tomorrow this time, if not before. 

Next week we are back to our themeing.  This time around we will follow this question: What does prog music have to say about God and the Great Beyond?  What bands intone spirituality within their lyrics?  This however does not have to mean that we will follow any particular theology.  Prog like any other music is a mirror of our own lives, it speaks to our philosophies that we follow, and it most definitely makes a number of statements about metaphysics, and transpersonal experiences.  So you as listener and follower of the show please send me your favorite songs and artists who speak to these concepts. 

Next week we will also have a few new bands to keep your appetite whetted!

SHOW #54 Noscape- March 20, 2007
The Alan Parsons Project- I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
Zodiac Blue- Rise
Zodiac Blue- Dream
Zodiac Blue- Transit
Zodiac Blue- Precious Intro
Zodiac Blue- Precious Moments
The Onion Radio News
Cannata- King of the Mountain
Amarok- Hermits
Amarok- Wendigo
Frameshift- Message from the Mountain
Marillion- See it like a Baby
John Young Band- Kings
The Left Coast- Dancing on Crystal
Dogs of Peace- Do You Know? (For Rene)
Tiles- Modification
Kite- If You Were Dead
Kite- Sleeping in Thunder
Kite- Everything Magic
Imogene- Sunny Day Child
Imogene- Seraphim
Imogene- Tongue and Groove
Invisigoth- Talitha Cum
Invisigoth- Serpentine
Speechless- Spider Crawl
Speechless- Spaghetti Junction
The Onion Radio News
Speechless- Vader's Boogie
Touchstone- Hear Me
Touchstone- The Mad Hatter's Song
Timothy Pure- The Aberration
The Reasoning- Sacred Shape
The Reasoning- Aching Hunger
Dial- Hello
Dial- Jewel
Dial- Beautiful
Porcupine Tree- Voyage 34 (several requests)
Slychosis- Frosted Mini Suite
The Alan Parsons Project- Nucleus
The Alan Parsons Project- Day after Day (The Show Must Go On)

****Next week- Beyondscape: What does prog have to say about God and the great Beyond?

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #28 on: March 28, 2007, 06:38:38 am »
Another fun mix of music and mayhem laced with a little bit of philosophy.  Also, check out Gosta Berlings Saga- new prog rock from Stockholm.
Next week: Springscape  Send me your favorite songs about spring, and or songs that remind you of spring.  We will also have a special jam session from Phish, and who knows what else might come into play.
SHOW #55 Beyondscape- March 27, 2007
Ayreon- Dawn of a Million Souls
Gosta Berlings Saga- Helgamarktz
Gosta Berlings Saga- Syrenernas Sang
Gosta Berlings Saga- Svarta Hal Och Elijusspar
For Absent Friends- Us
Darwin's Radio- Erase..Rewind
Blind Ego- Break You
Bolt- Unbreakable Designs

****Beyondscape: What Prog has to say about God****
XTC- Dear God (For Franklin)
Roger Waters- What God Wants, Pt 1
Fish- Big Wedge (For Flavio)
Jethro Tull- My God (For Murray)
George Hrab- There is No (Part 2 of Skeptic)
ELP- Hallowed be Thy Name
The Onion Radio News
Todd Rundgren- Fascist Christ (For Hart)
Steve Vai- Sex & Religion (For Greg)
Savatage- Jesus Saves
Azureth- The Lathe of Heaven
Jack Foster III- Heaven on Earth
The Onion Radio News
Iona- Heaven's Bright Sun
Talking Heads- Heaven
Puppet Show- God's Angry Man
Marillion- When I Meet God
Fish- What Colour is God
Tinyfish- God Eat God
Galahad- I Could Be God
Tony Levin- Throw the God a Bone
The Flower Kings- What if God is Alone
Ghost Circus- Cycles (Chris Brown was in chat and demanded a sacrifice)
Farpoint- Grace (For Kevin)
Neal Morse- Temple of the Living God
The Onion Radio News
Proto-Kaw- Heavenly Man
Kings X- Mission (For Greg)
Rush- Freewill

****Next week- Springscape: What are your favorite Spring Songs? Drop me a line at

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #29 on: April 04, 2007, 08:15:41 am »
It turns out that Spring is hard to put in musical terms, but the attempt was made.  Special thanks to those people who suggested theme material.  I know this one was a tough one.  Maybe we will have better luck next week as I attempt Earthscape.  The theme for this show lines up with the upcoming Earthday, so send me your ideas for songs that speak to the environment and the politics involved.  I know there are quite a lot, but I need input from you folks.  I like the group effort involved.  I like to keep you thinking.

Speaking of which, a more in depth theme approaches and I am giving you all extra time to think about this one.  The theme is songs with a tempo that is contradictory to the nature of the song.  Upbeat songs that are sad, down tempo songs that are happy, angry songs that sound like lullabies.

I hope you will enjoy this weeks show:  Thanks for listening and see ya next week,

SHOW #56 Springscape- March 27, 2007
Igor Stravinsky- L'Adoration de la Terre
Yes- Mood for a Day
Yes- Heart of the Sunrise
Ozric Tentacles- Sunscape
Pink Floyd- Grantchester Meadows
Jethro Tull- March the Mad Scientist
Anthony Phillips- April
Marillion- Easter
The Onion
Talking Heads- (Nothing but) Flowers
Mostly Autumn- Bright Green
Speechless- Something Green
RPWL- Spring of Freedom
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic- The Rite of Spring (excerpts)
Rocket Scientists- Enjoy the Weather

****Jam Session****
Quactus- It Isn't True
Quactus- The Penguin's Last Dance
Phish- Headphones Jam

***Song of the Week****
Porcupine Tree- Lazarus

The Moody Blues- Blue World
Eaten by Tigers- Memoirs of a Minotaur
Santana- Taboo
Pain of Salvation- Scarsick
Pain of Salvation- America
Pain of Salvation- Disco Queen
The Alan Parsons Project- Old and Wise

****Next week- Earthscape: Environmental Songs? Drop me a line at****