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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #150 on: July 02, 2010, 05:23:17 am »
Soundscape #198 Sex In Prog

Although this show is not necessarily raunchy, it does contain sexual material that may not be approved by some audiences. That said, we have a fun and decadent show for you here. In the midst of writing papers and getting ready for the end of the semester, the listeners (god bless you all) helped us to build a worthwhile set of sexy prog.

We will again be out this Sunday, but if you are interested in getting an older show, just write us and we will throw something extra old in the mix. When we return we will be checking out the cross over between jam bands and prog. Send us your requests thoughts and ideas-

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Emerson, Lake, and Powell- The Score
    * The Machine- Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    * P-Floyd- Wearing the Inside Out
    * Pink Floyd- Arnold Layne
    * Jethro Tull- Velvet Green
    * Marillion- She Chameleon
    * Jeavestone- Extended Massive Orgasm
    * Sylvan- King Porn (sound problems ensue)
    * Minus the Bear- White Mystery
    * Kevin Gilbert- Fun
    * Negativland- The Playboy Channel
    * Beardfish- South of the Border
    * IQ- My Baby Treats Me Right Cos I'm a Hard Lovin Man All Night
    * Roine Stolt- Bizarre Seahorse Sex Attack
    * Genesis- Counting Out Time
    * Coupling- Lesbian Spank Inferno
    * Fish- The Voyeur (I Like To Watch)
    * Coupling- Naked Women
    * Elton John- All The Young Girls Love Alice
    * Yes- Rhythm of Love (Houston 1988)
    * Roger Waters- 4:41 Am Sexual Revolution
    * Dave Matthews Band- Sledgehammer
    * Bobby Gaylor- Masturbation
    * Joe Satriani- Borg Sex
    * Porcupine Tree- Open Car
    * Camel- Lady Fantasy
    * Aphrodite's Child- Infinity
    * Emerson, Lake, and Palmer- Still..You Turn Me On
    * Onion Radio News
    * Jefferson Airplane- Triad
    * Jethro Tull- Kissing Willie
    * Marillion- Afraid of Sunlight
    * Marillion- Asylum Satellite 1
    * Porcupine Tree- Anesthetize
    * David Bromberg- Bullfrog Blues
    * Vogon Poetry Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #151 on: July 12, 2010, 05:12:54 am »
Soundscape #199

If you like your music with unclear boundaries, long journeys into the neural abyss, and full of surprise then this is the show for you. After a couple of weeks off the air, Soundscape returns again with a show about improv and jam within the context of prog. We greatly appreciate everyone's input on this show. Though we were not able to use everyone's suggestions (and we left out quite a few of our own) we feel that this show will take you on a wild long journey. Summer's here and the time is right for dancin in the streets (although those who dance to this had better get used to developing your own choreography). Next week we will return with some new music and The Steve's of Prog show.

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Deep Purple- Space Truckin'
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Pink Floyd- Point Me At the Sky
    * Grateful Dead- Magnesium Night Light
    * Shadow Circus- The Hand of God
    * King Crimson- Improv: Munchen
    * PFM- Celebration (Including When the World Became the World)
    * Phish- Tweezer
    * Porcupine Tree- Hatesong
    * Pink Floyd- Saucerful of Secrets
    * String Cheese Incident- Impressions>Coal Train Jam> Impressions
    * Eloy- The Light from Deep Darkness
    * Marillion- Marouatte Jam
    * Zentropy- and 1 and 2 and 3 and bomp
    * The Grateful Dead- Playin in the Band
    * King Crimson- Starless and Bible Black
    * Fractal- Prominence
    * Supertramp- Aries
    * Birds and Buildings- Yucatan 65- The Agitation of the Mass
    * Steve Hackett- Firth of Fifth
    * Furthur- Time> Death Don't Have No Mercy
    * The Grateful Dead- We Bid You Good Night
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #152 on: July 19, 2010, 04:29:22 am »
Soundscape #200 The Roots of the Tempest

Due to a sort of viral crawl of new band information in my brain, this weeks episode was converted from the Steve's of Prog, to a historical review of the 1973 Album by Tempest. For my part this was a huge discovery of new music and many things I had not previously put together. I felt that if I was learning something new, you might also.

Next week we will carry on with The Steve's of Prog.

If you would like to drop us a line, you can do so at

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Abarax- Cry Out For Me
    * Abarax- Autumn Storm
    * Soundscape Intro
    * Glyder- Weather the Storm
    * Big Big Train- Master James of St. George
    * Porcupine Tree- Sentimental> Drown With Me
    * Elton John- Have Mercy on the Criminal
    * The Roots of the Tempest
    * John Mayall- Bare Wires Suite
    * Igginbottom's Wrench- California Dreamin
    * Skid Row- Unco-Up Showband Blues
    * Colosseum- January's Search> February's Valentyne> The Grass is Always Greener
    * Colosseum- Theme for an Imaginary Western> Foyer of Fun
    * Humble Pie- Stone Cold Fever
    * Humble Pie- I Wonder
    * Widespread Panic- I Walk on Guilded Splinters
    * Peter Frampton- Jumping Jack Flash
    * Dick Heckstall Smith- Crabs> The Pirates Dream
    * Greenslade- Feathered Friends> What Are You Doin To Me?
    * Atomic Rooster- Breathless> Space Cowboy
    * Tempest- Gorgon> Up and On> Upon Tomorrow
    * Colosseum II- Dark Side of the Moog> On Second Thoughts
    * End Theme
    * Kansas- Sparks of the Tempest
    * PB II- Cradle to Cradle
    * Helloween- Locomotive Breath
    * Frost*- Black Light Machine
    * The Mock Turtle's- Are You Experienced?
    * Heart- Goodbye Blue Sky
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #153 on: August 26, 2010, 08:07:49 pm »
Soundscape #204 Land Down Under

Escape Velocity- Australia

    * Darwin Indigenous Quartet- The Mice Women
    * Men At Work- Down Under
    * Unitopia- Suffocation> Artificial World
    * Cosmic Nomads- Global Heat
    * AC/DC- Thunderstruck
    * Wolfmother- Where Eagles Have Been
    * Aragon- The Crucifixtion
    * Cosmic Nomads- Trolltog- Long are the Ages
    * Ahkmed- Saltwater
    * The Church- Reptile
    * Syzygy- Variations Pt 1 & 2 (Not the Australian Band)
    * Vauxdvihl- Philosophic Mosaica
    * Monty Python- Bruces
    * History Lesson- Greenslade Debut Album
    * An English Western
    * Drowning Man
    * Temple Song
    * Melange
    * Sundance
    * What Are You Doin to Me?
    * Back to theme
    * The Australian Doos Show- Stairway to Heaven
    * The Australian Pink Floyd Show- One of these Days
    * The Australian Pink Floyd Show- Comfortably Numb
    * The Church- Day of the Dead
    * The Church- The Illusionist
    * The Church- Under the Milky Way
    * Daevid Allen- Have You Seen My Friend?
    * The Third Ending- Digital Sunrise> Cold Light of Day
    * Karnivool- The Caudel Lure
    * Unitopia- Tesla> Reflections> The Power of 3> The Rule of 3's
    * The Aussie Bush Band- Advance Australia Fair

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #154 on: September 24, 2010, 02:38:55 pm »
Soundscape #205 A-Mazing We WIll Go

In one of my crazed ether filled stupors I concocted this little triumph of a show. Basically I took an ordinary maze and filled it with songs. Most of these songs were related to things one might see in a maze but there were hidden goodies round every corner. Listeners were asked to make suggestions about which direction to travel and the show was based on their decisions. We had a great time in the live show and we hope that it will be as much fun for our podcast listeners.

On next weeks show, we will feature music that uses phonetic reversal and backmasking. Come join us for what is sure to be a satanic trip into the past.

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * Knight Area- Beyond/The Gate of Eternity
    * Steve Hackett- Ghost in the Glass
    * The Pineapple Thief- The State We're In
    * 5Bridges- Sign on the wall
    * Spock's Beard- Kamikaze
    * Fractal-Mantra: Eternal Spring of Life
    * Abarax- All These Walls
    * Circa- Ever Changing World
    * The Resonance Association- Path of Totality
    * Robert Plant- Silver Rider
    * Adrian Belew Power Trio- Writing on the Wall
    * IZZ- Places to Hide
    * Paul Gilbert- Full Tank
    * Camper Van Beethoven- The Long Plastic Hallway
    * Mostly Autumn- Nowhere to Hide
    * BunChakeze- Flight of the Phoenix
    * Parzival's Eye- Skylights
    * Solar Project- Pigs(Feat. Dogs n' Sheep)
    * The Reasoning- Breaking the 4th Wall
    * Marillion- Story from a Thin Wall
    * David Bowie- Weeping Wall
    * Soundgarden- Rusty Cage
    * An Endless Sporadic- The Adventures of Jabubu
    * Echo Us- Out at the Edge of the World
    * Manning- A Road Less Traveled
    * Mike Oldfield and Jon Anderson- The Path
    * Persephone's Dream- Pan's Labyrinth
    * Gary Moore- Merry Go Round
    * Yoso- Path to Your Heart
    * Spiritual Beggars- The Road Less Travelled
    * Unwritten Pages- Unexpected Twists and Turns
    * Steve Howe- Labyrinth
    * Symphony X- The Turning
    * Bushwhack- The Greatest Wall
    * Yes- Walls
    * Jake Shimabakuro- Trapped
    * Sarah Hezen- Needles
    * The Beatles- The Long and Winding Road
    * Buckethead- Torture Tunnel
    * Kate Bush- Wow
    * The Intersphere- I Have a Place forYou on Google Earth
    * Panic Room- The Fall
    * Elf Project- The Road of Change
    * Shpongle- A New Way to Say Hooray
    * Rainbow- Street of Dreams
    * The Flower Kings- The Last Exit
    * Martin Orford- The Final Solution
    * Vogon Outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #155 on: October 09, 2010, 01:05:05 pm »
Soundscape #206 Secret Messages

In my deep past I encountered a preacher who believed that rock music used backwards satanic messages to subliminally influence those who listened to the music. His entire thesis relied on the idea that through direct communication with Satan bands had used some kind of black magic to place messages into the music. Studies of course have revealed that neither subliminal messages or backmasking influence the listener, but of course the christian right had a field day with this notion back in the 80s. This episode connects with some of that backmasking and hidden messages spirit of the past . Although the entire show is not devoted to these messages, it was fun to listen to some of the stuff again.

Besides this, there was plenty of new music thrown in for good measure including new Tinyfish, BunChakeeze, Big Big Train and Sunchild. We hope you enjoy the show.

Due to the challenges of being a good and hopefully sane student, Soundscape is only airing every other week. It is possible that we will follow in the footsteps of Progopolis and start posting some of our favorite episodes for when we can't be here. We hope that you will understand, its not you, its us. Please join us on 10/17 for another dose of Soundscape.

If you would like to vote for Soundscape drop by podcast alley:
Facebook address is:

    * ELO- Secret Messages
    * ELO- Fire on High
    * BunChakeeze- The Deal
    * Sunchild- Raindrops
    * Sunchild- Amalgama
    * Sunchild- A Moment in Time
    * Roger Waters- Perfect Sense Pt I and II
    * Pink Floyd- What Shall We Do Now?
    * Don Schiff- Secret World
    * Chimpan A- The Secret Wish
    * Napolean XIV- !Aaah-Ah, Yawa Em Ekat ot Gnimoc Er'yeht
    * Napolean XIV= They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa!
    * Matching Mole- Instant Kitten
    * Robert Wyatt- Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road
    * Anthony Phillips- Wise After the Event
    * Karmakanic- Send a Message from the Heart
    * Big Big Train- British Racing Green
    * Porcupine Tree- Shesmovedon
    * A set of backwards messages
    * Styx- Snowblind
    * Diablo Swing Orchestra- Ballrog Boogie
    * Spock's Beard- The Man Behind the Curtain
    * Robert Svilpa- In the Shadows
    * Big Big Train- The Wide Open Sea
    * Genesis- Entangled
    * Tinyfish- Bad Weather Road
    * Also Eden- Reality Cheque
    * Sunchild- Time and the Tide
    * Bob and Doug Mackenzie- Black Holes
    * Robert Fripp- Haaden Two
    * The Beatles- Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
    * Iron Maiden- The Talisman
    * Alan Parsons Project- Nothing Left to Lose> The Turn of a Friendly Card
    * Vogon Poetry Ending

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #156 on: October 25, 2010, 07:32:04 pm »
Soundscape #207 The Return of Longshanks

Although this episode of Soundscape is rather late compared to actual release date of the Return of Longshanks cd, the show is dedicated to this new album. You can check out a review of the album here:

    * Telestrion- The One to Go
    * Erik Norlander- Sky Full of Stars
    * Ayreon- Journey on the Waves of Time
    * Joe Satriani- The Journey
    * Longshanks- The Web of Life
    * Surrounded by Ninjas- Dreaming
    * Longshanks- In Dreams
    * King Crimson- Moonchild
    * Genesis- Mad Man Moon
    * Two Fires- Hold on to Your Dream
    * Longshanks- The Wandering Merchant
    * Longshanks- Leave Me Alone
    * Yes- Fortune Seller
    * David Bowie- Try Some, Buy Some
    * Al Di Meola- Alien Chase on Arabian Desert
    * Longshanks- In the Desert
    * Satellite- Every Desert Got Its Ocean
    * Longshanks- The Bath Song
    * Uncle Tupelo- I Got Drunk
    * Phish- Bathtub Gin
    * Elbow- Don't Mix Your Drinks
    * Colourbox- Just Give Em Whiskey
    * Longshanks- I Love the Road
    * Rocket Scientists-Revolution Road
    * Shadow Gallery- Roads of Thunder
    * Tinyfish- Bad Weather Road
    * UNitopia- Journey's Friend
    * Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman- The Winners
    * Longshanks- The Traveling Song Pt. 3
    * Yogi Lang- A Million Miles Away
    * Materdea- Another Trip to Skye
    * Montecristo- Ancestral Land
    * Jerry Garcia Band- Like a Road
    * Vogon poetry outro

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #157 on: October 31, 2010, 05:23:04 pm »
Soundscape #208 Progoween 2010 What Scares You?

Welcome creeps, progoblins, gothic ghouls, and symphonc skeletons to the 5th annual Progoween for Soundscape. We have here for you a rather gruesome mix of fear inducing, spine tingling, dark digging drama. Plug in for a spooky Halloween mix! We will see you on the other side!

    * Marilyn Manson- Prelude (The Family Trip)
    * Bigelf- Gravest Show on Earth
    * Gene Wilder- Pure Imagination
    * Par Lindh Project- Baroque Impression No. 1
    * ThreeMonks- Deep Red (profondo Rosso)> Profondo Gotico
    * Vincent Price- All Hallow's Eve Fear
    * Bigelf- The Evils of Rock n Roll
    * Kate Bush- Hammer Horror
    * Parzivals Eye- Face My Fear
    * Timeline- Vertigo
    * Invertigo- Vertigo
    * City of Prague Philharmonic- Vertigo- Prelude/ Nightmare
    * Alan Parsons- I Can't Look Down
    * Walt Disney Sound Effects Group- The Birds
    * Birds and Buildings- Birds Flying into Buildings
    * John Williams- Close Encounters (The Conversation)
    * Acid Mothers Temple- Close Encounters of the Electric Spirit
    * Hawkwind- Spiral Galaxy 28948
    * The Onion Radio News
    * Muse- Space Dementia
    * Alan Parsons Project- Cask of Amontillado
    * King Crimson- Arena of Terror
    * Dead Soul Tribe- Spiders and Flies
    * Buckethead- Pure Imagination
    * Peter Hammill- Gog Magog (In Bromine Chambers)
    * The Rebel Wheel- Arachnophobia
    * Van Helsing's Curse- Let the Pain Begin
    * Star One- Victim of the Modern Age
    * The Onion Radio News
    * Helloween- Who is Mr. Madman?
    * Paul Gilbert- Plastic Dracula
    * Diablo Swing Orchestra- Bedlam Sticks
    * Kate Bush- Get Out of My House
    * Anja Garbarek- Her Room
    * Toner- Gate 9
    * Sleepytime Gorilla Museum- The Creature
    * Floydian Propulsion Project- Is there Anybody Out There (Panoramic Paralysis)
    * Miranda Sex Garden- Without Trace
    * Blue Oyster Cult- Joan Crawford
    * Steven Wilson- The Unquiet Grave
    * Robert Fripp- Fear of Light
    * Buckethead- We Are Alone (Feat. Serj Tankian)
    * Muse- Knights of Cydonia
    * Phish- Halloween Harpua
    * Vogon Poetry Ending

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Re: Soundscape
« Reply #158 on: November 15, 2010, 05:56:44 am »
Soundscape #209 Mars Needs Prog

“Space flights are merely an escape, a fleeing away from oneself, because it is easier to go to Mars or to the moon than it is to penetrate one's own being”- Carl Gustav jung

This weeks progressive flight of fancy sends us towards Mars. A small smattering of martian prog hits the Soundscape and your DJs throw in some abrupt bumps to make the journey interesting.

In two weeks more we will devote our show to the chessboard, and also get a little dose of prog metal.

    * Rush- Countdown
    * Box- Liftoff
    * Box- Black Dog There
    * Blue Drift- Deep Space
    * Porcupine Tree- It Will Rain For a Million Years
    * Ayreon- 2084
    * Threshold- Voyager II
    * Threshold- Sunrise on Mars
    * Elton John- Rocket Man
    * Jack Lancaster and Marvin Lumley- Arrival (Into Mars Orbit)> Phobos and Deimos> With a Great Feeling Pt.A
    * Unwritten Pages- Deimos Theme
    * UNwritten Pages- Blowing Red Ashes Pt 1
    * Pearls Before Swine- Rocket Man
    * Ayreon- My House on Mars
    * The H Band- Life on Mars?
    * Random Touch- Footprints of Mars
    * Solar Circus- Cats are the Martians
    * Paul McCartney & Wings- Venus and Mars> Rockshow
    * The Neanderthals- Martian Hop
    * Bucket Shop- Playing Mars
    * The Tangent- Grooving on Mars
    * Marc Bolan and T. Rex- Ballrooms of Mars
    * 30 Seconds to Mars- Welcome to the Universe
    * Mother Mars- The Voices are Back
    * The Mars Volta- Televators
    * The Vital Might- Trouble
    * Mars Hollow- Dawn of Creation
    * Solaris- The Martian Chronicles IV-VI
    * Solaris- Mars Poetica
    * Royal Hunt- Dreamline> Out of Reach> Fourth Dimension> Days of No Trust
    * Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds- Horsell Common and The Heat Ray> Artilleryman and The Fighting Machines
    * Emerson, Lake, and Powell- Mars, Bringer of War
    *  Vangelis- Movement 3 and 4
    * Rusted Root- Send Me On My Way
    * Rush- Spirit of the Radio
    * Rachel Bloom- F**k Me Ray Bradbury
    * Vogon Poetry Outro