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Soundscape show 16
« on: June 07, 2006, 07:34:47 pm »
A short tribute to our long lost friend Vince Welnick, and 3 major vehicle crashes for your listening pleasure, peppered with the usual tongue in cheek ambiguities and a curried pork chop from our Jewish friend, Rushfan.  If all goes well, he will join us for next weeks show in which we put some Hillage in your Village.  
SHOW #16 Air, Rail, and Road - June 7, 2006
Soul Coughing- Screenwriters Blues

****Vince Welnick- May the 4 winds Blow you Safely Home****
The Tubes- Slipped my Disco
The Tubes- Space Baby
Grateful Dead- Way to Go Home
Grateful Dead- Silver Apples of the Moon
Missing Man Formation- Devil I know

****By Air****
Pink Floyd- Learning to Fly
Toy Matinee- Last Plane Out
Singularity- Flight
Vyktoria Pratt Keating- Black Helicopters
Orkestra- Fly Away
Adrian Belew- Fly
Steve Howe- Turbulence
Alan Parsons- I Can't Look Down
moe.- Plane Crash
Warren Haynes- Lucky

****By Rail****
Phideaux- Rail Yard
Mostky Autumn- Distant Train
NRBQ- Electric Train
Love & Rockets- Kundalini Express
Porcupine Tree- Trains
Transatlantic- Mystery Train
The Yardbirds- Train Kept a Rollin
Bruce Cockburn- Night Train
Utah Phillips- Amtrak
Jethro Tull- Locamotive Breath
Geddy Lee- Runaway Train
Dimencion X- Train Wreck

****By Road****
Cake- Stickshifts & Safety Belts
Talking Heads- Road to Nowhere
Gary Numan- Cars
Freddy Jones Band- Night to Day
Singularity- Drive
Rush- Red Barchetta
Queen- Im in LOve with My Car
Scott Smith- I Love My Car
Jemimah Puddleduck- My Car is so Groovy
Negativeland- Car Bomb
David Bowie- Always Crashing the Same Car
Phish- Demand

Next Week: Put some Hillage in Your Village!

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