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Title: Under The Influence: Guest Artist Host Series
Post by: Shawn on November 22, 2010, 06:26:25 pm
Hello all,

I am happy to announce the launch of a brand new series on DLBN.  After the success of the Ten Revolutions virtual festival last April we wanted to do our best to continue to bring new and innovative programming to you, our valued listeners.  So with this in mind we conceived of a plan to do just that and spent the last several months setting it into motion.

Today we launch a new series entitled "Under The Influence: Guest Artist Host Series" in which many of our favourite artists from the progressive rock genre step up to the broadcasting mic and take on the role of DJ!  Join them as they take you on a journey to discover some of their influences that helped define their music.  This is exclusive content you won't find anywhere else!

The first 3 artists to step to the plate are Agah Bahari, John Galgano from IZZ, and Jem Godfrey from Frost - their shows can be downloaded now!  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed so that you'll be notified as new shows are posted.  We're in contact with many artists who have agreed to contribute either one or continuing episodes as time permits.  Please spread the word - all the info can be found here:

Many thanks to all the listeners out there who are keeping this great genre going strong!