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Promotion / CalProg 2005 Live CD Now for Sale!
« on: June 17, 2005, 10:47:29 pm »
The Authorized Bootleg from CalProg 2005 (CD) is now available for purchase!

Go to:

Here is the tracklist...

  Connection            3:35            
  Face for Radio        6:55                            
  Texas is the Reason   4:39                              
  You Can't Get There   6:30                              
  Sound Chaser         10:30

  Be Together           6:07
  Get a Lawn            6:04
  The Knife             8:49
  The Sensual Con       7:52

    Facing Failure      6:35                            
    Modification        3:24                            

  I Move                5:21
  Assurance             6:28

The packaging is bare-bones and consists of a slim-line jewel case and a single page insert that contains the CD Title and Track Listing only.

These recordings were made from the mixing board at CalProg. The project is called “The Authorized Bootleg” because the sound quality is closer to a bootleg than to a multi-track pro live recording. The bands have graciously authorized the use of their performances for CalProg fundraising purposes. We strongly advise you to listen to the samples on the website before making a purchase. All proceeds go to CalProg. This is a limited offer.

There are also a limited number of beautiful Souvenir Programs for sale as well. All you need is a credit card or PayPal account.

Thank you for supporting CALPROG!

Promotion / Spiraling on Tour
« on: April 21, 2005, 06:02:08 am »
CalProg artist Spiraling is setting out on a national tour. They feature Tom Brislin (keyboardist for yes on SYMPHONIC tour/DVD) and are just a wonderful power pop group. I'd compare them to Owsley or Jughead. I give a very HIGH recommendation for these guys. Go out and see them if you get a chance!

4.22.05 New Milford, CT - THE MAXX
94 Railroad St, New Milford, CT 06776
Doors at 7:00PM; Spiraling at 8:00PM. *ALL AGES*
w/ Self Made Soul

4.26.05 New York City - THE DELANCEY
168 Delancey St. 212-254-9920.
Spiraling at 8:00PM (SHARP!) 21+
w/ The Kin

4.29.05 Dewey Beach, DE - RUSTY RUDDER
113 Dickinson Street Dewey Beach, DE 19971
Spiraling at 10:00PM, 21+
w/ The Strines, Fools and Horses, Tangerine, and special guests

5.6.05 - Binghamton, NY - SUNY BINGHAMTON
Details TBA - check for updates

5.13.05 Asbury Park, NJ - THE STONE PONY
913 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey 732-502-0600
Spiraling at 8:00pm, 16+ to enter/21 to drink
Advance tickets available at and

5.25.05 Cleveland, OH - THE HIFI CLUB
11729 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44107 216-521-8878
Show starts at 9:00PM, 18+ to enter, 21+ get in FREE

5.27.05 Lansing, MI - THE TEMPLE CLUB
Details TBA - check for updates

6.04.05 Whittier, CA - The Center Theater Stage
CALPROG '05, The Center Theater Stage, Whittier Community Center
7630 S. Washington Avenue Whittier, California 90602
Doors open 10:30 AM, Spiraling at 11 AM SHARP
For tickets and other info, go to

6.15.05 Block Island, RI
Nick's Rock n' Roll Bar
Spiraling at 11:30PM
FREE! 21+

7.7.05 New York City w/ The Argument & Getaway Car
Details TBA

7.8.05 Boston, MA w/ The Argument & Getaway Car
Details TBA

7.9.05 Washington, DC w/ The Argument & Getaway Car
Details TBA

Promotion / CalProg Radio Promo
« on: March 05, 2005, 04:29:07 pm »
Available for download at the CalProg website. Please show your support and play this from time to time on your shows!

Promotion / CalProg '05 Tickets NOT On Sale Now!
« on: February 22, 2005, 07:17:56 am »

The Flower Kings

Tickets go on sale Saturday March 5 @ 8:00am PST -

Promotion / Press Release Calprog 05 Acts Announced
« on: January 13, 2005, 11:34:07 pm »
CalProg is proud to announce that the Swedish progressive rock
giant 'The Flower Kings' will be headlining CalProg '05 on June 4, 2005. Roine Stolt and company will be bringing their immense talent to SoCal for this second annual all day festival in Whittier, California. The Flower Kings have been a major force in prog music for many years, but they have made only a handful of appearances on the West Coast of the United States. We are really looking forward to this rare appearance.

Also on the bill is the New York based art-rock band 'Izz', who
turned in a stellar performance last year, and are being brought back by popular demand.

JUST ADDED!!! Bubblemath out of Minneapolis will bring their quirky brand of prog to the second slot of the show. Though their music is hard to describe, it's like a cross between Gentle Gaint and Devo with a hint of Frank Zappa lounge singer tossed in. These guys are FUN and they're going to blow away an unsuspecting crowd!

In the coming days we hope to announce the final act for the festival in the main room, so stay tuned. We strive to offer an interesting diversity within the progressive rock genre, providing a day of music with something for everyone.

Also new this year at CalProg will be an outdoor stage where acoustic acts will perform during breaks and set changes on the
main stage. Look for details to be posted at

"Papa" Jim Harrel

The Dividing Line / Playlist for the Last Matinee @DLBN
« on: November 23, 2004, 09:02:03 am »
I know this is late, but here's the playlist from the Last Matinee.

Thanks again to everyone for all the love and support during my tenure at The Dividingline. Onward and upward!

1. PJ Intro
2. Rick Wakeman - Catherine Of Aragon (3:47)
3. PapaJ - Matinee For Foolish Mortals (4:34)
4. Jughead - Jughead - 04 - Promise low (3:58)
5. ROTFL-Promo2 (1:30)
6. 01-PJ-blooper-kelvinGimbert (0:10)
7. Kevin Gilbert - Things She Said (Jazz Version) (4:11)
8. Retrospective Show DJ Clip - The Bishie (0:55)
9. Kevin Gilbert-Kashmir (live (5:26)
10. Owsley - Sonny Boy (4:22)
11. Gruno andPJ Moments (2:13)
12. PJ and Gruno - Roll Call Original (2:42)
13. 10 Owsley - The Hard Way - Band on the Run (5:12)
14. Sylvan - Deep inside (9:14)
15. Best wishes from Brad and Lorena (0:32)
16. Tiles - Modification (3:44)
17. Frans n grrrrl hilights (0:51)
18. Frans papa sobered up (0:15)
19. Gruno giggles likea girl (0:20)
20. Mike Keneally - Live in Japan (4:46)
21. Mike Keneally - Lhai Sal (2:23)
22. Mike Keneally Band - Splane (2:59)
23. interview keneally onSiberianKhatru (1:18)
24. Ty and PJ promo (1:58)
25. DaveM WhiteTrashGutterMouth (1:01)
26. Marc Bonilla - White Noise (3:49)
27. Lurker thanks PJ (0:38)
28. Anyone's Daughter - Out of This World (5:46)
29. MessageFromSpocksBeard (3:13)
30. Spocks - Neal demo Snow Overture (5:57)
31. SnowSnip makingfunofsingers (1:17)
32. Spock's Beard - Love Beyond Words (9:43)
33. Spock's Beard - Snow Rough - I Will Go Edited (3:47)
34. SBv2-0 studio greeting (5:46)
35. Spock's Beard - Carry On (5:17)

36. Progwest - Rehearsal 1 - 13 - 03 - Suit Fugue-2 (2:47)
37. Progwest - Rehearsal - 07 - 09 - Ghetto Of Beautiful Things (4:52)
38. rene-papaj-sendoff-home (0:39)
39. Enchant - Colors Fade (5:25)
40.Ambrosia - Time Waits For No One (4:51)
41. Promo PJM Jairo Music (0:13)
42. Owsley - Matriarch (3:56)
43. Promo PapaJ and Jokebot PJM (0:31)
44. Workout With Carny (0:34)
45. PJ&Gruno-QueerEyeForSaddamGuy (4:45)
46. Frank Interviews The Robot From Lost In Space (2:29)
47. PJ - Just Like a Woman (1:01)
48. The Story of Titanic Johnson (6:53)
49. Ben Folds Five - Army (3:21)
50. Lana a capella (1:22)
51. Steely Dan - Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More (3:16)
52. intro vague rock news (0:10)
53. intro home made music (2:16)
54. PapaJimH Prog TheMeanGreenSea (5:27)
55. You call that music new (1:07)
56. John Lennon & Yoko Ono - WALKING ON THIN ICE[bonus trac (6:00)
57. 10cc - I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor (1:44)
58. The Grays - Oh Well Maybe (3:42)
59. The Beatles - 4Golden Slumbers (1:31)
60. The Beatles - 5Carry That Weight (1:36)
61. The Beatles - 6The End (2:19)

Artists & Music / Ryo and Alan at the Baked Potato - Next Tues.
« on: November 10, 2004, 07:55:47 pm »
The first gig for Ryo Okumoto's world tour will be this coming Tuesday night at the Baked Potato in North Hollywood. Alan Morse (also of Spock's Beard) will be in this band too, and whenever you've got Ryo and Alan on the same stage together, well results can be combustable! And no matter what, you'll be in for a wild night! A carload of us will be representing for OC, and I hope we see a lot of you there! Here's the official details:


Ryo Okumoto - Keyboards (Spock's Beard, Natalie Cole)
Guitar - Alan Morse (Spock's Beard)
Bass - Kiyoshi Murakami (Jaztronik)
Drums - Chad Wright (Chaka Khan, Lee Ritnour)
Special guest "Sage Okumoto"

The Baked Potato
11/16 Tue open 7pm - 2am
1st show 9pm
2nd show 11pm
$10 cover charge

3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West.
North Hollywood, CA 91604
(818) 980-1615

The Dividing Line / Doug Ott (Enchant) on the Matinee - Nov 13
« on: November 10, 2004, 04:44:09 pm »
This Saturday night, November 13, the lead guitar player and principal writer from Enchant will be joining us live via phone on PapaJ's Matinee for an interview. We will be discussing the latest Enchant release "Live at Last" on CD and DVD, as well as catching up on their current activities. Doug will join us at about 8pm Pacific time, and then will hang out in the chat room to make himself available to anyone who has comments or questions.

And as always we will have plenty of new progressive rock, inane and/or important discussions including updates on all the latest internet happenings. Hope to see you there!

The Dividing Line / Erik Norlander Co-Hosts the Matinee - This Sat.
« on: November 03, 2004, 04:25:10 pm »
On Saturday November 6, the Viking God of electronic prog will be alive and in-studio with me to execute his second installment as a co-host of the Matinee. Erik and Lana have just returned from a lengthy world tour and he has some wonderful stories to share about prog in what used to be countries behind the iron curtain. This appearance is in part to promote his brand new electronic prog CD entitled 'Seas of Orion', so we will of course be playing some tracks from it and there will be 2 copies given away to lucky listeners in chat.

So join us if you dare, and hear Papa pander to the talented and tenatious Erik Norlander.

The Dividing Line / This Saturday - Neal Morse LIVE on the Matinee
« on: October 27, 2004, 05:42:25 am »
Neal will be joing us via phone and chat to discuss... well... stuff. We have some catching up to do, and I've got some discussion topics that you're not likely to hear covered in your average "interview". It's always fun when Neal drops by the Matinee.

Also on the agenda, some great new music including Cornerstone, Happy the Man, Chroma Key, LIVE Enchant and a wonderful new suprise Anyone's Daughter, and of course Neal Morse's ONE.

Hope to see you Saturday night at 7pm Pacific time, though Neal may not be joining us until the second or third hour.

Artists & Music / Relic on TV
« on: October 25, 2004, 06:45:03 pm »
Jamie is watching MTV and they're showing something called Battle for Ozzfest. I've just been looking over at the TV every now and then, and it's basically a competition between a bunch of young heavy metal bands wanting to make it big. One of them was Relic, shown in their full suits of armor.

METAL! RAWWWWWK! En-guarde!!!

The Musical Box performs "The Lamb" in Whittier, Ca. - Dec. 1, 2004

It is my pleasure to announce that the Montreal based group "The Musical Box" has added The Center Stage Theater at the Whittier Community Center to it's international tour. They will be performing Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" in it's entirety. This is not just a tribute band, they are the only group licensed by Peter Gabriel and Genesis to do the theatrical production as originally envisioned by Gabriel. Please read the attached press announcement and check or for a sound clip and more details.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday October 9th at 8:00am available only at the website. There will also be dates in Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Francisco that same week, but the Whittier venue is the smallest theater on the tour, so you don't want to miss that show.

Tickets are all seats reserved, first come first served, so get there early!

"Papa" Jim Harrel

Promotion / Report: CalProgNight @ Steamers Cafe
« on: September 30, 2004, 11:04:19 am »
CalProgNight(s) @ Steamers Cafe

Well, we had the inaugural run last night in friendly Fullerton, California and I think I can say it was a success. I’m pretty sure everyone there had fun. That’s the thing that I’ve always found about prog fans, they are a friendly bunch that share (by “normal” standards) an unusual passion for music. I knew about 15-20 people there so of course we were all yapping from the start, but there were another 20 – 30 people that I DIDN’T know, and it didn’t take long until everyone was sharing stories. The interaction between the crowd and the performers was informal and friendly, and it just made for a warm and intimate evening. The crowd size wasn’t staggering, but it was respectable. Respectable enough that by the end of the evening Terence Love (the owner and host) was talking about the next one, which looks to be mid to late November.

Terence started the night by getting up on the stage and telling the story of how he was a big music fan back in the early 70’s but then got introduced to bands like ELP, Genesis and Yes. He told of a concert where he had a prog “epiphany”. I don’t remember who the headliner was, but at a show at the Long Beach Arena he was attending the opening act was this group called The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and that as their fusiony/progressive music came forth he found himself totally overwhelmed and thinking “Hey, there’s something TO this!” Being a classically trained sax player, it opened up a whole new level of musical awareness for him. Flash forward to 1994 when his musical affinity leads him to open what was to become an Orange County landmark for traditional Jazz. 7 days a week, 364 days a year, food, drinks and jazz. Then he told us how having thought that prog was dead with the demise of the original wave, he  receiving a ticket to something called “CalProg” out of the blue from a friend he hadn’t talked to in 15 years, and at that show he was most pleased to find out that in fact there is some very exciting new music being made that is descended from that stuff he loved way back when. That of course led to the CalProg Nights @ Steamers alliance.

Being that this club is a strictly Jazz format 7 days a week, of course there are bound to be occasional “regulars” who just show up knowing they’ll get some good traditional jazz no matter what night. Two gentlemen in their 70’s (I’d guess) came in and sat very near the stage while Fractal was playing. Now you’ve got to understand, Fractal is a heavily electronic band, and they had more computing power on stage than the Bell Labs R&D center. I could just imagine, one old codger comes to the other’s house and they decide “Let’s go catch some jazz. Maybe some Ella, some Duke, it’ll be fun.” They were clearly oblivious to the format change on stage until they sat down and had drinks brought to them. At that point you could see them start to notice the sound and then finally take a good long look at the equipment laden stage. You could almost hear them mutter “what the hell kind of jazz is this???” They politely finished their drinks and then quietly shuffled out. Hah! It had to happen.


These guys drove all the way down from the San Francisco bay area to perform for us. They were a congenial and somewhat quiet bunch who like I said, loaded up the stage with some state of the art electronic gear. This included synthesized guitar modules, pedals a plenty, rack mount effects and processors, bass pedals, and a fully electronic drum set. I’ll admit that as they started their set I became more than a little nervous. What’s the old A&R mantra? “If you don’t WIN me in the first 15 seconds, you’ve probably LOST me.” As these guys twisted up guitar strings and started plucking and pounding on various devices at seemingly random intervals I imagined an entire hour of bizarre sound effects flowing randomly from the stage. 45 seconds in I looked around the room, wondering if people were going to get up and call the “experiment” a failure. But then something wonderful happened. The ambient soundscape starts to ebb and out of it emerges a single guitar playing a odd time signature, but harmonically pleasing pattern. He is then joined by another guitar playing an interesting counterpoint. And then the whole band is on board and there’s a solid King Crimson-esque progression which is very deliberate and articulate. I settle back in my chair thinking, this is what I’m here for. And we were treated to an hour of very unique and very pleasing music. There’s no escaping the fact that they are heavily influenced by Crimson, but they have taken that vibe, and made it the foundation of their own new sound. I think the audience was all on board from then on.

It seemed that perhaps the boys have spent too much time in the studio and not enough in front of audiences because when they started they seemed a bit nervous and stiff. But as the audience warmed to their sound, and provided them with some positive feedback, you could see them become more at ease, and eventually interact lightheartedly with each other and the crowd. There were a couple of songs with vocals, which was clearly a new direction for the band, and the change was just what the set needed. They still need a little polishing, but I think it’s a good direction to take, adding that diversity to the sets. Overall I found them quite enjoyable.

Mark McCrite & Don Schiff

Providing a nice change of pace, these guys could be described as wooden and organic. Mark sings and plays acoustic guitar while Don plays the NS Stick (a variant of the Chapman Stick). The combination is complimentary and pleasing to the ear. They opened with a wonderful rendition of the old Moody Blues song “Question”

Why do we never get an answer
When we're knocking at the door?
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war.

What a wonderful choice of a song I haven’t heard in years, but that lends itself perfectly to this instrumentation. The audience seemed to jump right on board with them. They played a set peppered with occasional covers, and songs from the Rocket Scientists CDs (a band that they both play in) as well as some songs from Mark’s solo album “Getting to the Point”. Mark struggled with some of the higher vocal parts, and occasionally Don forgot parts of songs, but it was a very respectable performance turned in by a pair of pros in an impromptu paring for this show.
But the real surprise for me was when Don did his solo stick songs. The first one was from his “Timeless” CD, a song called “Rainfall”. We were all at once mesmerized as he took this instrument beyond its natural limits by seamlessly integrating real time looping which allowed him to play leads over fully orchestrated backgrounds. And to top it all off, he sang. It sounded wonderful. AND it was amazing to watch.

Steamers is an all ages venue and there were some teenagers and 20 something’s scattered in the crowd. There was one table with 4 teenage boys right in front of Don, who we at first were thinking might leave once they heard this music. But then it was plain to see that they were amazed at Don’s playing, especially his solo stuff. I’m figuring they must have been musicians because they seemed to be fixated on his technique and the difficulty of what he was doing. And each time he did something amazing they would look at each other with mouths agape, and shake their heads as if to say “no way!”. And I know today at some school there’s four guys telling stories of this amazing 12 string instrument they saw last night, to anyone who will listen. I know this, because that is an experience all prog fans have had. And that made my night!

I’ll be looking forward to the next installment in this series, and hope that more and more SoCal prog fans will come out and share in this great music.


The Dividing Line / Killer Keyboards - PapaJ's Matinee 9/18/04
« on: September 16, 2004, 06:58:20 pm »
This Saturday night the theme of the Matinee will be killer keyboards from past and present. Hear my selections based on favorite keyboard leads, keyboard players, or keyboard types. See if you agree with my choices, and if I left out any obvious candidates based on YOUR faves. And you can let us all know in the chat room.

PapaJ's Matinee: Serious music for serious uhhh music lovers, n stuff. Hope to see you there!


Artists & Music / NDV on Broadcast TV
« on: September 14, 2004, 11:31:40 am »
If you happen to be up late tonight (Tuesday September 14) and you tune in the Tonight Show starring Jay Leno, at the end of the show Tears for Fears will be performing a song. And if you look behind the drums you'll see Spocks Beard's drummer (turned frontman) Nick D'Virgilio playing drums.

But if you miss tonight's performance, not to worry, over the next couple of weeks they will be appearing on the shows of Jimmy Kimmell, Conan, Craig Kilborne, Ellen...

For a complete list: check

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