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The Dividing Line / The Progressive Rock Files
« on: January 21, 2014, 04:29:50 pm »
Hello all!

Once again I have the happy task of announcing yet another new show on The Dividing Line!  “The Progressive Rock Files” hosted by Jerry Lucky out of Vancouver Canada (woooo Vancouver!) is a veteran in the radio business having worked at JackFM for many years.  Some may recognize his name as the author of The Progressive Rock Handbook, The Progressive Rock Files, 20th Century of Rock & Roll: Progressive Rock, and The Psychedelic Rock Files.  Now finally he brings The Progressive Rock Files into radio format!  Check out his show at

Welcome onboard Jerry!

The Dividing Line / DLBN Welcomes Sound Chaser!
« on: January 18, 2014, 05:38:13 pm »
Hello all,

DLBN Is happy to announce the arrival of a new show on our network.  “Sound Chaser” hosted by David Layton out of Los Angeles California will offer an amazing variety of progressive rock with a focus on Symphonic Prog!  Check out the Sound Chaser show page for more information:

Welcome to the team David!

The Dividing Line / Under The Influence: Guest Artist Host Series
« on: November 22, 2010, 06:26:25 pm »
Hello all,

I am happy to announce the launch of a brand new series on DLBN.  After the success of the Ten Revolutions virtual festival last April we wanted to do our best to continue to bring new and innovative programming to you, our valued listeners.  So with this in mind we conceived of a plan to do just that and spent the last several months setting it into motion.

Today we launch a new series entitled "Under The Influence: Guest Artist Host Series" in which many of our favourite artists from the progressive rock genre step up to the broadcasting mic and take on the role of DJ!  Join them as they take you on a journey to discover some of their influences that helped define their music.  This is exclusive content you won't find anywhere else!

The first 3 artists to step to the plate are Agah Bahari, John Galgano from IZZ, and Jem Godfrey from Frost - their shows can be downloaded now!  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed so that you'll be notified as new shows are posted.  We're in contact with many artists who have agreed to contribute either one or continuing episodes as time permits.  Please spread the word - all the info can be found here:

Many thanks to all the listeners out there who are keeping this great genre going strong!



The Dividing Line / DLBN: Ten Revolutions a Success!
« on: April 04, 2010, 09:14:31 pm »
Hello to all,

Well - yesterday's festivities were a success and after 12 hours of broadcasting the Ten Revolutions festival is in the history books!  Huge thanks to Bushwhack, Portal, Mahogany Frog, Singularity and IZZ for taking the time and effort to not only join us on the day of the event, but also for the many hours of rehearsals and tech preparations they undertook to participate.  Heartfelt thanks also go out to all the folks at the Frost* camp for composing, recording, and presenting us with a track named after The Dividing Line to commemorate this event!

It was wonderful to see both new and old faces amongst many of the crowd in chat during the event plus many other artists within the genre who came by to join the celebrations. As with every DLBN program and event, the archives will indeed be posted for those that weren't able to make it.  The archives will appear in segments as we receive them.  Since we want to bring you the best quality possible, we'll be posting recordings made right from the studio in which the show was performed.

With a decade behind us and a bright future ahead, I want to take a small moment (small being a relative term when it comes to my email sizes) to reflect on why this station is still here even after 10 years.

Thanks to all the artists of the progressive rock genre who spend their own time, money, and effort to create the music we all enjoy so much.  This is not an easy genre to thrive in but they continue to do so all the while without ever loosing site of their passion.

Thanks also to the amazing team of broadcasters, both past and present,  for working tirelessly to bring top notch quality programming to our ears each week.  I'd also like to express my appreciation for all the behind the scenes work done by Rene Young and Alistair Henry keeping things going.

Additionally, I'd like to recognize Shawn Kirkpatrick, the unsung hero of the station.  His is a name not many people know, but he's the person responsible for creating the software and maintaining the server that runs The Dividing Line.  Without his working through my tireless requests for new features, not to mention the midnight phone calls to report a hacking or other similar trauma, we'd have never gotten started in the first place!

But most importantly of all, thanks to all of the listeners who take valuable time from their day to join us as we continue on our musical journey of progification!  Without you, the audience, we would simply not be here.  So for your support and loyalty over the years I offer my sincerest gratitude and hope you enjoyed the Ten Revolutions festival!

Here's to another 10 years of broadcasting and beyond!



The Dividing Line / Major DLBN Upgrade!!!
« on: January 01, 2009, 02:52:30 am »
Hello all,

Another year has come and gone and all of us here at the station thank you for all your support and look forward to continuing to bring you all the very best in proggy goodness!  To that end, I'm happy to announce that after many years, we're now finally in the position to fulfil an age old request - to broadcast in mp3!!!  That's right, no more OGG!

The station is now broadcasting in 160kbps mp3 form which will mean any player under any operating system should be able to play our content without any installation needed!  You'll also be able to enjoy the tunes from any portable player - or live with your player has wireless access such as the iphone.  We're also converting all our show archives to mp3 so that it will be easier than ever to play our content.  As the weeks go on we will be offering RSS feeds of every show on DLBN so that your favourite show can be automatically delivered right to your computer as soon as it's posted!

Also, we've given our website a complete overhaul!  It's been redesigned with a much sleeker look which will enable you to find exactly what you're looking for with much greater ease.   Have a browse around!

Many thanks to Rene Young, Alistair Henry, and Shawn Kirkpatrick for the huge amount of time and effort dedicated to seeing these two long awaited upgrades finally realized.

We hope you enjoy the new enhancements and we look forward to continuing to provide you with your much needed prog fix in 2009!



The Dividing Line / New Show @ DLBN - The European Perspective!
« on: November 16, 2008, 02:35:05 pm »
Hello all!

I'm happy to announce a brand new on demand show here at DLBN!  For a long time we've been trying to expand our broadcast team to include people from EU where progressive rock is at its most vibrant, and we're now seeing that desire realized with the addition of "The European Perspective" to the station's lineup.  Hosted by David Elliott (aka Wilf) coming at ya straight from London in the UK, this show will be focusing on prog of all types that originates in Europe!  Here's the official word from the man himself:

"The Amazing Wilf, cynic, mystic and occasional fool, takes you on a wonderful journey through the heady world of British and European progressive music. From the days of the sixties and seventies, when this stuff actually sold, through the New Wave Of British Progressive Rock in the mid-1980s, and bang up-to-date with the new blood. This music has never been more diverse or interesting, but in the competitive world of downloads and global marketing it's difficult for today's progressive acts to get the exposure they deserve and need to thrive. Wilf, therefore, concentrates on getting music by the small bands 'out there', while having a damn good time and a few laughs on the way."

This is an on demand show and will also be airing every Sunday from 6am to 9am Pacific time which works out to 2pm - 5pm GMT (finally a broadcast that those overseas can listen to at a decent hour!)  I invite you all to check out his show - and on behalf of us all, a huge welcome to Wilf!



The Dividing Line / New Automated Feed
« on: August 06, 2007, 01:42:31 am »
Hi all,

Just wanted to send a quick note out to let you all know that we’ve pretty
much finished rebuilding the station’s automated feed.  All that’s left is
to let the system run for awhile and make any tweaks that may be necessary.
It should sound a lot nicer now as we have implemented features such as
crossfading between non related tracks, adjusted all content to have the
same volume level plus we’ve replaced all the music.  You’ll now experience
full proggy goodness as I have removed a lot of the stuff that was on the
outer fringes of the genre.  I’ve also taken out all the old promos and left
only station IDs.  Speaking of station IDs, most station IDs you hear from
artists should now be followed by their own music.  You’ll also hear more
suites as we’ve designed a system where we can have various tracks of our
choosing play together with a gapless output.  To address some of the
problems we experienced with the old feed playing similar artists in a row,
we’ve added some logic into the script to prevent this from happening.  And,
perhaps most importantly to some, there are now only 20 Genesis songs out of
the 432 total tracks currently in the feed (blasphemy!!!!!).  I will be
adding more content every so often as new material becomes available, but I
did want to let everyone know that these upgrades have been made.  As this
is a new system and completely built from scratch by our very talented
server administrator there may still be some glitches that have yet to rear
their head so if you do hear anything odd please let me know privately.

Cheers and happy listening!

Shawn the tech guy

The Dividing Line / New Show @ DLBN! (Speechless)
« on: February 11, 2007, 12:16:05 pm »
Hi all,

Once again I’m happy to announce yet another new DJ to our lineup, and this time it’s somebody we all know and love – the one and only Tasha!!  Starting on Saturday February 24th at 10am she will be bringing us her own style of musical ecstasy!  Plus, if you’re lucky and tune into DLBN before then you may hear her pirating!  Here’s what she has to say about her show:

“Join me Saturdays 10AM-Noon PST for Speechless. My show will focus on
the instrumental side of prog.  We will hear from Tangerine Dream, of
course, but many other non-vocal bands as well as instrumental tracks
from all kinds of prog groups.  There will also be songs with vocals
included in the play list because we are prog fans and are not confined
by musical rules.

Have a favorite instrumental prog band that doesn't get enough airtime?
Send me an email and I'll do what I can to add it my library and play it
for you. “

This is a great opportunity for all overseas listeners to finally experience one of our shows live so be sure to drop into chat.  So, on behalf of DLBN, welcome on board Tasha!!!

Shawn aka The Bishie

The Dividing Line / Happy New Year Everyone!!!
« on: January 01, 2007, 01:15:06 pm »
Hello to all!

Well we’ve come to the end of yet another year here at The Dividing Line and
it’s been another great one.  As we begin 2007 I want to take a moment to
thank everyone for an amazing 2006.  First off, thanks to all the DJs who
offer their own time and resources to ensure the station continues to thrive
as it has been.  The varying styles and innovative originality of all the
members of our broadcast team are a constant source of inspiration to me.

Also, and most importantly, on behalf of everyone at DLBN I’d like to offer
huge thanks to all of you, the listeners, without whom this station would
simply not exist.  It means a great deal that all of you give us the honour
of spending your time with us.  We know that in this fast paced world of
technology there are an infinite amount of choices with regards to how you
spend your free time and we’re glad you all choose to spend some if that
time with us.  We have an unbeatable community here and it’s great to see it
growing every year.  We wish all of you and your loved ones the very best in



Artists & Music / Genesis Reunion!
« on: November 08, 2006, 12:01:36 am »

The following is from
To see a video of the full press conference complete with questions to Genesis from the media visit the above link.

 IT ON AGAIN – The Tour


Genesis is a member of a small elite of British bands that have not only achieved massive international success but have sustained this over four decades.  The news that the band’s most successful lineup of Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford were reforming after a break of 15 years for a European tour, was seized on by both fans and media alike.


Genesis have a sort of Midas Touch:  the band released a series of groundbreaking albums in the seventies, became superstars in the eighties, survived the departures of not one but two lead vocalists/members at a crucial stage in their career, and have inspired tribute bands dedicated to just about every album in their superlative catalogue. They have sold over 130 million albums worldwide, played 1400 shows, including some of the most ambitious and theatrical performances ever staged, and gone from bottom of the bill with their Charisma labelmates Lindisfarne and Van Der Graaf Generator in 1971 to headlining four consecutive sell-out dates at Wembley Stadium in 1987 playing to 288,000 people in total


They have topped the charts around the world with albums as diverse as Duke, Abacab, Genesis, Invisible Touch and We Can’t Dance and they remain a staple at radio across Europe, the US, Canada and beyond with tracks like ‘I Know What I Like’, ‘Follow You, Follow Me’, ‘Mama’, ‘That’s All’, ‘In Too Deep’, ‘Land Of Confusion’, ‘Tonight, Tonight, Tonight’ and ‘Throwing It All Away’. They have influenced bands as diverse as Simple Minds, Marillion, It Bites, the Flaming Lips, Elbow, The Feeling and Captain. In fact, over thirty years before Pete Doherty sang about ‘Albion’, Genesis took their Lewis Carroll/Alice In Wonderland infused vision of Britain around the world with albums like Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot and Selling England By The Pound.


Now, following a fifteen-year hiatus, the classic line-up of core members Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford is reuniting for Turn It On Again – The Tour, a series of European concerts, in 2007. The trio will perform material from their classic albums and reconnect with their huge fan-base who have been speculating about this eagerly-awaited reunion every time the musicians have given interviews to promote the critically-acclaimed box-sets Genesis Archives, Vol 1: 1967-1975 and Genesis Archives, Vol. 2: 1976-1992 and the best-selling compilations Turn It On Again – The Hits and The Platinum Collection.


It all started in the mid-sixties at Charterhouse, an English public school  who’s most famous alumni was composer Ralph Vaughan Wiliams.  Vocalist and flautist Peter Gabriel, keyboard-player Tony Banks and drummer Chris Stewart played in a band called The Garden Wall while guitarists Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford were members of Anon. After playing a school concert together in 1966, they joined forces as Genesis and released their debut single, ‘The Silent Sun’, on Decca, at the beginning of 1968. By the time the group belatedly made their live debut in September 1969, their first album, From Genesis To Revelation, had sold a paltry 650 copies but, having passed their A-levels, the budding songwriters decided to give music a go. John Mayhew replaced Stewart behind the drumkit and they signed to Tony Stratton-Smith’s Charisma label in March 1970 and issued the Trespass album – with early fan favourite ‘The Knife’ – in October that year. 1971 saw the arrival of drummer Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett, both recruited via ads in Melody Maker, who helped the group’s vision coalesce on Nursery Cryme, in particular on ‘The Musical Box’, the album’s opening track. This line-up built a big cult following around the UK, made the first of many forays into continental Europe and began making a name for itself in Belgium, Italy and France. When Foxtrot – complete with tour de force suite ‘Supper’s Ready’ – came out in October 1972, it made the albums chart in Britain. Gabriel became rock’s premier frontman, telling whimsical stories and sporting a variety of masks and costumes, while the band made short shrift of the technical limitations of the day. Genesis Live, their first top ten album, further capitalized on their emerging popularity and worked even without the group’s stunning visuals. Selling England By The Pound, issued at the tail end of 1973, gave them a well-deserved hit single with the quirky ‘I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)’ in 1974. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, an ambitious concept album, put a New York spin on Gabriel’s story of the proto-punk Rael and led to one of their most visually-stunning live presentations. However, when the frontman left after a lengthy world tour in the middle of 1975, observers were quick to write the group off.


Collins’ subsequent emergence from behind the drumkit shouldn’t have come as a surprise since he’d already been the featured vocalist on ‘More Fool Me’ and had enjoyed success as a child actor. He stepped up to the plate and excelled on tracks like ‘Robbery, Assault And Battery and ‘Ripples’, helping A Trick Of The Tail become the band’s biggest-selling album to date in 1976. The drummer took centre stage, developed a completely different stage persona to his predecessor, and endeared himself to long-standing Genesis fans while engaging a whole new generation, especially in the US. Following the delicate, pastoral Wind And Wuthering and the Spot The Pigeon EP – whose lead track ‘Match Of The Day’ made the Top 20 in 1977 – Hackett left too but Banks, Collins and Rutherford continued and again defied the doubting jeremiahs.. Their first album as a trio, . . . And Then There Were Three . . . went gold in the US in 1978 and they scored their first Top Ten single in Britain with the melancholy ballad ‘Follow You, Follow Me’ right in the middle of the punk era, while many of their contemporaries fell by the wayside.


Against all predictions, Genesis became bigger still in the eighties. The Duke album topped the UK album charts in 1980 while the irresistible ‘Turn It On Again’ blared out of radios around the world. Banks, Collins and Rutherford pared down their songwriting to its melodic core and simpler, gentler, more tender songs like ‘Misunderstanding’ hit a nerve with the mainstream. Abacab and its infectious title track built around a chord sequence jam at their Surrey studio, triumphed at the end of 1981. This looser, more informal approach worked a treat again on Genesis, their 1983 album, and the atmospheric ‘Mama’ in particular. By 1986, all three members had released successful solo albums and had further enhanced their profile. Invisible Touch spawned five worldwide hits – the title track, ‘In Too Deep’, ‘Land Of Confusion’, ‘Tonight, Tonight, Tonight’ and ‘Throwing It All Away’ – as Genesis headlined stadiums and their videos became a staple of MTV. In 1991, Banks, Collins and Rutherford repeated this unbelievable feat with We Can’t Dance, another UK number one album containing five, yes five, hit singles – ‘ No Son Of Mine’, ‘I Can’t Dance’, ‘Hold On My heart’, ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ and ‘Tell Me Why’ – and bowed out after the lengthy world tour which followed throughout 1992. Four years later, Collins announced he was leaving the group.


Banks and Rutherford recorded one more Genesis album, Calling All Stations, and toured with Stiltskin vocalist Ray Wilson in 1998 before taking a well-deserved break despite the album selling over 1million copies.


With Banks, Collins and Rutherford now reunited, the most successful incarnation of Genesis is together again, ready, as the song says, to Turn It On Again.


The Dividing Line / New Show @ DLBN - Progressive Concepts!
« on: October 08, 2006, 03:49:02 pm »
Hello all,

I wanted to send a note out to let everyone know that we have a new show here at DLBN!  Progressive Concepts hosted by Dana Jackson will be premiering tomorrow afternoon and continue a weekly run every Monday starting at 3:30pm Pacific Time.  While the majority of shows on The Dividing Line focus on single tracks at a time, Dana’s show will consist entirely of one album each week interspersed with a number of fascinating tidbits and insight!  Here’s a rundown on the show from Dana himself.

“What is art? Painting? Literature? Music? If painting, surely the bold and broadly stroked canvas is the pinnacle of its art form. If literature, certainly carefully crafted and well-wrought novels and poetry are the shining examples. And what of music? What is the single track but the orphaned chapter of a greater story? The outline of a figure not yet fully defined? Songs, especially in progressive rock, are often part of a bigger picture, a fuller art form. In the spirit of this larger view of things, “Progressive Concepts” brings music in an album-oriented format to the listener, focusing on the entirety of the artistic statement that a band delivers in one body of work.

This show endeavors to place an emphasis on concept albums, those collections of music that are particularly intended by the artist to tell a story or narrate a conceptual idea or emotion through the lyrics and music. In this sense, “Progressive Concepts” covers a broad area of progressive rock’s genre-bending borders. From the ethereal regions of Pink Floyd and Marillion to the metal edge of Queensryche, Dream Theater, and beyond, expect to hear nothing but great albums in their entirety. Stop in for a listen; you might hear something you didn’t even know you were going to love!”

On behalf of DLBN I’d like to welcome Dana on board and encourage everyone to check out his show – it really is excellent!


Shawn Bishop:
Station Owner - The Dividing Line Broadcast Network
Behind The Lines:

The Dividing Line / Pictures from Vegas!!!
« on: June 22, 2006, 10:44:38 pm »
Hi all,

Well we finally have pictures of our trip to Vegas!  This was a truly amazing trip and I know a lot of you have been asking about the pics, so here they are!  When you visit the link you can press the right arrow on your keyboard to easily scroll through each picture, or if you prefer, you can click the “Show All” link at the top left of the screen to have them all display in the center page.  Hope you all enjoy!



The Dividing Line / New Playlists Area
« on: May 07, 2006, 09:05:56 am »
Hi all,

I've created a new area on the board called "Show Playlists" which contains all of the weekly playlist info from the various shows.  I figured this be a bit more orgranized.

Happy reading!

Shawn the tech guy

The Dividing Line / IZZ Live & Interactive 2!
« on: May 05, 2006, 03:47:35 pm »
Hi all,

I’m happy to announce that IZZ will be doing a second Live & Interactive show on The Dividing Line on Saturday May 20th from 5pm to 7pm pacific time!  The first time they performed for us was back in 2003 to promote I Move – their latest album at the time.  Now they’re back, and back with a twist!  On the 20th they will be performing brand new unplugged arrangements of their material ranging from their earliest album “Sliver Of A Sun” to their latest release “My River Flows”, and flow it surely will!  Join in the DLBN interactive chat during the show and the band will answer your questions between songs – maybe even take a few requests!  If you’re not able to be there during the show, worry not!  Just send me an email to and I’ll make sure your questions and or requests get passed along.  The line up of the band will be:

John Galgano: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Tom Galgano: Vocals & Keyboards
Paul Bremner: Electric Guitar
Greg DiMiceli: Percussion
Anmarie Byrnes: Vocals
Laura Meade: Vocals

Those familiar with DLBN programming will know that normally “Underdog Prog” with Mary is heard from 4pm to 7pm every Saturday, and my show “Behind The Lines” airs every Tuesday from 8pm until 11pm.  Mary has kindly agreed to swap times with me for that week in order to bring this event to all of you in primetime – thanks Mary!!  You can catch her regular broadcast on Tuesday May 23rd starting at 8pm.

For more information on IZZ complete with sound samples and links as to where to purchase their music, be sure to check out their site at  We hope to see you all there on May 20th!



Polling Station / Special Area For Show Playlists?
« on: April 15, 2006, 12:00:29 pm »
I was thinking about this and was curious people would prefer.

Happy Easter,


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