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The Dividing Line / Happy Anniversay DLBN!! Five years
« on: April 25, 2005, 08:36:25 am »
I've been listening DLBN for a while, a few months so. What a great discover I made.

I love prog-rock music and here I've found a place that gives me the oportunity to listen a music that means something, at least for me.

It's truly inspiring to find people to do such a incredible thing only for the joy and pleasure to share their common interests with others.

Music in general an prog in particular always will have a place in my heart, and find another peeps from around the world to talk to and share a passion is very inspiring in different levels.

Well, the thing I would say, is thanks for giving me a truly moving experience. KEEEP ON GOING


Cristián, a.k.a Matt Murdock

P.S. If a special show could be arranged that would be fantastic


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