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Greetings to all!!

Just a couple of quick things.

First, the PONR will be celebrating show #100 this
Weds at 8:00PM PST!!  It sure has been an amazing ride
for these past 2 years or so.  The show started out as
a 2 hr. Kansas niche show and these days is a full 3
hrs of creative fun. (well, for me at least!)

I also wanted to announce that after this week's show,
I will be taking some time off from broadcasting on
the mighty DLBN to attend to what has become a VERY
busy time in my life.  I'm finding that with growing a
new company, starting a fitness franchise and now a
full-time (away from the home office) job has vastly
reduced my free time and time I can spend with my
family.  I also know that this busy time will pass in
the not-too-distant future, so Shawn has graciously
extended an invitation to come back at anytime! Go

Thanks to all of you, my friends! If you have a chance
to pop in this Weds to say goodbye that would be
swell!! I'll play your requests and we'll have a great time!!

Thanks so much!

Carry On!


The Dividing Line / The Point Of Rogues' Return - Tonight!!
« on: February 08, 2007, 06:01:46 pm »
Don't miss tonight's edition of The Rogues' Gallery, where I'll be filling in for your very own Frans Keylard, while he's parading all over Europe and points -beyond!

I'll keep the foundation of the show intact, but with a my very own, unique spin.

See you all at the usual time...


Steve Cozart

Promotion / SCozart's Photo Site
« on: January 03, 2007, 11:16:17 pm »
Hey All,

I got a new Canon S3 for Christmas, and have been going nuts with it.  I post a lot of pix on my FLickr site as well as many on my "blog" site, LiveJournal.  I'm pretty proud of some of these shots and if you ever feel like stopping by, feel free to browse and comment.

Flickr Site:
LiveJournal Site:

Carry On!


The Dividing Line / Three Special Guests on the PONR - Tonight!!
« on: December 27, 2006, 04:12:55 pm »
Greetings Holiday Hooligans!

Tune into the Point Of No Return tonight at 8:00PM Pacific Time, when I'm joined by three - yes THREE guests in studio.

Garrett - My son who is no stranger to PROG!
Laurel & BrainsForDinner (Lori & Josh) - You know 'em and love 'em!

It will a fun night, since we're all going out for dinner beforehand!

Join us for the fun and frivolity!

Carry On!


Point Of No Return - Wednesdays 8PM-11PM PST (11:00PM - 2AM EST)
Show Site:

The Dividing Line / Tom Grose Interview - The Point of No Return , TONIGHT!
« on: November 01, 2006, 01:46:18 pm »
Howdy Proggers!

Tune into The Point Of No Return tonight, where I will feature an in-depth interview with Tom Grose, who I have been highlighting over the past month or so.   Tom has an amazing fusion/Prog/Zappa-esque sound that we'll be playing throughout the interview. Highlights for me include his bio, his thoughts on the state of the music biz today, and a great connection with Steve Walsh and the other members of Kansas.

If you haven't yet heard Tom Grose, tune in tonight!



The Dividing Line / Point Of No Return - A New Look!
« on: October 22, 2006, 04:33:56 pm »
Hello World!

The Point Of No Return has a new look!  You all know the PONR has evolved in format, but when visiting the DLBN, you saw the old "Kansasesque" show description and graphic.

What was once old is new again! Check out and send me feedback on what you think. There just happens to be a FIVE HOUR show there from last week's broadcast, for your enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone for your listenership and support - and thanks for supporting the DLBN!

Steve Cozart

Point Of No Return - Wednesdays 8PM-11PM PST (11:00PM - 2AM EST)
Show Site:

Tune into an earlier edition of The Point Of No Return tonight at
7:00PM. Poor Mr. Winkler is out, recovering from his missing
appendix :) ... We all wish David "Winkler" James a speedy recovery!

Tonight's show will be a quite an event. I'll be throwing down some
new tracks from Tom Grose, who might even come into chat to talk
about his new release, "AT BAY". Who is Tom Grose? Well, Tom
describes his music as "instrumental jazz-rock/progressive fusion
and it can be likened
to stuff from Frank Zappa's early '70s instrumental period (the
George Duke/Chester Thompson era.

I'll be happily spinning tracks from Darwin's Radio, Lusk, Ghost
Circus, Headshear, Zappa and even The BOX - who really impressed the
crowd last week.

So, see you tonight at 7:00PM PST / 10:00PM EST

Carry On,

Steve Cozart

The Dividing Line / The PONR - On The Road - Tonight!
« on: August 30, 2006, 12:26:15 pm »
Greetings All!!

It's your humble and lovable PONR DJ, SCozart, here. I'll be
broadcasting from a lonely hotel room in Utah tonight at 8:00PST. This
should be interesting, but I couldn't let my work schedule interfere
with what I love - bringing you a fun-filled and entertaining night of
PROG!! Unfortunately, Vince & Daisy will not be able to accompany me,
as they are both working long hours and cannot stay up late. I
personally think that they are simply afraid to spend time in a hotel
room with me. hmmmmm......

So come one, come all - catch the "Point Of No Return - On The

Carry On,


The Dividing Line / The DLBN Rocks!
« on: July 28, 2006, 08:27:03 am »
Hey Everyone.

It occurred to me this morning, as I was listening to various archives (yes, I have the time since becoming unemployed) that I absolutely LOVE being a part of the DLBN!  I look forward to my Weds night broadcast every week! The characters that frequent the chatroom are amazing. The conversations and the points-of-view are always informative, diverse and respectful.

If it weren't for life's responsibilities and schedules, I'd most-likely want to hangout in everyone's show.  Everytime I do, I learn something new, meet someone new and just have a great time.

I've been re-energized to make sure I tell at least 2 people a day about the station. I include links on every blog, group post and website that allows it. The quality shows through in the music played, the personalities on the shows and the type of audience we attract.

Anyway - it's a plain-old Scozy love fest..and you all are the object(s) of my affection. (no, Vince - I'm not DRUNK!)

Carry On


The Dividing Line / This Just In: SCozart Kidnapped!
« on: April 04, 2006, 11:48:00 am »
#####  FROM THE AP WIRE  - 4/4/06  ######

It has been reported that the host of the widly popular Internet radio show, The Point Of No Return - Steve Cozart, was taken from his plush home in northern California late last night.

It has been speculated by a very unreliable source that due to an innundation of programs like "The Shield", "24", "The Sopranos" and other cinema-type crime dramas, that foul play, international espionage, local corruption and a bizarre love triangle are to blame for Mr. Cozart's abduction.

"If you ask me, it's them aliens, come to fetch 'im.", said an unidentified Internet radio DJ (from Utah...)when asked his opinion. "I always knowed it would be SCozart to go first."  

Neither source could verify their widly fantastic claims, but both offered this advice.

"Be sure to tune into The Point Of No Return, this Weds. at 8PM - 11PM PST, when Winkler and Whistler will be sitting in for Steve, providing their own unique brand of humor, chat interaction and entertainment!"

Further investigation has determined that this absence is is NOT a result of Mr. Cozart forgetting about daylight savings time and oversleeping.

The Dividing Line / Tune into The POint Of No Return Tonight!
« on: March 22, 2006, 07:33:38 am »
Greetings to all.

Don't miss tonight's "PONR"!!  I'll spin your favorite Kansas and related tracks, as always!  During tonight's "We're Not In Kansas Anymore", I have some amazing "classic" PROG from Flasket Brinner!

Don't forget to download or stream last week's show! Head to for details!

See you tonight at 8:00PM PST!

Steve Cozart

The Dividing Line / Get to "The Point"
« on: March 08, 2006, 10:02:34 am »
Greetings to all.

Don't miss tonight's "Point Of No Return", where I'll play your favorite Kansas and related tracks, as always!  Be sure to tune in for a special "We're not in Kansas Anymore" segement, where I'll be highlighting some great Prog from Fruugg - produced by Ian McDonald!

Also, today is your last chance to download or stream last week's show! Head to for details!

See you tonight at 8:00PM PST!

Steve Cozart

Show Playlists / Point Of No Return
« on: February 08, 2006, 11:14:42 pm »
Point Of No Return Playlist - 05.03.06, Show #50!!

Welcome to the PONR broadcast on DLBN!!

Okay – some things just take on a life of their own. Well, tonight, everything was “..on a stick”  That’s right, you name it – it was on a stick.  What does all this mean? Tune in to find out how 25 people in chat could all be…you guessed it -- ON A STICK!

Again -- ‘twas an awesome show, Get the ARCHIVE TO FIND OUT! The link is below.

During “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” – It was a continuation of the manic, merry mood!  Comedy from Dane Cook, a Hobbit song from Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock, and an awesome batch of requests!

SHOW #50  Countdown to the PONR’s One Year Birthday!! – Download and Listen!

Thanks again for all your support and emails!

Stream or download the archive and then email me with requests or questions, comments, etc!

Send in those requests!

PONR Show Intro <4:00>
1. Kansas – What’s On My Mind  <3.25>
2. Proto-Kaw – Old Number 63 <6.52>
3. Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son <5.23>  - for Sunshine
4. Kansas – The Pinnacle <9.33>  
5. Kansas – Musicatto <3.32>
6. Kansas – Taking In The View  <2.57>
7. Kansas –  Play The Game Tonight <3.27> -for VinceFont
8. Kansas –  Howlin’ At The Moon (Live) <1.32>
9. Kansas – Paradox (Live) <4.11>
10. Kansas – Under The Knife <4.57>

" We're Not In Kansas Anymore" Intro

11. Peter Hammill –  Mr X (Gets Tense) <5.12>
12. OSI –  The New Math <3.36>
13. Supertramp  –  Bloody Well Right  <6.24> - for DeDawg
14. Nimoy & Shatner  – Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins <2.21>
15. Cheap Trick – I Want Be Man <3.12> - for Winkler’s Benefit
16. Flower Kings –  Vampire’s View <8.48>
17. Ozric Tentacles  – Chewier <5.26>
18. Yes – Into The Lens <8.33> - for Pussifoot
19. Elbow – Red <5.11>

20. Kansas -  Two Cent’s Worth <3.10>
21. Steve Morse Band –  Cruise Missile  <5.34>
23. Kansas – Fight Fire With Fire  <3.42>
24. Kansas – All The World <7.13>
25. Kansas – Lonely Wind <4.16>
26. Steve Walsh – Hell Is Full Of Heroes <6.03>
27. Kerry Livgren – Children Of The Shadows <4.53> - for Whistler
28. Kansas – Relentless <4.54>
29. Kansas – Back Door <4.24>
30. Kymera – Bless A Brand New Angel <3.37>
31. Kansas – Distant Vision <8.48>

Carry On (a stick)!


Point Of No Return - Wednesdays 8PM-11PM PST (11:00PM - 2AM EST)
Show Site:

The Dividing Line / Point Of No Return Playlist - 02.01.06, Show #37
« on: October 06, 2005, 08:42:22 am »
Welcome to the PONR broadcast on DLBN!!

Tonight I featured two fine KANSAS releases – Freaks Of Nature (1995) and Monolith (1979)

Two different eras for Kansas, but the amazing Kansas sound remains intact through the years!

I mixed up the tracks between these great releases and sandwiched an exciting “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” in between. Check out the eclectic line-up of tracks, including the thrilling OCTOBER EQUUS, from Spain!  Threw in some NIACIN…FEERSUM ENJINN and others!

SHOW #37 – Freaky~~

Thanks again for all your support and emails!

Stream or download the archive and then email me with requests or questions, comments, etc!

PONR Show Intro <6.45>
1. Kansas – I Can Fly  <5.21>
2. Kansas  – A Glimpse Of Home <6.31>
3. Kansas – Freaks Of Nature  <4.04>
4. Kansas –  On The Other Side <6.22>
5. Kansas  – Cold  Grey Morning <4.12>
6. Kansas -  Reason To Be  <3.45>
7. Kansas –  Black Fathom 4 <5.52>
8. Kansas – People Of The South Wind <3.36>
9.  Kansas –  Under The Knife <4.57>
10. Dixie Dregs – Kat Food (Live) <5.16>

" We're Not In Kansas Anymore" Intro

11. Feersum Ennjin –  Lines  <4.03>
12. Man On Fire  –  Street Game  <5.29>
13. Man On Fire  –  What The Canvas Hides  <5.16>
14. October Equus – Hydra  <3.59> -- PONR DEBUT!!
15. October Equus – Reliqua Tempora <3.42> -- PONR DEBUT!!
16. Niacin – 4’s 3  <4.17> - for Mark
17. Niacin – Hair Of The Dog <4.18>
18. XCarnation –  Reason To Believe <4.24>
19. Primus – Tommy The Cat <4.15>
20. John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess -  Black Ice  <10.54>


21. Dixie Dregs – Cruise Control (Live) <16:10>
22. Kansas  – Stay Out Of Trouble  <4.12>
23. Kansas – Peaceful & Warm  <6.42>
24. Kansas – Angels Have Fallen  <6.35>
25. Kansas – Hope Once Again <4.31>
26. Kansas – How My Soul Cries Out For You <5.42>
27. Kansas –Desperate Times <5.23>
28. Kansas – Away From You <4.22>
29. Kansas – Need <3.56>
30. Kansas – Paradox <3.47> - for Laurel

Carry On!


Point Of No Return - Wednesdays 8PM-11PM PST (11:00PM - 2AM EST)
Show Site:

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