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Hello all,

Join us in live chat for the Rogues' Gallery tomorrow night (Friday morning
for those in the UK). Aside from the normal hullabaloo I will also be
chatting with John Mitchell about It Bites and their new release "The Tall
Ships." Look for this in the last hour of the show (11-midnight Pacific /
7-8 AM in the UK).

Also, around 9 Pacific I will be talking to John Huldt whose debut "Rules Do
Not Apply" was an instant hit with the chat room last week.

Best regards,
Frans Keylard

Promotion / Sylvan Live in Seattle October 14, 2008!
« on: August 25, 2008, 09:59:53 am »
Sylvan plays live at El Corazon in Seattle on October 14 2008

Tickets on Sale Now! 

More about Sylvan:

This event is brought to you by The Dividing Line and sponsored by - Rare and collectible vinyl - a huge progressive rock selection!

The Dividing Line / John Payne interview about GPS / Asia
« on: September 12, 2006, 11:43:38 am »
Before it gets deleted, check out the current OGG archive for The Rogues' Gallery (#171) to listen to a chat with John Payne from GPS. John talks candidly about Asia and the circumstances for his departure, file-sharing and how it affects the industry, progressive rock, The Dividing Line, and numerous other topics near and dear to our collective hearts.


Show Playlists / The Rogues' Gallery - Progressive Rock Podcast
« on: June 28, 2006, 10:39:43 am »
Rogues' Gallery Playlist June 22nd, 2006 - Show #160

Michael Sadler from SAGA joined us live about 30 minutes into the show and we chatted about everything SAGA (Trust and Chapters Live), the slight possibility for a US tour, and we also discussed N- Sync.

I finally tracked down some Magic Pie to satisfy a request by Brigitte k. and it's well worth the effort. I also debuted two tracks by Petteri Sariola, the talented guitarist whom we have been able to enjoy on the Elias Kahila CD Break Point. Excellent work!!!

1. Saga - Back To The Shadows (5:13)
2. Saga - I'm OK (5:33)
3. Saga - That's As Far As I'll Go (4:34)
4. Saga - On The Other Side (4:56)
5. Saga - It's Your Life (4:08)
6. Katatonia - Leaders (4:20)

-- Michael Sadler Chat --
7. Saga - Chapter 3: It's Time! (4:10)
8. Saga - Chapter 5: No Regrets (4:02)
9. Saga - Chapter 6: Tired World (6:40)

10. Petteri Sariola - Stomp (3:37)
11. Petteri Sariola - Valve (3:31)

12. O.S.I. - Go (4:16)
13. O.S.I. - Sure You Will (3:46)
14. Shawn Bishop - Inside Fransie's Intro (1:38)
15. Frost - Hyperventilate (7:31)
16. Frost - Snowman (3:55)
17. Gazpacho - Snowman (4:26)
18. It Bites - Kiss Me Like Judas (4:09)
19. Glass Hammer - A Maker of Crowns (15:21)
20. Porcupine Tree - Trains (5:56)
21. Porcupine Tree - .3 (5:25)
22. Marillion - Cathedral Wall (7:34)
23. Marillion - The Invisible Man (14:55)
24. Enchant - Colors Fade (5:25)
25. Lyranthe - Circle Of Fate (18:53)

26. Magic Pie - Change (20:05)
27. Magic Pie - Motions Of Desire (6:32)

28. Tony Banks - Angel Face (5:18)
29. Muse - Sing For Absolution (4:54)
30. Muse - Supermassive Black Hole (3:29)
31. Pure Reason Revolution - Voices in Winter/The Realms of the Divine (6:33)

The Dividing Line / Rogues' Gallery turns 3 today!
« on: May 04, 2006, 03:24:17 pm »
Join us in chat for a 3 year Rogues' Gallery anniversary show!

Even though others build their entire show around the theme, I will be lazy for once and play EPIC tunes to celebrate the 3 year milestone. That was I can focus more on chat.

Record a message for use on air!:

Hey, it's also my birthday, so I get to goof off now and again!


The Dividing Line / Agent Cooper CD Giveaway
« on: April 14, 2006, 02:14:35 pm »
There is a free Agent Cooper CD giveaway -

Their website is and email your answer by Monday April 17 to

Subject Line - Rogues' Gallery Agent Cooper CD Contest

Tonight: The Flower Kings - Paradox Hotel.
Also new: Elias Kahila and Four Day Hombre.

Rogues' Gallery - Thursdays 8PM-12AM Pacific (11PM-3AM Eastern) on The Dividing Line

While I am at it, here are some upcoming prog tour dates:

Steve Howe shows dates

4/7: Alexandria, VA - Birchmere
4/8: Philadelphia, PA - TLA
4/9: Annapolis, MD (2H) - Rams Head Tavern
4/11: Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
4/12: New Haven, CT - Toad's Place
4/13: Clifton Park, NY - Northern Lights
4/14: New York, NY - B.B. King's
4/17: Northampton, MA (2H) - Iron Horse Music Hall
4/18: Boston, MA (3H) - Paradise Rock Club
4/19: Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
4/20: Neptune, NJ - The Headliner
4/21: Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
4/23: Cincinnati, OH - Bogarts
4/24: Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
4/25: Detroit, MI - Magic Bag
4/27: Chicago, IL - Cubby Bear Chicago

KING'S X tour dates...

4/4 State Theatre St. Petersburgh, FL
4/5 The Beta Bar Tallahassee, FL
4/ 7 The Peppermint Beach Virginia Beach, VA
4/8 Jaxx W. Springfield , VA
4/10 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ
4/11 B.B. Kings New York, NY
4/13 Norma Jeans London, ON Candada
4/14 The Marquee Toronto, ON Canada
4/18 Pyramid Cabaret Winnepeg, MAN Canada
4/24 Red Room Vancouver, BC Canada
4/26 Hell's Kitchen Tacoma, WA
4/28 The Boardwalk Orangevale, CA
4/30 House of Blues West Hollywood, CA
4/2 Brick By Brick San Diego, CA

Evergrey with In Flames ...

5/5 Town Ballroom Buffalo, NY
5/6 Higher Ground So. Burlington, VT
5/8 House of Blues North Myrtle Bch, SC
5/9 Planet Rock Jacksonville, NC
5/11 Bogart's Cincinnati, OH
5/12 Piere's Entertainment Center Fort Wayne, IN
5/13 Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI
5/15 Granada Lawrence, KS
5/16 The Black Sheep Colorado Springs, CO
5/18 Big Easy Spokane, WA
5/19 McDonald Theatre Eugene, OR
5/20 Senator Theatre Chico, CA
5/21 New Oasis Sparks, NV
5/23 Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ
5/25 Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK
5/26 New Daisy Theatre Memphis, TN
5/27 House of Blues New Orleans, LA
5/28 The Beta Bar Tallahassee, FL
5/29 Club Rain Jacksonville, FL
5/30 Revolution Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Spock's Beard tour dates...

5/4 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance Theater
5/5 - New York, NY - BB King Blues Club & Grill
5/6 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
5/7 - Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
5/8 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre
5/9 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven (tix:
5/12 - W. Hollywood, CA - The Key Club
5/13 - Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Theatre
5/14 - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX - Ridglea Theater

California Guitar Trio...

3/25 - Opera House in Toronto, ON
3/26 - Studio Theatre in Hamilton, ON
3/29 - GRAVITY LOUNGE in Charlottesville, VA 3/30 - BARNS AT WOLFTRAP, VIENNA, VA

Proto-Kaw show dates...

5/06 - Pittsburg, Kansas - Open Throttle Bike Rally (Free Outdoor Show)
7/15 - Willmar, Minnesota - Son Shine Festival
8/13 - Johnson City, Tennessee - Freedom Hall Civic Center

Artists & Music / Spock's Beard - Seattle May 9th
« on: February 11, 2006, 04:55:30 am »
Several Dividing Line DJs are going to be heading to Seattle on May 9th to see Spock's Beard perform there for the first time.

Tickets are now on sale:

Special guests: Presto Ballet, Lyranthe, Ashland

Any other Dividing Line listeners planning on being there?


The Dividing Line / Riverside Interview Dec 22
« on: December 19, 2005, 09:46:16 am »
Be among the first (anywhere) to hear a spoken interview with Mariusz Duda from the band Riverside.

The interview will be heard on the Rogues' Gallery on Thursday Dec 22 at around 21:00 Pacific (GMT -8). This is Friday 6:00 AM in Poland.  Right here on the Dividing Line!


The Dividing Line / Marillion live on the Rogues' Gallery - Sept 15th @ 6:00
« on: September 14, 2005, 08:20:49 pm »
Tomorrow, Sept 15, on a really special Rogues Gallery that starts (early) around 4:30 PM Pacific (GMT -8). Check the on-line station time clock when in doubt. For Europe this is early on Friday morning. Note this is 3 1/2 hours earlier than the regular weekly time.

When: Thursday September 15th from 4:30 PM-7:00 PM Pacific (7:30 PM-10:00 PM Eastern).
First of all, during this time you will hear a live simulcast of the Marillion in-store appearance at Tower Records (this acoustic performance should start around 6:00 PM Pacific). The three members of Marillion currently doing the west coast tour will appear on-air before their acoustic performance, so do come before 6:00 PM.

In addition, 3 tracks off Ayreon's Arjen Lucassen's new project Stream of Passion "Embrace the Storm" CD, two of which are world premieres! Arjen himself gives a special introduction for these new tracks. Speaking of Stream of Passion, singer Marcela Bovio will be interviewed on the show next week, if all goes well.

There will also be the debut of the new Gazpacho track "Do You Know What You Are Saying" featuring Marillion's Steve Rothery.

To make things even more interesting, I will also be debuting Steven Wilson's brand new "Cover Version III"! I won't give away the real title because you will just have to hear it for yourself! :-)

More info:

Promotion / Gazpacho Press Release and Firebird
« on: August 25, 2005, 11:04:35 am »
PRESS RELEASE: Critically appraised Norwegian rock band Gazpacho signs with Intact Records (UK).

Following their European tour last summer, covering 35 cities in 11 countries, Norwegians "Gazpacho" now signs with the British record label Intact Records. Having sold several thousand albums during the 2004 tour, and gaining thousands of fans all over Europe, Gazpacho will now have sales all over the world!

On Intact Records, Gazpacho will be labelmates with with the likes of Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree), John Wesley, and Marillion.

The first release on Intact Records will be Gazpacho's third album titled Firebird; a blend of inventive neo progressive rock and mellow, melancholy-filled music taking the listener on a diverse musical journey. Appearing on Firebird is none other than Marillion's guitar legend Steve Rothery contributing with stunning melodic guitars in 'Do you know what you are saying?'.

Album release date; August 24, 2005
Purchase link:

After many years in the studio, the 5 musicians who regularly got together in the studio to write music for the pure pleasure of it, decided to show the world what they were up to. Their two previous albums "Bravo" (2003) and "When Earth Lets Go" (2004) were launched entirely on their own merit and awareness spread by "word of mouth" throughout the world. It didn't take long until four of their tracks were in the top 3 in the old from their debut record "Bravo". But went bust, changed hands, and the band needed to change their tactics.

A smaller batch of records sent to the appropriate media channels lead to critical appraisal in over 40 magazines and e-zines, with headlines as:

"Pop Kings for the Future" (Panorama)
"Gazpacho have to be Norway's best unsigned musicians" (Monster Magazine)
"..seldom I have been blown away this much by a new band." (Dutch Progressive rock pages),
"Their debut album is a rare beauty" (Oor Magazine)
"If you can't appreciate this music, then you have no soul" (StereoHead)

Gazpachos debut album Bravo sold, without any backing from record companies or management, in excess of 2000 albums in 2003, debuted in the dutch indie charts at #6, and hit #1 three times on This introduction to the big world was mostly thanks to the internet.

Internet proved to be a useful tool, not only in communicating with fans across the world and selling records, but it saw a unique collaboration between continents (USA, Norway, and New Zealand) on the song "Novgorod". This track was written and produced between these places without even paying for a single bus ticket. The American singer Esther Valentine and producer Peter Kearns from New Zealand teamed up with gazpacho to write this atmospheric song entirely by sending files back and forth through the internet. Strange thing is, they've actually never met face to face, and still haven't to this day.

Their second album WELG, released in 2004, provided a new twist of fate. Gazpacho, still an independent band, were contacted by producer Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Paradise Lost, Reamonn, etc). This ended up as a collaboration on one of the tracks featured on WELG, 'Substitute for Murder'.

2004 also provided Gazpacho with a giant leap in awareness, as they toured 11 countries throughout Europe supporting Marillion. This resulted in 31 concerts performing for in total 30,000 people at respectable venues from 013 in Holland, Elysée Montmartre in Paris, to Razzmatazz in Barcelona. Today they stand with 5000 albums sold and finally professional distribution channel to the world through Racket Records.

Journalists and record companies struggle to label the category in which gazpacho belong. Perhaps a headache for the general industry, but in turn is much to their fans appreciation. Their varied, unpredictable musical style keep their fans "on their toes" as appreciative listeners, exploring their own grounds for musical appreciation... The 5 musicians "from the studio" feel they have captured the essence of this with Firebird, something Intact Records are supporting through their recent release of the album. We hope you will feel it too.

For more information:

Tonight's show will feature an exclusive interview with Jan-Henrik Ohme from Gazpacho. If he remembers to wake up then he will also be present in chat.

There will also be a little contest, and the prize will be a fully signed copy of Firebird!

There will also be an interview with Jan-Henrik Ohme and I will play two brand new tracks off Firebird; "Vulture" and "Symbols".


Promotion / Marillion - Seattle - Chop Suey September 16
« on: August 25, 2005, 09:10:24 am »
To the west coast Marillion fans, it's worth noting there are several gigs planned in September featuring the "Los Trios" Hogarth, Rothery, and Trewavas as mentioned in the current Rogues' Gallery interview with Steve Hogarth. Below are the concert dates.

Anybody from this board going to attend? If so which gig. I am personally contemplating Portland, but definitely Seattle.


6 Sept Tues    Solana Beach CA, USA    Belly Up Tavern
w/ Jason Hart    Ticketmaster
Ages 21+ Only

7 Sept Wed    West Hollywood CA, USA   Key Club
w/ Jason Hart    Ticketmaster
All Ages

8 Sept Thurs   West Hollywood CA, USA    Tower Records
8801 Sunset Blvd    Free In-store Session 6:00pm

9 Sept Fri    Santa Ana CA, USA Galaxy Theatre w/ Jason Hart
Ticketmaster All Ages

11 Sept Sun   San Francisco CA, USA    Tower Records
Columbus & Bay    Free In-store Session 1:00pm

11 Sept Sun    San Francisco CA, USA    The Great American Music Hall
w/ Jason Hart
All Ages

12 Sept Tues   Portland OR, USA    Music Millennium
801 NW 23rd    Free In-store Session 6:00pm

14 Sept Wed    Portland OR, USA    Aladdin Theater
w/ Jason Hart    Ticketmaster
All Ages

15 Sept Thurs   Seattle WA, USA    Tower Records
701 5th Ave N    Free In-store Session 6:00pm

16 Sept Fri    Seattle WA, USA    Chop Suey
w/ Jason Hart    Ticketmaster
Ticketweb Ages 21+ Only

More details:

Check out the Rogues' Gallery on Thursday August 18th to hear a brand new interview with h.

I will also be unveiling a new song by Gazpacho called "Orion" off their upcoming CD "Firebird".

See you in chat.


Artists & Music / YYZ
« on: July 08, 2005, 10:30:59 pm »

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