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Polling Station / Re: Favorite 'Big Six' Prog Band
« on: January 24, 2009, 10:40:41 am »
Pink Floyd here.  But Yes and Genesis really made me pause for it too. And I would have certainly had to pause if Rush had been up there.

Off-Topic Talk / Re: Newbie - Heylo!
« on: December 07, 2008, 03:44:56 pm »
Have you heard of Elbow?  Your comment about repetitive songs being cool made me think of "Any Day Now" by that group.  Also a lot of Porcupine Tree stuff is like that.

I was at the Area: One music festival in outer Detroit in 2001 (I went because of my fierce Moby fandom and was excited to get immersed in so much live music). They gave out a CD sampler that included "Any Day Now."  It's one of my favorites. :) Good call! And thanks to my APP fanbuddies, I've also been lightly introduced to Porcupine Tree.  I shall have to investigate them and Elbow more thoroughly.

Off-Topic Talk / Re: Newbie - Heylo!
« on: November 30, 2008, 08:07:03 pm »
Hi Rene and Shawn! Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

Yes, Utah Saints released a second album "creatively" titled Two.  I think it's really good, a lot of their same flavor but distinctly different too.  They featured Michael Stipe (lead singer of R.E.M.) on some vocal pieces...via telephone which worked for the style and provided a little comedy for one song. They still DJ shows in the UK, and they do occasionally release a song or a remix. They have a 2008 version of "Something Good" floating around online, but as far as I know they haven't really made anything concrete with production.

I've been a fan of Mannheim Steamroller since I first heard "Deck the Halls" played over the radio many Christmases ago, and my dad and I both caught the bug...and we have of course all the Mannheim/FA series aside from I think Mannheim Meets the Mouse.

And I know what you mean about a band connecting with you emotionally.  AP(P) really have made some songs that mean significant things to me, and (like Moby) they always seem to have a certain feeling and theme that inspire them but then they refuse to give in-depth details about them and encourage their listeners to take their own meanings. For example, "Old and Wise" isn't sad at all for me, rather showing a calm smug (perhaps even slightly sarcastic) gratitude. Serpentine Brown just had SO many reasons for me to connect with them, partly because they were local and because I was such a groupie that they sometimes invited me to drum-jam with them. I only recently properly discovered Rush. I've always liked their songs (I'm still a radio junkie in the car), but it wasn't until I got their albums and LISTENED to the music that I discovered they wrote "Subdivisions" specifically about me, or at least it seems they did.

And other times, I just like a song because it's ear candy, pure and simple. I like layers and rhythms and interesting sounds...and underneath it all, a tasty subtlety here and there. Some songs that other people find dreadfully long and repetitive will keep me enthralled because of little well-placed twiddles and shifts.

Off-Topic Talk / Newbie - Heylo!
« on: November 29, 2008, 01:18:27 am »
Hi everyone! My name is Michelle, but online I generally like to be called Fjorab since my name is so dreadfully common. I'm married to a great guy who is in the Army, so life sometimes gets interesting for me.

How'd I find this place? I met Woody at the Alan Parsons concert in Chattanooga TN a year and a half ago, and I finally got around to sitting through a listening experience here. I've been missing out! I'm also a message board junkie, so hopefully I won't overwhelm myself with this one.

My musical tastes are wide and weird and varied...and obscure a lot of times. I guess my musical roots are mostly prog rock and 80s new wave, which expands to other genres such as electronica, techno, new age, classic rock, alternative, and even a little bit of rap and a small smattering of upbeat or otherwise entertaining country.

Favorite bands and musicians:
Alan Parsons (Project), Moby, Mannheim Steamroller, Utah Saints, ABBA, Big Country, Blondie, Phil Collins, Daft Punk, Deep Forest, Dirty Vegas, Duran Duran, Enya, Fatboy Slim, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Jan Hammer, Information Society, The Offspring, Orbital, Pink Floyd, Rush, Paul Simon, Serpentine Brown (local band, sadly disbanded), They Might Be Giants, U2, Underworld, Weird Al Yankovic, Yes, µ-Ziq
I have indeed managed to meet my two favorite musicians, and both men are exceptionally nice.  :D

Other interests:
Horses, sports (basketball and laser tag favorites), art and shiny stuff, card games, internet (social sites, Neopets, etc.), Toyota Supras and Corollas, backroad driving, and unashamed kiddie stuff and toys related to my interests

Any other questions or curiosity, just ask. :) I don't bite...too hard.

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