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Artists & Music / Re: Album Review: Fractal's "Sequitur"
« on: May 03, 2009, 01:06:57 pm »
Well, it has my approval!  ;D


Promotion / Fractal's latest single "Aftermath"
« on: September 22, 2007, 07:57:42 pm »
Hi all,

(I should have posted this here a while ago - better late than not... )

Fractal's new Limited Edition CD Single release "Aftermath" is now available from CDBaby and Amazon, and as digital download format through iTunes, Rhapsody, the new Napster, Emusic, Zune as well as about 50 other sources.

   "In the darkness, lost within the shadows
   Of a time that was our prime, now entombed within the barrow
   In the dark ages past our glory
   In the stark wilderness, the ruins tell their story"

Aftermath is a monument built in music rather than stone - a very personal remembrance of human suffering and proclamation of hope by the band members of Fractal. Powerful music driving a powerful message - a sonic journey rich in emotion, symbolism and musical invention. This Limited Edition CD single (containing the song Aftermath by itself at 9 minutes and 11 seconds running time) is offered as a separate release as CD and as digital download in anticipation of Fractal's forthcoming new album.

The Limited Edition CD features stunning graphic artwork by Ben Garvie, complementing and commenting upon the music.


A streaming version is available for a  listen on our band site, our MySpace page as well as iJigg.

Fractal is:

Josh Friedman - vocals, guitars
Jim Mallonee - bass guitar
Nic Roozeboom - guitars, guitar synthesizers, keyboards, background vocals
Paul Strong - drums

Music performed and produced by Fractal. Lead mixing engineer Paul Strong. Illustrations by Ben Garvie
Music by Nic Roozeboom
Lyrics by Josh Friedman, Jim Mallonee, Jessica Morgan, Nic Roozeboom and Paul Strong Lyrics quoted from Aftermath are © 2007 Fractal

Hi all,

As promised, here's a special announcement about ticket promotions for our show this Wednesday Oct 11th with Headshear and Bill Walker. Tickets are normally $8 at the door, but if you pre-order tickets at the link below, you will receive a CD of your choosing as a bonus: either a special handcrafted Fractal Archive CD containing vintage session recordings, Fractal's "Continuum" (not to be confused with John Mayer's), or Headshear's self-titled debut. That would be "Headshear". Ordering's easy and does not cost you extra, just a little gift as our thank you for being a Friend and for pre-ordering your ticket.


We do hope to see some DLBN-ers, staff or listeners, at the show. The Attic is a great venue for music and we are tremendously looking forward to it!

on behalf of the bands

Fractal, Headshear, Bill Walker play the Attic

Please join us for a thrill-packed evening of progressive rock music, on Wednesday, October 11, with Bay Area artists Bill Walker, Fractal and Headshear deftly perturbing the impressive acoustics of the Attic in Santa Cruz.

Where:   The Attic, 931 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95060
When:   Wednesday, Oct 11th 2006, 7pm (doors at 6pm)
How:   8 dollars at the door (stay tuned for ticket promo’s!)


Bill Walker

Bill Walker is one of the most sophisticated guitar players active on the West Coast of the United States. His breadth of styles and wide technological range gives him a broad musical palette that he applies to every different musical setting with tremendous lyricism and taste. Armed with an array of electric and acoustic guitars, and utilizing state of the art looping and sound processing technology, Bill has taken the one man band concept in a bold new direction by creating lush, multi-layered guitar ensembles, otherworldly sounds, and textures.  He has an impressive range of style and timbre: from searing electric leads to beautiful lap steel slide guitar, guitar synthesizer, to beautiful finger picking steel and nylon string acoustic guitars, he runs the gamut of style and taste. Bill is also a warm and engaging performer, blending humor with serious musicianship.

From Santa Cruz, Bill has enjoyed a 25 year performing, recording, touring and teaching career that has spanned rock, pop, jazz, RnB, blues, world beat, and a host of other genres, Including stints with drum legend Babatunde Olatunji, RCA recording artist " Opafire" and New Wave provocateurs "Tao Chemical". He has shared the stage as a supporting act for many renowned acts including the Tony Levin Band, Marotta /Griesgraber, the Neville Brothers, King Sunny Ade, Ali Farka Toure, Thomas Mapfumo, Youssou N Dour, Michelle Shocked, the Psychedelic Furs, the Thompson Twins, Missing Persons, Johnny Clegg, Kenny G, Cher, Huey Lewis and the News, and a host of others. He has just recently completed his first film score and is completing his first solo CD of live looping-based music.



Hailing from San Francisco, Headshear is an unadulterated guitar band skirmishing into instrumental strangeness. Perhaps described succinctly as post-Prog, Headshear creates challenging music resplendent with odd meters, polyrhythms and complex harmonies. Imagine if string quartets had their heyday after the advent of electricity, distortion boxes and digital delay and one integrated it with rockpunkjazzdrums you might get Headshear...from the quiet and beautiful to the loud and cacophonous. Headshear debuted their inaugural self-titled album in September 2006.


The music of Fractal is electric - sometimes heavily riffing, sometimes lyrical and delicate. Occasionally complex but, above all, filled with emotional intensity. Fractal revels in the art of creating richly textured, layered sounds, making extensive use of challenging musical structures. “Fractal absorbs me. What more can I say.” (Paul Strong, drums and implements, Fractal). Influenced initially by King Crimson and Radiohead, Fractal has developed its own unique conceptual style that underpins intense, moving songs with spiraling soundscapes and harmonies over precarious rhythmic terrain. Formed in 2000, their instrumental debut CD "Continuum" was released in 2003 to welcoming reviews, and is currently recording their second, inevitably epic CD, "Aftermath."


Hi all,

An action-packed weekend for Bay Area Prog is afoot - a triple appearance by Fractal within roughly a 24-hour period, one of which alongside Mushroom and Hazerfan:

1. This Friday, June 2nd, Fractal will play at the Dana Street Roasting Company in Mountain View, CA. No charge, music starts around 8:30, nine-ish.

2. The very next morning at about 10 am, Fractal provides musical stimuli on the outdoor stage in Cuesta Park, Mountain View CA for the "Relay for Life" benefit walk/run, an event organized by the American Cancer Society.

3. That same Saturday evening, we will be joined by Hazerfan and Mushroom, in concert at the Quarternote in Sunnyvale, CA. Music starts at 9pm, $5 at the door.

A bouquet of links with further info is given below. Further gigs are in the pen so to speak - but take no chances and come see Mushroom, Hazerfan and Fractal this weekend!

All the best,


Relay For Life:

American Cancer Society:

Hello DLBN-ers,

Long time no post. First of all, I'd like to warmly thank Eric 'Carnivalman' Brooks for his special show last Friday night May 12th featuring the people and music of Headshear, Hazerfan and Fractal. A total of eight of us crowded his studio and the chat room, and we had a great time sharing music and banter. I wonder how the archive turned out...

As mentioned on said show, Headshear, Hazerfan and Fractal will be playing live this Friday May 19th at the Quarternote in Sunnyvale, California. Music starts at 9pm. Check out Fractal's website for details & be sure to visit Headshear & Hazerfan sites linked from there. We hope to see a few of you who are local, if not regional. Give us a prod if you're there!

Further Fractal live performances in the near future:

June 2nd, Mountain View, CA: Dana Street Roasting Company
June 3rd, Mountain View, CA: Cuesta Park - Relay For Life benefit run/walk


Promotion / Fractal Live in Mountain View, CA 4 June 2005
« on: June 03, 2005, 09:11:20 pm »
Dear Bay Area Prog Fans,

A reminder that Fractal will be performing live at the Dana Street
Roasting Company (a.k.a. Dana St Cafe) in Mountain View tomorrow,
Saturday June 4th. Music starts at 8pm (or thereabouts), no cover
(paid nor played). We'll attempt to reinvoke most of our existing
Continuum repertoire, new songs not yet committed to CD, the odd (sic)
improv/reprov and the live performance premiere of at least one new
piece dare we say is epic in scope...
Directions to the Dana St Cafe can be found here:
(Note its walking distance from the Caltrain station.) For a flavor of
Fractal live, pick up a free download at:

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Promotion / Fractal - Live at Last Day Saloon, Feb 16th 2005 recording
« on: March 03, 2005, 01:15:41 pm »
Dear DLBN Friends,

As a thank-you to people who came out to see our set at the Last Day Saloon on February the 16th, and to give those who didn't make it the opportunity to share a little bit in the music of the night, we've cut an mp3 download of one of the songs we played that evening: Continuum (the title track of our CD). It's available for free download at:

Or, at a special DLBN-friendly alternate link:

A thank you again to Alientar and Mushroom with whom we had the pleasure of sharing the stage!

Notes: Recorded live from a stereo mix-down feed from the main mixing desk at the Last Day Saloon, San Francisco on Feb 16th 2005. Recording engineer: Adrian Cockcroft.

Copyright 2005 Fractal


Promotion / Re:Alientar, Mushroom, Fractal in concert, San Francisco
« on: February 21, 2005, 08:24:05 pm »
Hi Lurk,

Thanks for the welcome. As soon as "reality" permits, I guess....

BTW this show may have yielded one or two live tracks for public consumption. Keepya posted.


Dear progressive friends,

This Wednesday Feb 16th, a unique progressive / psychedelic event will transpire at the Last Day Saloon in San Francisco - a rare Psychedelic and Progressive Mind-Melting Mind-Meld with three Bay Area bands:


Door opens at 9:00pm for a mere $5.00 cover charge - Music until 12:30pm

The Last Day Saloon (
406 Clement Street @ 5th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118
tel. 415.387.6343



The music of Fractal is electric - sometimes heavily riffing, sometimes lyrical and delicate. Occasionally complex but, above all, filled with emotional intensity. Fractal revels in the art of creating richly textured, layered sounds, making extensive use of challenging and idiosyncratic musical constructs in symbiosis with a more lyrical touch. The debut Fractal album Continuum takes the listener on a journey through a progression of musical styles, emotional states and sonic territories ranging from a solid prog-rock idiom, intense ensemble improvisation, twisted heavy metal to the exploration of dance in odd time (the single-length Rave7, with its incessant 'army of guitar' riffing), to heavy-rock odd-meter driving riffs and haunting melodic soundscapes.
Also on iTunes, Rhapsody


Alientar is a sonic experience that ranges from otherworldly psychedelia to homegrown funk, blues, prog, and reggae--freely mixing these styles into a highly original blend. The band’s organic sound is fueled by driving rhythms, cosmic guitar work, and exquisite soundscapes that keep audiences enthralled and on their feet all night.

Alientar first descended from the Santa Cruz Mountains in the summer of 1999, and has since played some of the Bay Area’s most prestigious venues, including San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium and Santa Cruz’s Catalyst. With over 50 original compositions, Alientar explores new sonic territory with each performance- often incorporating spectacular visual projections- to create a powerful and engaging experience unlike any other.


Since 1997, Mushroom and their blend of psychedelic jazz and progressive (but not prog) rock has been given praise by the likes of Down Beat, High Times, Mojo and the Village Voice, they have drawn attention from the likes of Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine, Daevid Allen of Gong and Krautrock legends Faust - all of whom who have shared the stage and studio with Mushroom. An all instrumental band - their blend of tribal drums, wild organ, intense guitars and various horns and percussion led one reviewer to say "Imagine Miles Davis jamming with the Doors".

Please note that the previous announcement of Henry Kaiser playing with Mushroom was premature - Mr K will not perform, but he assures the public that Mushroom's performance will be second to none.....and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Promotion / Alientar, Mushroom, Fractal in concert, San Francisco
« on: January 15, 2005, 10:10:41 pm »
Early announcement - mark thy calendars for this unique progressive trinity:

Where: Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA
When: Feb 16, 2005

Details to follow, check the following sites often for updates:

Promotion / Re:Report: CalProgNight @ Steamers Cafe
« on: October 01, 2004, 09:55:02 am »
On behalf of my band I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to PapaJ for having us be a part of this premier (and in future, hopefully regular) event, and for making us feel right at home by coordinating and generally making things go so smoothly.

Although (as PapaJ reported) some things went a little stiffly in the beginning, we started feeling the warmth of the audience which helped us "get into it" - we very much enjoyed playing at Steamers (a very classy venue, with very hospitable and generous management and one of the best sound guys we've ever had the pleasure of working with). It was a treat to be paired up with such talented musicians as Mark and Don, we all listened and watched in awe.

So thanks again to PapaJ, and best wishes for making this a future recurring celebration of progressive music!


Promotion / Re:SoCal: Steamers Prog Night - Fractal Special Event CD Offer
« on: September 08, 2004, 07:12:59 am »
For the special occasion of our upcoming Southern California appearance, Fractal is offering its CD "Continuum" temporarily at a deeply slashed price of $9 only on CDBaby (was: $12.97). With this special promotion offer we hope to make it a little easier for prospective concertgoers to get immersed in the album experience in advance :-)

You can find our album at (This special promo offer expires Oct 1.)

Looking forward to playing at Steamers and meeting you all!


Promotion / Gratis song download
« on: May 25, 2004, 09:02:49 pm »

I've put up a few freely-downloadable mp3's by Fractal up on Amazon. These are some 'previously unreleased' live tracks, plus our only <4min song off our album  :)

The goodies can be found at

All the best,

Promotion / Fractal CD review
« on: May 05, 2004, 06:53:17 pm »
Howdy folks,

Received a very nice review on ProgGnosis website for our CD "Continuum". Thought I'd share...

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