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The Dividing Line / NEW SHOW! "The World of Adventures"
« on: May 01, 2012, 06:56:57 am »
The Dividing Line Broadcast Network is pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new show to its already stellar lineup. "The World of Adventures" is hosted by John (AKA Mr. John) Simpkin, a self-described "heir to The Flower King -- part Tarkus, part Squonk, and holder of the One Ring (aka Isildur's Bane)." Mr. John's show concept will revolve around something us prog fans and fanatics know, love, and yearn for: the epics. But wait! There's more. Mr. John will also be treating his listeners to a monthly conceptual showcase, which will focus on carefully selected concept albums. "The World of Adventures" will be available on-demand and the first episode of this exciting new show can be heard now by going to

Everyone please give a warm DLBN welcome to Mr. John! It's great to have him on board!

The Dividing Line / ANNOUNCEMENT: Progopolis Schedule Change
« on: February 04, 2012, 09:35:19 am »
February 4, 2012

In order to give our listeners a more reliable broadcasting schedule, and in order to allow us to keep the show alive while continuing our efforts at fostering something of a respectable social life, Progopolis will henceforth be heard on the last Saturday of every month. The next episode is scheduled for Saturday, February 25 (or 25 February, for those of you existing in countries where the DD/MM calendar is observed). Expect some exciting changes to begin with the next episode, including the infusion of more experimental music into the mix of standard progressive rock, and a new "Desert Island Discs" show centerpiece that will likely thrill as well as confound. In the meantime, be sure to check out the archives of past shows at

Vince & Daisy
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Artists & Music / The return of that totally awesome 80s pop-prog sound
« on: September 03, 2011, 01:57:00 pm »
New album by Moonbound heralds the return of that totally awesome 80s pop-prog sound.

I’m just going to throw this out there. Moonbound’s Peak of Eternal Light is one of the best damn albums I’ve heard in years. And I have a feeling that if you heard it, you might say the same thing. Of course now that I’ve made such a pronouncement, you’ll probably expect me to back it up with a bunch of frilly adjectives and literary dissections of every track on the album. If that’s the case, you’ll be disappointed. Partly because I can’t stand it when people do that, but mostly because doing so would be a disservice to an album that accomplishes something so many fail at: being greater than the sum of its parts.

You can read the rest of the review here:


The Dividing Line / Progopolis 2.0
« on: November 19, 2010, 03:20:40 pm »
Please join us Saturday November 20 at 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern) for the launch of Progopolis 2.0. We'll be discussing the recent "Fripp flap" that led to the permanent cancellation of The Crimson Connection, as well as kicking off our new show centerpiece, The Gravy Train.

Shine On,
Vince & Daisy

The Dividing Line / Fripp Off! Say Goodbye to The Crimson Connection
« on: November 13, 2010, 11:08:15 am »
Effective immediately, Progopolis will no longer be airing The Crimson Connection. On Wednesday, we received a "cease and desist" email from a company that represents Robert Fripp, King Crimson, and Declan Music on issues of snooping out and putting a stop to the illegal distribution of King Crimson material.

It appears that our efforts to promote the music of King Crimson over the last six years have only served to lump us in with career bootleggers, and for that we've been asked to remove all Progopolis archives containing King Crimson material. In order to avoid any legal consequences, we've complied by editing out the Crimson Connection from our Halloween broadcast. The rest of the show remains available, with added commentary by yours truly that we will be certain to expand upon on the next broadcast.

I can't say that this comes as any surprise. But I think it's ironic that in Robert Fripp's tireless efforts to put an end to illegal file sharing, he's set a machine in motion that will likely bring more harm to his cause than good. The next time you meet someone who's never heard of King Crimson, ask yourself where the real blame lies: ignorance, or Fripp?

Shine On,

Vince & Daisy

Polling Station / Songs for September 11
« on: September 06, 2010, 05:52:55 pm »
I've always been fascinated by mankind's ability to rebound in the face of adversity, and in our innate ability to carve beauty from tragedy. It's this spirit that we hope to celebrate on the next episode of Progopolis, which airs this Saturday September 11, but we need your help. So we’re putting the call out to you (our friends, listeners and fellow DJs) to recommend songs that you feel epitomize this quality (for lack of a better word). It doesn’t have to be represented lyrically – sometimes music can say more than words can anyway. And we’re not asking for songs of political or social significance. Each of us will spend this day with our own thoughts and emotions, but it’s our hope that come Saturday night we’ll all find something of beauty to share in. Please send your suggestions to or

Vince & Daisy
Prog’opolis hosts

Don’t forget to join us tonight at 7pm (Pacific) for a very special Live & Interactive broadcast with prog metal band American Hollow. The band will be performing live and taking questions from listeners in chat. The show starts immediately following Underdog Prog at

Vince & Daisy

Tune in tonight to Prog’opolis (8pm-11pm Pacific) for Out of Time Part III, where we’ll spend an evening playing songs in odd time signatures. We’ll also feature a sneak preview of King Crimson alum Trey Gunn’s latest experiment “Modulator”, an interesting collaboration with UKZ drummer Marco Minnemann set for release in May. Listen live at


Prog On,

Vince & Daisy

Prog’opolis hosts

The Dividing Line / The Best Music of 2009
« on: January 02, 2010, 08:39:51 am »
Everyone’s in agreement: 2009 was a great year for progressive rock. In the last year we saw some impressive debuts, some welcome comebacks, some moving tributes, some inspiring live albums, and a handful of truly incredible re-masters. Porcupine Tree’s “The Incident” has topped many lists… but in our opinion it wasn’t #1. On tonight’s Prog’opolis we bring you the first installment of a three-episode review of the best music of 2009. There was simply too much good music to cram it into a single show. Plus, we wanted to be able to give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions and have them be heard. So what do you think was the best album of 2009?

Vince and Daisy
Prog’opolis hosts
Showtime: January 2, 7pm Pacific at
(Missed the live show? Download the archive

The Dividing Line / The Crimson Connection 1978
« on: November 19, 2009, 05:56:31 pm »
Join us this Saturday night for the progressive rock podcast Prog'opolis as we travel back in time 31 years to 1978, reveling in three full hours of the best King Crimson-related projects of that glorious year. Not convinced there’s enough material to fill an entire show? Listen live to find out for yourself and to find out how you can win a free copy of the 40th anniversary reissue of King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson King” (remixed by Steven Wilson).

Listen live at this Saturday November 21 starting at 7pm Pacific.

Much Love,
Vince & Daisy
Prog’opolis hosts

Artists & Music / Grammy Watch: The Crimson Jazz Trio
« on: September 23, 2009, 04:20:23 am »
Inside sources reveal that the late Ian Wallace's Crimson Jazz Trio album "King Crimson Songbook Volume 2" is under consideration for 2 Grammy categories. Finally, progressive rock fans have a reason to care about the outcome of the Grammys.

Prog'opolis podcast co-host

The Dividing Line / Donny Who Loved Bowling Interview (Prog'opolis)
« on: September 03, 2009, 02:47:30 pm »
After five long years, Vince and Daisy finally sit down with Joe Griffin and Christopher Petkus, the creative minds behind the experimental band Donny Who Loved Bowling, for an interview of epic proportions. Spanning the length of the entire 3-hour show, we’ve interlaced fine selections from the band’s diverse musical catalogue with a witty, fascinating conversation ranging in topics from their recording methods and influences, to evolution and the purpose of the appendix. The show will air this Saturday 9/5 at 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern) and can only be heard at Bring popcorn. This is hands down one of the best shows in the five-year history of Prog’opolis.

Seeya There,
Vince and Daisy
Prog’opolis hosts
Download the podcast from

"Progski" may not be a term that lots of people are familiar with, but if Polish progressive metal band Riverside has anything to say about it, that ignorance won't last long. And if the good word of mouth on their latest studio album "Anno Domini High Definition" (2009, Inside Out Music) continues to spread, it won't. The album (which, when shortened, gives us the acronym ADHD) is the band's fourth studio album and captures the band at a crucial crossroads...

Read the full review here:

Best Regards,
Vince and Daisy
Prog'opolis hosts

Artists & Music / Review of Airbag's debut album "Identity"
« on: May 15, 2009, 04:48:45 am »
"The music of Norwegian band Airbag has been described as chilled-out progressive rock--sort of like Pink Floyd meets Radiohead, but with a whole lot less to complain about or prove. And while it's true the band got its start playing Floyd covers, and that their very name is taken from track one of Radiohead's OK Computer, that's where the similarities end. Because Airbag has gone and done something that Pink Floyd (by virtue of the fact they're no longer together) and Radiohead haven't done in years--they've made a great album..." (cont)

Read the full review here:

Prog'opolis co-host

For those interested, here is a link to Vince’s recent review of the Crimson Jazz Trio’s “King Crimson Songbook, Volume 2”.

Much Love,

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