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Fractal's latest single "Aftermath"
« on: September 22, 2007, 07:57:42 pm »
Hi all,

(I should have posted this here a while ago - better late than not... )

Fractal's new Limited Edition CD Single release "Aftermath" is now available from CDBaby and Amazon, and as digital download format through iTunes, Rhapsody, the new Napster, Emusic, Zune as well as about 50 other sources.

   "In the darkness, lost within the shadows
   Of a time that was our prime, now entombed within the barrow
   In the dark ages past our glory
   In the stark wilderness, the ruins tell their story"

Aftermath is a monument built in music rather than stone - a very personal remembrance of human suffering and proclamation of hope by the band members of Fractal. Powerful music driving a powerful message - a sonic journey rich in emotion, symbolism and musical invention. This Limited Edition CD single (containing the song Aftermath by itself at 9 minutes and 11 seconds running time) is offered as a separate release as CD and as digital download in anticipation of Fractal's forthcoming new album.

The Limited Edition CD features stunning graphic artwork by Ben Garvie, complementing and commenting upon the music.


A streaming version is available for a  listen on our band site, our MySpace page as well as iJigg.

Fractal is:

Josh Friedman - vocals, guitars
Jim Mallonee - bass guitar
Nic Roozeboom - guitars, guitar synthesizers, keyboards, background vocals
Paul Strong - drums

Music performed and produced by Fractal. Lead mixing engineer Paul Strong. Illustrations by Ben Garvie
Music by Nic Roozeboom
Lyrics by Josh Friedman, Jim Mallonee, Jessica Morgan, Nic Roozeboom and Paul Strong Lyrics quoted from Aftermath are 2007 Fractal